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  1. Mithras

    Holding space bar to speed up time

    So one thing I REALLY miss compared to Warbard, is holding spacebar to speed up time while on the campaign map. It was just such a nice, simple system that has now been replaced by a system with several buttons. I keep running into bandits because I am running in fast-forward and can't stop it...
  2. Mithras


    Am I the only one for who the game just crashed when we reached level 48 or something? We were on the big server, about 45 players, playing The Kingdoms vs Invasion of Goblins, on the icy mountain map. It owned, been playing for about 2 hours, we were alomst there... game crashed!
  3. Mithras

    Combat movement: turning delay rather than max turning speed

    Hi there, Ever since the first multiplayer beta of Warband I've been somewhat annoyed by the way players are able to move during close combat. While M&B is unique in the way weapons are handled, the way players move always feels plain and outdated. I've been wondering about a simple solution to...
  4. Mithras

    [Bug?] Weird ping behaviour in Battlegrounds_Eu servers

    I'm starting this topic and not posting this on the site, because I'm not sure wether its a bug in the game, in the server or something with my internet. The problem is that when I play on any Battlegrounds_Eu server, my ping keeps changing between ~100 and ~50 every 5 or...
  5. Mithras

    [Suggestion]More cavalry swords!

    Just a small suggestion here. I've noticed the Sarranids have a special cavalry sword, of which the main difference to normal swords is its length. Now, that thing is just extremely cool, and it owns. It OWNS! So, I was wondering if there could be more of these, especially for Khergits...
  6. Mithras

    [Bug] Game crashes when killed after end of round

    This just happened to me twice in a row. When playing siege, we had successfully defended the castle. The message '<faction> has successfully defended their castle!' shows, then there is a few seconds left to play. After that, the game officially ends, making ready for the 'Next round starts in...
  7. Mithras

    [Suggestion] Body Balance System: Realistic Movement

    EDIT: before reading this post, you might want to read the update at the end of this OP Hi All, A rather long and perhaps radical suggestion, but I hope you take your time to read and reply. It all may sound comlpicated, but it's really not hard to implement this in the game, so I hope some...
  8. Mithras

    [Suggention] Refund when auto balanced

    Couldn't find anything like this one, so here it goes. I've quite often found myself in the situation that I joined the game, chose a side, bought gear and spawned, then a couple of seconds later I got switched to the other side by the autobalance, thereby dying and losing all the gear I just...
  9. Mithras

    Some advice needed

    I've come to sort of a dead point in the game, and I'm not sure about what to do next. Since I play on no quitting without saving mode, I really need some advice ;) I'm a vassel of the Vaegirs, always elected marshal with 90% of the votes, I own Ukxhal (conquered it myself) and Kelderan Castle...
  10. Mithras

    The To-Do List

    Hello, I am new to the game and the forum, and the game I really like but the forum is a bit messy. Especially this suggestions forum where everyone is just posting his suggestions, while a lot of suggestions have already been made several times. Therefore I see that you have made topics where...