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  1. All hail the administrative staff!

    Hey Ingo, I think everybody improvised perfectly and it turned out really well - we had a serious number of people believing it - at various times. I think it was even better than last year. :D I think Narc, LL, Janus, Merentha, and you (Ingo) all did a fantastic job on short notice - so...
  2. April 1st

    I thought of that as well - I don't see why not. DE
  3. April 1st

    This was AWESOME everyone - congrats for pulling it off!!! Hats off to Mr.  Bubbles for joining the fun ;-)  (since we had not heard anything at all from him, I was seriously thinking he had something of his own up his sleeve - possibly even something aimed at us admins  :shock: - the life of...
  4. Announcement - Concerning the recent april fools.

    Last year was really good,  but this year wins hands down in my book. This was Great Fun.  Mr. Bubbles even helped us out. I have not laughed this much in months. Thanks to everyone to helped make it happen, especially those those who caught on early and played along. AWESOME!! DE
  5. April 1st

    thread is gone - I'm going to bed. Have fun guys :D DE
  6. April 1st

    yes - one of you two give him a temp ban and I will delete the thread LOL DE
  7. April 1st

    I just stuck my nose in OT - whew it stinks down there :D this is GREAT fun ;-) DE
  8. April 1st

    well I am going to be busy for the next couple hours (2-3) but if someone sets it up - I can move it or whatever. I think Narc will be back soon... too DE
  9. April 1st

    where is this introduction thread, I could not seem to find it DE
  10. April 1st

    well done tonight Janus - we could not have pulled it off without you!! Cheers DE
  11. April 1st

    new feature "stealth admins"  ;-) DE
  12. April 1st

  13. April 1st

    I added some anti-sony fodder as well :D we should probably also fiddle dates in the beta MP thread I think DE
  14. April 1st

    check out the post I made in the fees section and see if that works - if not we can do what Janus suggested :p (I went ahead and posted that, apparently while you were answering - LOL - easy enough to delete and redo) DE,22164.msg495281.html#msg495281
  15. April 1st

    Where can we slip in something about sony buying M&B - maybe in the FEES section? ("this will all be moot if Armagan finalizes things with sony")  :twisted: heh heh DE
  16. April 1st

    If you need another to get demoted - I can do it I guess - makes no differrence to me.  Just let me know. DE
  17. April 1st

    Take note that Armagan has not posted anything in this thread...  you KNOW he has read it.  8-) DE
  18. April 1st

    oooh - good stuff Archonsod - I like the admin only multi-player *evil grin* AND the Sony one is AWESOME... :D DE
  19. April 1st

    hmmmm "A list of Fees" for various things - your own sub-forum (e.g. in the modding section), perhaps fees for getting certain titles and such :-) A list of "trouble makers" and people the admins cannot tolerate ;-)  (maybe not, might hurt someones feelings) hmmm what about manufacturing a...
  20. April 1st

    Anyone else???? There is an implication there, I just can't quite put my finger on... ;-) DE