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  1. AxiumSA4


    Are they in yet or no?
  2. AxiumSA4

    Pricing for australia

    I was able to get some cash together without it affecting living, but because of how translation of euro to aud and usd to aud is different, I can either afford it or not. Do we have any confirmation on what the regional pricing for Australia is?
  3. AxiumSA4

    Won't be able to get the game due to economical recession in Australia, could I ask someone take some pictures for me to see?

    Well aware it will get into circulation quite quickly, but I'd very much like it if someone who is getting the EA could take some pictures of the Vlandia castle interiors and cities for me since they're my biggest interest in the world itself at the moment. Cheers in advance to anyone who does.
  4. AxiumSA4


    It's all a scam since TW said we won't able to pre-order it, we have to just wait until the 31st.
  5. AxiumSA4

    Can I still join and be a lord of an already established kingdom in the early access?

    To keep it short, I know that independent kingdom creation isn't in, but am I able to still be a part of a kingdoms nobles in the early access?
  6. AxiumSA4

    Being able to play as a lord from the very start.

    Say there is a lord in the Vlandian faction who I like, and i want to, quite literally, BE him. Can I actually play as him by selecting him at the start of a new game in character creation and then just playing as him? If not, do you lads think this would be a good addition to the game?
  7. AxiumSA4

    What isn't being included in the early access exactly?

    If this has already been answered in another thread a link would be most appreciated. So thus far I am 100% unaware as to what won't be in the early access version of bannerlord that will be in the final version. What are those things?
  8. AxiumSA4

    My CPU and GPU, yay or nay?

    CPU: I7 3770K GPU: GTX 1650 4gb I already know everything like the RAM and MB is more than enough, but with my CPU and GPU I should have no worries running the game on lowest with 100AI vs 100AI at 60fps, shouldn't I?
  9. AxiumSA4

    In regards to modding and if multiple mods can be used at once

    If the question has been asked or answered before, sorry for the repeat, I just can't seem to find it. So in regards to the modding of bannerlord, will we see a form of stacked modding in the game? Say I have a mod that adds new factions into the game but I want to couple it with another mod...