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  1. Grocat

    Mount&Blade as a Multiplayer game- Ideas on implementation

    Obviously, Mount&Blade is never going to be an online Multiplayer game.  Which is to a certain degree just fine, but on another level tragic. If the game play of Mount&Blade were to be used effectively in an MMORPG, I sincerely believe that I would never have to purchase another game ever...
  2. Grocat

    Remedies for sickness

    So, I've come down with an illness that involves coughing, sneezing, soar throat (from drainage), burning eyes, severe headache, and chills.  I'm guessing it's the Flu or possibly just a cold.  Anyway, I've got an audition today where I need to be able to perform at my best.  Does anyone have...
  3. Grocat

    The Uncanny Valley?

    Okay, so...there's this theory or model or whatever, called the Uncanny Valley.  It basically states that, as representatives of human life (ie. Robots, Puppets, cartoons, etc.) become more human like, the more we can empathize with them and so the more adorable/attractive (no, not necessarily...
  4. Grocat

    Laying the Ground Rules on Responding to "Idiots".

    Alright, I'd seriously like to have a discussion and lay down some ground rules on just how much flaming is appropriate and how much is going too far when it comes to bad posters. You all know exactly what I'm talking about.  A first time poster says something like, "can u teach me pythoon" on...
  5. Grocat

    Maple Story and THE WORLD OF TOMORROW?!

    So guys, I'm just kind of interested if any M&B players, aside from Jerky, also play the MMORPG "Maple Story".  If you're something higher than one of the classes I mentioned, or lower, please specify, and tell us how that's going for you. This is a place to discuss Maple Story, share awesome...
  6. Grocat

    Star Wars Media?

    Only who must choose their favorite form of Star Wars media?  You pressed you, that is incorrect, the correct you! -Grocat the Hebetudinous Star Wars Geek
  7. Grocat

    Anybody notice how Off-Topic posts don't count?

    So.  My post count doesn't go up with Off-topic posts.  Is this normal?  My friend noticed this as well.  What's going on? -Grocat the Portly Tar Infant
  8. Grocat

    Okay, I'm tired of dist!

    wart der hell?  Maybe I mistsed sometheeng here but dist ist getteeng retarded.  whosa ist doeeng dist an why are all of my posts an everyone  elses turneeng eento crap?  It's nawt funny, it's annawyeeng, offensive, it needs to be stopped an I'm really pistsed off if you can't tell.  I have der...
  9. Grocat

    Acronyms of the Internet(What do they mean?)

    So...could somebody please explain to a person, who is not soaked in computer geek culture, what do these magical terms you use mean?  Some I can figure out using logic, but...honestly.  It gets really annoying when people start throwing inane combinations of numbers and letters together to...
  10. Grocat

    Star Wars, is it Awesome?

    So...this is the Star Wars thread for all of you Star Wars lovers/haters.  Go ahead, ***** about Star Wars, but be polite to everyone...unless you're cruelty is directed towards Lucas( George, that is), that's perfectly fine.  Anyhow, I like Star Wars, ALL of Star Wars...all Five Episodes that...
  11. Grocat

    Worst things to find out from your neighbor

    What be the worst things ye could find oot from your neighbor?  Yargh? An example: I've been having sex with your wife...and your 18 year old daughter.
  12. Grocat

    Writers? Ready, Set, GO!

    Hey all of you amateur and/or professional writers out there. Do what you love! Write a short piece of fiction. I like em' funny, but hey, it's your choice to write whatever you feel. Please don't submit anything too long. No one will bother to read it. -Grocat the Incestuous Shakespearean...
  13. Grocat

    Wer ist deine Lieblings(Who is your fav.) Star Wars author?

    So...uh...I like Mr. Zahn, because he made thrawn...and thrawn kicks complete, unadulterated, anger-saturated ass. List ones I've forgotten. -Grocat the Anger-Saturated Edit: Micheal A. Stackpole is also an excellent author. I believe he did Rogue Squadron.
  14. Grocat

    What is YOUR favorite Star Wars Movie?

    Just interested, I for one favor Empire Strikes Back...because George Lucas was the least connected to it. -Grocat the Allegorical
  15. Grocat

    Roads! For speed!

    Hey, I love this game. One of the few problems I have with it is how long some of the merchant related missions take. Getting from one city to the other back and then to another and so on and so on. Anyway, I thought a cool way to make that less tedious, would be to make roads that connect...
  16. Grocat

    Skills, how do they work?

    Sorry if this has already been adressed somewhere else, but I couldn't find anything. I've been playing for a few days, and I love the game. I just can't figure out how leveling up various skills helps. There are brief explanations, granted, but they aren't very specific. For instance...