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  1. [PETITION] DON'T Rollback/Disable Quit Penalty

    No reason solo players should be treated like second class citizens. Yes it sucks that there are no private servers and that Taleworlds foolishly refuses to release the map editor. Still, planned matches between the 2-3 clans that do them is no excuse for destroying the solo player experience...
  2. To the all knowing mexxico

    Being a developer who is known to mingle among the people and impart great wisdom, would you mind conveying such knowledge with respect to some of the main questions held by the multiplayer community? 1) When will the map editor be made available to players? 2) Are the developers satisfied with...
  3. Need for Map Editor on Alpha Branch

    Even though private servers are still very far off, it will take an incredible amount of time for players to create the maps necessary to fill up those servers. This player created content will ultimately be the life blood of the game once private servers go live in a year. As the devs...
  4. Status of Map Maker at Launch

    In the recent steam blog, there was no mention of a map maker being available at launch. Is it possible to get confirmation whether this tool will be available at launch, and if not, when it will become available? Given the limited map pool currently in the beta (and presumably at launch), this...
  5. Warband Fantasy League

    Hello everyone! After much anticipation, I have created this thread to accommodate the relaunch of the Warband Fantasy League (WFL). This is a tournament designed first and foremost to foster fun, competitive experiences within the community that wouldn't occur otherwise. To this end, we have...
  6. Test

    Test to see if it is possible to post in a "completed" board.
  7. Astronomy for dummies

    Figured since it's been a over a year since everyone learned out lightyears, it's time for our next lesson. In here we shall discuss the black holes / dumpster fires that different teams/individuals have become. Play nice else this learning opportunity be wasted.
  8. WPL2 Map Discussion

          Purpose of Thread Since having a single discussion thread never works and the admins of the tourney still haven't put up a child's board, I decided to go ahead and make a separate thread for this subset of issues. This thread is for discussion solely about maps for the upcoming...
  9. Map Survey

    I felt it would be interesting to see how the community would respond to the following questions. Survey Map Pool Question 1: From best to worst, how would you rank the maps in terms of balance between spawns? In other words, which maps do the best job of not providing an advantage to one...
  10. Legacy Plains v Hepburn

    Which map do you prefer for the tourney?
  11. Another Love Based Poll: Week 2 Now Up

    Week 2 poll: Among players who want to be competitive, why do some people never seem to improve at the game? Why is it that some players can play for extended periods and never get better, while others can play for limited periods and stay above the curve? Results Week 1: Players from...
  12. [WPL] Match scheduling!

    SCHEDULING This is a thread for teams to consolidate their match times! Team you are from?: Team you are playing?: Day, Date, Time?:
  13. [UNAC S5] Team and Player Stats V.2

    STATS HERE! Weekly stats have been completely reworked to include more information that can more easily be adjusted as mistakes are found. Should any mistakes be found in the current data, please post the need for an adjustment below and it will be made as soon as possible. Current...
  14. [UNAC S4] Administration

    Administration Team:                              Contact Information: Arys                                                                  Chainsawpunisher                                              Clockwise                                                          Greenknight     ...
  15. [UNAC 3] Finals Stream TmW vs KoA

    [center] Watch tonight's match LIVE on WarbandNA at 9:30PM EST. The Midnight Watchmen vs [b][SIZE=32px]Knights of Avalon [size=16pt] Follow @WarbandNA to stay up-to-date on UNAC S3!
  16. [UNAC 3] Semi-Finals Stream Wk vs KoA

    [center] Watch tonight's match LIVE on WarbandNA at 10PM EST. West Knights vs [b][SIZE=32px]Knights of Avalon [size=16pt] Follow @WarbandNA to stay up-to-date on UNAC S3!
  17. [UNAC S3] Official Survey

  18. [UNAC S3] Single Elimination

    It has all come down to this. Twelve teams entered this tournament. Only four remain. After six weeks of rigorous competition, the American and Soviet divisions stand at the ready for their final showdown. Week 1 The UNAC 3 Finals will begin with a split operation by NA command...
  19. July 4 Announcements

    Because of July 4, week 5 has been extended to July 8. The semis will now take place between July 9 - 16. The admin team did not feel that it was in team's best interest to have to play during the July 4th weekend. As such it made sense to just tack that time onto another week. As there were a...
  20. [UNAC 3] Week 1 Results

    Captains, please post results here. All other posts will be deleted.