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  1. Cao_Monk

    Unsolved Possible bug from "thug fights"

    Lose a lot of horses and maybe other things after losing the fight to thugs in cities, not sure if intended or not.
  2. Cao_Monk

    Unsolved RAM in Warband

    Hello everyone I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to make Warband use 4GB of RAM instead of 2GB RAM. I have searched the forum and online a bit but am a bit stuck with it. It seems my game is bottlenecking from the RAM allocation as the rest of my system is fine (have a pretty new higher...
  3. Cao_Monk

    The Final Battle In A Siege - Keep Fight

    Ok so doing a  keep fight just recently (I have played Mount And Blade for some time but only just realized something awesome) and that awesome thing is. when in the castle keep, you can do it even out of battle, try in Khudan. go to a corner that has barrels in / a chest in. jump onto it with...
  4. Cao_Monk

    Making Mount and Blade Warband look good

    Hi guys been playing mount and blade & mount and blade warband for some time and was wondering if any of you use some "visual mods" that make the game look a lot better, shiny armor better shadows, all that kind of stuff. :D Thanks
  5. Cao_Monk

    Help with installation

    So sorry but I downloaded this mod and I can't run it on windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, I have no idea where to get a download for it (if there is one) Edit - Running in compatibility with any of the other systems doesn't work. Edit - Sorry I should have wrote the problem it comes up with it is as...
  6. Cao_Monk

    Sea Raiders

    Yes, very scary sometimes those pesky sea raiders who spend all their time raiding the sea..... I was not sure where to post this but was curious as to what I should change to make sea raiders furiously buff and scarier. trp_sea_raider Sea_Raider Sea_Raiders 0 36700160 0 0 2 73 0   151 0 441 0...
  7. Cao_Monk

    Next Warband Patch Brainstorm.

    Ok guys and girls I think it would be dandy to brainstorm some improvements that the next patch should fix/alter. I shall start by saying Vaegir Marksmen, why is it "forest bandit" sounds more scary when out wandering without a shield. Do they need buffing? You have all heard it but, Meet...
  8. Cao_Monk

    Single Player - Rescuing Lords

    Hi I have had this on my computer no matter how many times I had installed over the past few years and on a mates computer. It seems that when you are trying to rescue some lords they are too eager to stay prisoner so once initiating the battle to escape they become an enemy and try to attack...
  9. Cao_Monk

    Ability to crouch + Street fighting reworked.

    Hi all I think it would be a lot better if the ability to crouch would be implemented, imagine you are fighting in the streets and you can crouch behind barrels stair cases and all other sorts, would be awesome to get a little bit more cover when fighting. Also when you siege a enemy town I was...
  10. Cao_Monk

    AAR: Viktor - The Ruthless

    Hi just thought I would let you guys know at the moment I have all the settings increased to hardest the difficulty is at 300% because my battle sizer is up at 1000 troops. So Viktor (which I have no control over of course...) might fail from time to time. This only fuels the fire which burns...
  11. Cao_Monk

    Start of game character description

    Hi was just wondering if anyone knew what the explanation of your past at the start of the game effects. Eg your father was a *blank*. Anyone know the bonuses / statistics that this gives. If someone knows all the options statistics then that would be awesome! Thanks :D
  12. Cao_Monk

    Feasts / Hunts

    How do you join a hunt if you can? I know you have to be at the castle when feasts are occuring but I have no idea if or how you can join one of their hunts.
  13. Cao_Monk

    Vote to Ban

    I am really starting to hate this vote ban thing, I mean sure there are those people in games that should be banned before he gets into the game but sometimes its just stupid, being banned when your in a low populated sever due to personal clashs and plain bads who can't tell strat from flee...