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  1. Drax70

    Petition and sugestion to Taleworlds for a M&B: Warband Definitive Edition!

    Hello everybody! I would like to start a petition and sugestion to Taleworlds for a M&B: Warband! Since they have, as we have seen in latest Bannerlord videos, solved the most optimization problems and being able to get over 1000+ troops in battles, to start, at some point, a Definitive...
  2. Drax70

    Fix this...!

    Hello! Please fix the Sword and Axe placement from this "~" to this "\" or this "I" realistically...! They don't care in Warband, at least, fix it in VC. Very bad, aesthetically. Thanks!
  3. Drax70

    Why there isn't any open battlefield scenes?

    I mean flat terrains, what's with the hills and mountains in every battlefield scene? PoP is a complete turn off for that, that I return always to Perisno after every PoP patch... and the spawn points are placed one over the other that makes armies spawn one over the other in consequence most...
  4. Drax70

    Women look like Aliens in this mod..

    Hello everybody!! First of all I should congratulate modders who helped this mod to become what it is now! Since I started to play this mod, almost everywhere I go, I see the same Alien female face, very ugly and quite annoying. Compared with the men, oh man, they are a work of art  :!: I...