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  1. SP Musket Era Csatádi's Visual and Historical Mod -- Last release: Feb 25, 2020

    Awww smack, it was not intentional :/ I did end up equipping my troops with the rifled version. Even though I had more than enough money to buy the more expensive guns, it still feels like an exploit. I gotta find a way to counter it. Please let me know what you saw.
  2. SP Musket Era Csatádi's Visual and Historical Mod -- Last release: Feb 25, 2020

    Hello Csatadi! I am greatly enjoying your mod. It brings WF&S to a whole new level. I have a question regarding the Cossack mercenary camp. I wanted to upgrade a unit with better firearms and I noticed that the Rifled wheellock musket costs only half as much as regular wheellock musket. It's...
  3. Investigation: Merchant Guild Interest Rates

    Rad the Necromancer strikes again! The title of the thread is just perfect. Could someone please tell me where the script regarding the interest rate is located. I need to check some things. I have noticed that: 1. there is no interest on interest (those damn merchants lied to me) 2. the 14%...
  4. How does party size work?

    I have also noticed that Charisma appears to give +2 instead of +1. What's up with that? Something that changed with fire and sword, but the game makers forgot to write about? Playing on 149% btw.
  5. With Fire & Sword: Questions and Answers

    Hello people. I am having an issue with the caravans I send. They seem to be earning more than they should. For example, let's say that bread is worth 50 thalers in the city I want to send it to. If I send 20 units of bread, I should make 1000 thaler. However, I don't make 1000 thaler, I make...
  6. Strange rune bow

    Well, the bow didn't disappear. I had it equipped when Wolfy got defeated. I kind of used it to kill a population of a(nother) small town... Me having the bow in my weapons slot instead of my inventory, did it cheat some sort of script?
  7. Strange rune bow

    Hi! I'm playing the latest version of the mod, enjoying it as always. Got a question. I got the Strange Rune Bow when ol' Wolfbode came to the North. Naturally, I equipped it and started kicking butt. However, one thing bugs me. Wolfbode got defeated by a third party, the bow did not...
  8. Weird freelance promotion

    Nope. Your choice stays within that faction. Pick a different country.
  9. Feedback current SVN revision - peasant abusion system

    Lol, you did not read what I wrote mate. I know that those knights fill in. I am fighting Joachim AND his 3 clones, it's a bug. A really annoying bug that made me stop playing until it gets fixed.
  10. Why do shopkeepers have so little money?

    There's a lot of cities out there. Travel, see the world a bit :)
  11. Feedback current SVN revision - peasant abusion system

    Tournament bug, you battle clones! There's 7 of those "professional" tournament knights you fight when no lords attend the tournament. Well, it's actually 4. The first 3 are OK, the 4th is the turning point. I think his name is Joachim Cator. The last 3 knights are his exact copies. Can you fix...
  12. manors dont give tribuite

    The change happens, you get the tribute you requested, the text can't change, that's all. You get cash from the steward guy, and resources from the warehouse guy
  13. Novgorod character

    Lol, made a new thread about this before seeing this one. So, is using the bardiche axe historically correct for this mod, and are there any units that use them?
  14. Bardiche axe?

    Anyone know if any units in this mod use Bardiche axes?
  15. Frelancer question

    I needed someone to tell me that I'm not a cheetah :)
  16. baby

    That's sick.
  17. baby

    How about pet dinosaurs? When they grow up, you can use them as a mount. I am thinking Velociraptors for the first patch, we can add T-Rex and Triceratops in later editions.
  18. Frelancer question

    But that would be a waste of weapons and armor :P :P :P
  19. Frelancer question

    Yeah, but why would I keep my gear lol? The first thing you do with a prisoner is to take his weapons and armor :D
  20. Frelancer question

    I'm not deserting mate. I fight for my lord, and if I we happen to lose, I get captured. When I get released, I can avoid returning to my lord and keep my issued weapons and armor with no penalty. That is what I find unfair.