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  1. SP Other The Gathering Storm - A Wheel of Time Mod (Beta) Latest Version: V0.2.7d

    Hey first off i'd like to say what a great mod you've created, it's been fun and enjoyable so far although i do have a question. I'm unable to see visuals for the weaves created from the channelers. Is there a way to fix this? And is it possible to change the ai to not target you? It's kinda...
  2. The 100 ping threshold

    You do know there are like 7 Australian servers....
  3. OCEANIC COMMUNITY DISCUSSION: Voice your thoughts

    WOO UFC FIGHTS! Hey look im on there!
  4. OCEANIC COMMUNITY DISCUSSION: Voice your thoughts

    I don't know why but kimbo wanted me to post this on the forums as his taleworlds account is banned.
  5. OCEANIC COMMUNITY DISCUSSION: Voice your thoughts

    Well what about a weekly event on one of the games on net server to get us all together again? I'm sure acc1 would be up to hosting some sort of an event. P.S Just cause my past few posts were aimed peoples post that are completely stupid doesn't mean I've turned into a ****.
  6. OCEANIC COMMUNITY DISCUSSION: Voice your thoughts

    "Hey guys, you're having fun on a server that's not native. You should shut the server down." - Knightmeister Is that what you're implying???
  7. Warband Mentor program

    Hi, I'm Dojo Spirit and I'd be happy to take you as my mentee if you'll have me.
  8. Warband Mentor program

    Applying for: Mentor Time Online: Tuesday, Friday, Saturday 4pm - 9pm, Will get more time during school holiday. I can play Sunday afternoon aswell. Experience: I've been playing since beta, i pretty much know everything you can do in Warband. I specialize in Infantry Combat. Region: Australia...
  9. OCEANIC COMMUNITY DISCUSSION: Voice your thoughts

    Having a mole on your face deserves a death penalty. I can't help but laugh at that video of Gondor.
  10. OCEANIC COMMUNITY DISCUSSION: Voice your thoughts

    Nice Thread. I suggest a certain day of the week when all the clans go into each others mumble/vent and get to know each other. This way we'll be able to discuss issues and thoughts with other clans. TGD and Dojo has been talking with each other clan mates on a regular basis and after a few...

    That's not true. Numerous times we've had to get Dojo_Sparky or as you guys know Dojo_Spartacus to fight for us in wars and we all know he's terrible. And between you and me there are some rumors going around that he really is gay  :shock:

    We've taken some initiative. Have you?
  13. You've got to be kidding me!

    Has anyone realized that the OP changed the subject so people might forget that he was stupid enough to download the FULL installer twice?
  14. Not to move! City guard!

    Would it be possible to be killed by the club, get re spawned in the jail without weapons and without losing any money?
  15. Archery sucks, shields overpowered

    I've played in a fair bit of scrims, but the last few scrims I've played has Archer limitations. What I've seen so far is that when a cavalryman is running around and flanking the archers would shoot it down and shoot and kill the horseman before he gets back up. Once infantry starts to close...
  16. Archery sucks, shields overpowered

    4 decent archers vs 4 decent infantry men. Archers will most likely win, cause archers just shoots their arrows and run back for eternity until they can get their bow out again. But even when they stand and fight they'll have nearly the same chance of winning the fight as the infantry. Assuming...
  17. Original Thread - Introduction and Discussion

    im re-reading the series since the 'towers of midnight' release date is coming up soon. I'm currently on Eotw at the part where the party sets off into the ways.
  18. Original Thread - Introduction and Discussion

    Have you renamed the mod folder?