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  1. TimotheusTheReal

    8 years of development and still missing.....

    @Gnjus I remember you from c-rpg, always huscarl shield, turtling, walking backward and always striking from left to right! Haha
  2. TimotheusTheReal

    Way to train troops

    Unfortunately passive xp gain to party via Leadership perk is very bad...
  3. TimotheusTheReal

    King Derthert owns half of all fiefs

    @Callum just want to notice you, there is room to improve with demesne size control in order to shield players from NPC taking control of everything!
  4. TimotheusTheReal

    King Derthert owns half of all fiefs

    Yeah, as in Crusader Kings!
  5. TimotheusTheReal

    King Derthert owns half of all fiefs

    In my campaign, Derthert takes all the fiefs for himself. Never allowing us lords to get. I feel very rebellious and I want to bring down Derthert! Is there a way to instigate revolt?
  6. TimotheusTheReal

    Trouble understanding workshops

    Verified by myself! Just press N, look up at your town and its fief. Check what they're producing, and build a workshop according to!
  7. TimotheusTheReal

    Trouble understanding workshops

    Anyone able to verify that?
  8. TimotheusTheReal

    Trouble understanding workshops

    Allright, I got two workshops running in NW parts of Calradia. Prosperous (4000+) towns. This area is known for hides and mines. I opened a tannery and it was absolute ****e in regards of income (nothing to a few coins). Changed it into a silversmith studio and it nets me around 40-60 gold each...
  9. TimotheusTheReal

    WHERE is it?

    Haha everyones rioting, on steam, forums, youtube, twitch... pitchforks, banners waving, roaring peasants
  10. TimotheusTheReal

    Give away 30th march

    I will not partipicate in this, i'm well off and my business is running strong as before! Good luck to you all
  11. TimotheusTheReal

    Early Access Information

    Thank you... It's over... 20% off and earlier release! This is gud!
  12. TimotheusTheReal

    Modified Combat Parameters

    I liked Bannerlords new ways and sighed at every thread with the purpose of bashing combat mechanics in BL, however I think I understand your message. I don't want to have to perform as a spastic teenager in mp, but, also not to feel handicapped by some weird sluggish mechanism. Because I do...
  13. TimotheusTheReal

    So... the Calradian "Empire" never had access to the sea?

    The Golden Horde was a functioning mega empire without any sea power, so why would Calradic Empire not be? Also imagine Calradia as a continent with many large lakes and rivers, enriching intra-trade with strong agricultural and community support. Thus establishing functioning empire.
  14. TimotheusTheReal

    Cheaters in bannerlord in EU servers "Beta"

    Never noticed cheats, got 300+ hours in beta (btw good value). With the new influx of newbies, its too easy to end their miserable and weak lifes as I have been forced to warring with uber pros!
  15. TimotheusTheReal

    Building pc for Bannerlord

    16GB Ryzen 3600 rx5700 XT ez
  16. TimotheusTheReal

    Buying early acces on the website

    Dusting away dust from the old annals of Warband, here it says: "With Warband key from Taleworlds, you could install independently. However for some time, you could convert your taleworlds CD-key to register on Steam for free. Thought that was 8 - 10 years ago. Many players did in fact keep...
  17. TimotheusTheReal

    Which graphic card to play with max settings and high number of soldiers ?

    Ryzen 3600, don't need more than that. It's already powerful as it is. Also 1080 or better gpu or rx5700XT gpu Then you are good!
  18. TimotheusTheReal

    Dev Blog 17/01/20

    Watching this, the overlords must be feelin good when lowborns, ruffians and peasants fight each other over breadcrumbs!
  19. TimotheusTheReal

    Is divorce allowed?

    Oh well... could you consider bringing this for suggestion to the development team? I think otherwise we have to rely on mods, when this is crucial to the gameplay?! Another example is to send your wife to some nun school, seek authority to break marriage from faction leader, with hefty...