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  1. NA1F


    I don’t know if you’re like me, hate fighting at night I hope we have the freedom to be able to fight during the day.
  2. NA1F

    Bannerlord Photography

    Simple idea.. take the best shots in your play time in bannerlord. SP or MP, It does not matter as long as the Photos are good :razz: The size of the Photos does not matter, whether big or small, depending on your desire. let's go
  3. NA1F

    permanent injuries

    I have a suggestion regarding an permanent injury system For example, foot injuries make the person slow or an eye injury makes the accuracy of long-range weapons weak, or a hand injury makes the sowrd strikes weak Or when choosing a companion, some of them have an permanent injury I don’t know...
  4. NA1F

    Some ideas that I hope to be in bannerlord

    I have many thoughts on my mind that I would like to share with you I will make some of my thoughts in multiple points 1- duals before the battle starts I hope there is a choice before the battle, It enables you to duel with your character or one of your soldiers Fun idea, and imagine one of...
  5. NA1F

    Who is your favorite warrior? (and my drawing for my favorite warriors)

    For me, my favorite warrior is berzerker quick steps, powerful weapon fun to play and this is my drawing for berzerker (pixel art style)
  6. NA1F

    what about hunting?

    is there hunting in bannerlord? Hunting was available in some of the mods in warband, and It would be cool if hunting was add by taleworld officially
  7. NA1F

    Lords in bannerlords are so lonely :(

    I wish if there a knight or a companion for every lords in the game not only similar soldiers, but one whose unique and he has his own unique name accompanies his lord in the battles and of course, they should be very strong what you think?