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  1. 300/Battle of Thermopylae MINIMOD

    I've seen the previews, but I didn't realize they gave the persians grenades. But that's awesome, I guess. Lol. -Dvd
  2. 300/Battle of Thermopylae MINIMOD

    Wha? Wrong thread? Or did I totally miss something? -Dvd
  3. 40K mod: Storm Over Tartarus [Temporary Sleepy Time]

    Start as an Imperial Guardsman? Oh... Maybe they are like Black Khergits, ala, Supreme Ass-Kickers and unplayable. -Dvd
  4. 300/Battle of Thermopylae MINIMOD

    Uh, guys, in case you didn't realize this... 300 was based on a *COMIC BOOK* by Frank Miller. Now, the comic book was based on the Battle of Thermopylae. However, also note that the comic book turned the real life battle of Thermopylae into a mythological showdown. Therefor, 300 is actually...
  5. 40K mod: Storm Over Tartarus [Temporary Sleepy Time]

    Easy... You don't "join them", you start as them. Ala "The Last Days". -Dvd
  6. 40K mod: Storm Over Tartarus [Temporary Sleepy Time]

    More like... Necron Warrior -> Necron Immortal -> Necron Pariah -> Necron Lord -> Necron Lord Destroyer ...Meanwhile. Necron Warrior -> Flayed One -> Feared Flayed One, and Necron Immortal -> Necron Destroyer -> Necron Heavy Destroyer. -Dvd
  7. 40K mod: Storm Over Tartarus [Temporary Sleepy Time]

    Oh... That complicates matters. Wait... Necron Warrior -> Immortal -> Pariah Necron Warrior -> Flayed One -> Feared Flayed One Immortal -> Destroyer -> Heavy Destroyer Will that work? -Dvd
  8. 40K mod: Storm Over Tartarus [Temporary Sleepy Time]

    In that case... Hmm... Would it be possible to include them just as seperate types of troops? You've got your standard Necron Warrior line, but then you have two other troop lines. One is just a Necron Scarab, the other is a Necron Tomb Spider. Those troop lines would go through like this...
  9. 40K mod: Storm Over Tartarus [Temporary Sleepy Time]

    I see just two problems with the Unit Trees... First off, for Necrons, the Scarab (small robotic beetle like thing) should LEAD TO the Tomb Spider (huge big beatle thing). Not the otherway around. Second, on the Chaos tree, I think it would be better if Heretics & Cultists were switched. That...
  10. Off screen combat needs to be fixed

    ...Really? I guess my computer is a muther****in kickass comp since I can play with a 400 man battlesize limit. In "The Last Days". Rohan vs Isengard. Plenty of horseman & foottroops. No lag at all. I love my computer. *hugs computer* -Dvd
  11. SPACE: The Final Frontier

    Well, like I said, I can't do *anything*. And it isn't right for me to boss a single hard worker around. The pain needs to be *shared* by *many* hard workers. Hint, hint. So unless I don't get a few more hard workers to boss around, this mod isn't getting off the ground. Note; I'm joking about...
  12. "Immersive Combat"

    2 Things: No, this is not implemented in Mount & Blade already. What is in Mount & Blade is the most horrible system ever devised. To attack in different directions, you move & click the mouse. That means, you take a step to the right and click the mouse to aim. In my implementation, you hold...
  13. WarRock

    Last night Leodan Flamelock (flamelock) and I (happydeath) played together. We were on the same team, facing 2 random guys, on Ohara. It was a one-sided match, as we were taking down everything. I was the expert tank driver\tank destroyer, he was a tank destroyer\engineer. Sometimes we would...
  14. "Immersive Combat"

    Perhaps some sort of variable system for the AI? If they "know" you will make a Middle Right Swing then a coin will be tossed, if 0 then they will block, if 1 then they will not block. If 0 then they will either retaliate with a block or a Middle Right Swing, Lower Right Swing, or Upper Right...
  15. "Immersive Combat"

    Actually, it would allow for more immersive combat. Different types of parry, attacks, swings, thrusts, ect... -Dvd
  16. "Immersive Combat"

    Two Modes: Offensive Defensive Eight Ways of Attack\Defensive: Forward Upper Right Middle Right Lower Right Backward Lower Left Middle Left Upper Left To attack: Hold down LMB (Attack) and move your mouse the direction of which swing you want. For example, if you want to swing to the upper...
  17. Mount & Blade CHEAT !!!

    That's quite a waste of energy. Why don't you just export your character, edit the file, then import the new (edited) character? -Dvd
  18. SPACE: The Final Frontier

    The general "feeling" of what you are making is good, but not the actual vessels. "Frontier" of three levels, each one is a corridors that completely encircles a tube. All ship & futuristic corridors of a metallic sheen, and are very clean. No bolts or anything else. The outsides should use that...
  19. SPACE: The Final Frontier

    It's all really depends on what sounds best... And, commanding a turret does not sound best. Sorry Citizen, heh. What would be cool would be a style of combat similiar to Pirate Mod but not the same; When first sighting a Ship (ie, running into it): Approach ("Radio" Menu) Retreat (If Being...