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  1. dablade

    About upgrading the sound system

    Due to the fact I work at sound editing myself, I'm always very aware of the sounds coming from my studio monitors when I play M&B (yes, I play M&B in my studio :P). So, I'm probably both more aware and demanding than the average player, but I believe sound in games is as important as in film...
  2. dablade

    max number of skyboxes and ground types?

    Anyone knows if these are hardcoded? If not, where would we change that?
  3. dablade

    Battle sounds replacement pack

    DaBlade soundpack Version: 1.2 File Size: 1.29 MB For M&B Version: .89x Download link: ********************************* This is the result of my efforts to enhance M&B battle sound effects, based on the previous...
  4. dablade

    0.711 skirmishers

    Is it me or skirmishers in your group don't skirmish so much anymore? Looks like they tend to stand there doing nothing...
  5. dablade

    Textures Pack

    Textures Pack updated to v.1.1 Some screenshots: I'll update the file whenever i add new textures. Feel free to post any comments or suggestions. Enjoy.
  6. dablade

    some new armor textures

    Nothing fancy, just changed and added a few things here and there. What do you think?
  7. dablade

    Some new shield textures

    Hi guys, i've started to change some shield textures i didn't like much. What do you think?
  8. dablade

    invisible horses

    Don't you hate it when you're going on your horse at full speed, and get stuck on an invisible horse (specialy if 30 dark knights are chasing you)? Of course it's a horse from one of them you killed earlyer, one of those that starts to fade away and becomes an invisible ghost before desapearing...
  9. dablade

    Storage area, hold fire command

    Hi guys, forgive me if this has been mentioned before. I think it would be nice to have a place to store some stuff you don't want to carry arround, but you don't want to sell because you want to use it later on. I also would like to have a hold fire command (for ranged units). It would be...