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  1. Sir Galahad the Pure

    Unsolved Unstable ping in EU servers

    My ping is extremely unstable in EU servers and seems to be following a circadian cycle, which makes me think it might be affected by the number of players connected to your servers. I live in southern Spain and have 50 Mb/s wired connection. My ping in Warband has always been stable (35-45) in...
  2. Sir Galahad the Pure

    Bad ping on official servers

    Hey there TW devs, I've been consistently playing Warband multiplayer for thousands of hours, mainlny in European servers as I live in Spain. My ping in French servers has always been stable between 40-45, 50-60 in German servers. To my surprise, when I went into an European server in...
  3. Sir Galahad the Pure

    [NC 16] Spain

    Group C Ireland Spain United Kingdom Poland Captain Asediado Roster Asediado Charlini DarkLight Donut Dume Gala Gasset LexT Piotes Sentoo SirAlecks Sparkie Sparta Traeeseron Tuvius VeX Zytum Banner
  4. Sir Galahad the Pure

    NC 2015 Spain

    PROPAGANDA Contacts: Dume Sir Galahad Juanky Roster (to be updated) Aponnk Asediado BigPablete Blackburn Chacal Donut Dume Fennlander Gasset Hussar Juanky Laurens Maximo Meinhof Narref Piotes Ragen SirAlecks Sir Galahad Sparta SrFuness Traeeseron Tuvius Willy Zedize Zytum Banner
  5. Sir Galahad the Pure

    Spain not playing the last match

    Due to several circumstances, the Spanish team will not be able to field enough players for today's match vs Scandinavia. Our current classification and the general lack of interest in the Spanish community for this kind of tournaments force us to give Scandinavia the default win. I'm really...
  6. Sir Galahad the Pure

    Siege Event today (24/01/2014) at 19:00 GMT

    Wolfpack have decided to have a Siege Event on the Wolfpack_Siege server today. This is just the beginning of our attempt to encourage people to play in our server in order to get it populated again like it used to be in old good times. Apart from being beneficial for Wolfpack, which obviously...
  7. Sir Galahad the Pure

    Tercios Siege server - "Stolen" maps

    There's already been another thread about this server but since it was locked and I have something to add I felt kinda forced to post a new thread. Well, basically, all I wanted to say is that, although Tercios clan did express their most sincere apologies and they promised to remove the maps...