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  1. La Grandmaster

    Shader file downloads?

    Is it just me or does the download for the shader files no longer work? Takes me to a bad gateway error
  2. La Grandmaster

    B Info Shader Post Process Shaders and Effects (LENSFLARES, SSAO, DOF)

    Warbands postfx system is rarely modded much which is a shame as it can really alter the overall feel/look of a mod. Recently in another thread (,333534.0.html) I explained how you could add some simple postfx to mods but they were quite simple. In...
  3. La Grandmaster

    The Reckoning is now OSP!

    Various people have asked if they could use some of the features of this mod in their own mods, and so far I haven't really allowed it (apart from in a clash of kings), but my modding time is limited now a days, and as such I have decided to release everything in the mod as OSP. That includes...
  4. La Grandmaster

    The Reckoning: Module System and Bug Fixing Info

    Module System and Bug Fixing It has dawned on me over the past week that this mod is too large for me to fix entirely by myself, and as such Ive decided to give people the tools to fix any issues they see fit. So as an effort to tackle the vast number of bugs in the mod Ive decided to upload...
  5. La Grandmaster

    Official Suggestions Thread

    Much of this mod has been made because of suggestions from followers. I am always open to new suggestions and ideas to help improve the mod. Post them here if you have any.
  6. La Grandmaster

    Official Bug Report Thread

    Please report all bugs here. Be as descriptive as possible, and if it is a game breaking bug (e.g. causes a crash to desktop ect) please label it as game breaking so I know to look into these first. Im not saying they will be fixed straightaway, Im having a few days break from the mod at the...
  7. La Grandmaster

    Official Screenshots and Video Thread

    Feel free to post all your screenshots and videos here. Moddb Screenshots Moddb Videos
  8. La Grandmaster

    The Reckoning: Download Links

            Download Links Mega - uploaded by me!ZAcjQagT!9mTTbRxZj9EiwNaI8RCZWD1HcaMoZkj5FbFpuvWvDaI Google Drive - kindly uploaded by semigall Feel free to upload mirrors if you wish. Pm me...
  9. La Grandmaster

    Forum Time 1 hour a head

    Why is the time shown on this forum suddenly 1 hour a head? My time zone is gmt, however the forum shows it one hour ahead of what it should be. Have I done something stupidly wrong? or does this happen for other people? Im pretty confused as I don't think I have changed anything Its really...
  10. La Grandmaster

    Problem with GIMP - Alpha channels exported as white instead of black

    For some reason gimp has started saving alpha channels as plain white (instead of plain black), this is causing problems when I try to use alpha channels in game, as I believe M&B requires alpha channels to be plain black. Anyone experienced this problem before, I have had a search and found no...
  11. La Grandmaster

    OSP Shaders Grandmasters Shaders - Basic Seasons & Wind effects (Version 1.0 RELEASED)

    [OSP] La Grandmasters Shaders - Basic Seasons and wind effects Ok so here is the first release of this pack.!9V0lxIya!4frPP9E7UHj5jci5Ge6lsYO0wgTxZvfrl6i7guqJ-F8 It features: Flora Shaders - Wind Effects - Seasonal Effects Hair Shader - Wind Effects Ground Shaders -...
  12. La Grandmaster

    OSP Other 3D Art La_Grandmasters Tribal Props

    La Grandmasters Tribal Scene Props/Bushes Thought Id upload these tribal props I have, they are far from brilliant but someone might find them useful. Pack contains - a moai stone head - 7 tribal huts (3 models with 2 texture variants each) - tribal cages/gates (pretty much taken from tld...
  13. La Grandmaster

    The Reckoning| The Original Thread

    Donate to the mod! Click the above button (picture) to donate! I have spent well over a year on this project now, all done in my free time. Any contributions would be gladly accepted and those who do contribute will receive a special thank you and shout-out in the actual mod when it is...
  14. La Grandmaster

    Spawning scene props

    Im trying to figure out how to spawn a scene prop in a scene and I've been partially successful. Iv managed to get the scene prop to spawn right in front of the player perfectly - but the problem is i only want it to spawn once and at the moment it seems to spawn constantly Iv got the...
  15. La Grandmaster

    Problem with new beard textures

    Iv created facial piercings (tribal sort of ones) and have implemented them into the game in a new race and used the beard slot to display them. Iv edited the hair_blonde texture (and the alpha ect) so that it includes a texture for the piercing (i also had to move uv maps of hair textures so...
  16. La Grandmaster

    tangent dir will not save

    im having a problem when i try to recompute tangent dir - when i click it in openbrf it correctly works and everything but when i go to save it it says - you are trying to save meshes with tangend dir in m&B1.11 format. unfortuantly tangent dir can only be save in warband format. tangent dir...
  17. La Grandmaster

    Looking for OSP code for alternative character creation process

    I've been looking for an osp section of code for ages, i remember seeing it but i cant seem to find it again - what it does is change the initial character creation process so that it is displayed as a sort of story or a page in a book e.g each choice you make changes a word/sentence in the...
  18. La Grandmaster

    Attaching a scene prop/collision mesh to mounts

    Hey people, i was just wondering if people could help explain to me how to attach scene props to mounts. The reason I want to do this is because the scale mount feature in warband does not fully work as mounts above a certain sizes are "walk throughable" :(  I plan to there for attach an...