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  1. Falwick

    Some aesthetics for classes that accurate with their respective armor values

    Vlandia (arbelist) ---> (sergeant) ---> (improved armoured variation is the same with the original) (peasant levy with improved armor) ---> (vanguard) --->
  2. Falwick

    This is how arbelists should be looks like.. Why they are wearing bandit clothes while they have already got their own gambeson in the item database? What do you think?
  3. Falwick

    Watchtowers or Outposts for trade routes and borders

    Watchtowers or outposts for trade routes and borders is the thing that we will see in bannerlord? If not, that would be both historical-wise(Roman "watchtowers" or its superior "Castra") and gameplay-wise(before you arrive on that location, your small garrison make delay the enemy activity and...