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  1. Astinus

    Are perks broken for everyone?

    Asking for a friend
  2. Astinus

    Battlemaster Anyone playing this awesome game? I have currently started again after a long pause and I'm enjoyin my time in Minas Leon where we have almost won the Civil War and in Aurvandil, on Dwilight Island, where I've joined the schismatic Orthodox Astroism. Fot those who don't...
  3. Astinus

    Roof campering in Field by the River -clanmembers opinion

    Hello guys, recently we ABs are disputing on playability of camping on the roof in field by athe river in competitive clan matches and while some of us think it's fine, others claim it to be a glitch and then should be avoided. I remember the old topic back in beta time when we were disputing...