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  1. Cornelius Constantine

    Odin's Cave

    Got a problem with Odin's cave. I enter it voluntarely, not because of the storyline. What am I missing?
  2. Cornelius Constantine

    Any advice on decent trade routes?

    Just started in this mod and love it sofar! But does anyone have any advice on some decent trade routes? The original ones don't seem to apply...
  3. Cornelius Constantine

    Managing penalties

    Hi guys, Got the following... well, not a problem, more of a challenge. So, I enlisted in a Lord's arm, got promoted and got this heavy armour, which reduces my atlethics from 3 to 0. Which means: when the army advances in a battle, by the time we reach the enemy, I'm exhausted and litterally...
  4. Cornelius Constantine

    Save Files in Windows 7

    So, I upgraded my PC from XP to Win 7. Additionaly, I added a SSD drive. So, my Warband used to be installed on drive D:, which now became drive E:. My save files were on drive C:, which is now drive D:. They're still there. So, the game still searches the save files on C:. Is there any way...
  5. Cornelius Constantine

    Which Knghthood Order would suit me?

    So, I'm on my first playthrough (well, second, but I abandoned my first after making some rookie mistakes - don't try to free a lord from a town with a lvl 5 character...). My goal is, of course, to become king of Pendor. I intend to use the Pendor Culture for that, including reinstating the...
  6. Cornelius Constantine

    Bug? Cheat? Exploit? No, a Supply wagon....

    Playing the latest version, I decided to buy myself a ship to travel to Ireland. However, only 90 soldiers fit into a ship, and I had 110. Solution? I assigned 21 soldiers to my supply wagon, travelled across, and took them out of said supply wagon. Thinking beyond that: I assigned 70 soldiers...
  7. Cornelius Constantine

    Acres of land?

    So, what's the use of buying acres of land? I can't figure it out in-game. And it says rent has to be collected? Does it mean you have to be inside that town every time the rent comes up?
  8. Cornelius Constantine

    Custom Battle

    So, I want to play a custoum battle, shield wall to shield wall. However, every time I start a new battle, I find myself on board a ship, not on the battle field I selected. How can I play a normal battle?
  9. Cornelius Constantine

    Boring end game...?

    So, I conquered most of Calradia, only the Khergits remain. Just three towns and a few castles and I rule all... Mwahahaha!!!! Ehm... sorry 'bout that. Point is: we have a trade agreement, to break it turns most of my Lords against me (those who don't hate my guts already, seems I should have...
  10. Cornelius Constantine

    How do I keep my lords happy?

    So, I'm king of my own kingdom, and Lords are flocking to me. I give them castles, fiefs and win battles with them. Still, thy hate my guts. My relation with them deteriorates by the day, and one even sent an assassin after me. So, what do I do? Is this the point where I go King Harlaus on...
  11. Cornelius Constantine

    Keeping up appearances... I mean morale?

    Or should I say: my party's to big for my boots....? I'm doing quite nicely, being a Lord of Nords. Got me a couple of towns, castles, villages and quite a bit of renown. So I can lead a party of about 150-160 men (well, not just men, but that should be bad, now would it?). So, when I had...
  12. Cornelius Constantine

    Spy quest Bug

    Not sure if this is a bug, and ik fo, if it's due to Diplomacy, but still... I have to quest to meet the spy in Barriyye (sp?). One I get there, I talk to eveyone in town (I have done this quest succesfully before, I know how it works), but the spy doesnt seem t'o be there. Did I really talk...
  13. Cornelius Constantine

    Save game compatible?

    Hi all, Just installed Diplomacy. Hoewever, when I start the game, I can't see my save games from Native. I thought Diplomacy was compatible with Native? How do I solve this?
  14. Cornelius Constantine

    Training Fields

    So, how dow training Fields work? Are you only able to train your character there, of can you train your soldiers too? And, if so, how?
  15. Cornelius Constantine

    Help a novive: where's the money?

    Hi all, First post on this forum, go easy on me.... I already posted this on the Paradox forum, but it's said I'd get a better response here. So, bought M&B: Warband yesterday, and I like the game, but it's quite a challenge. Not only am I new to the game, but also a newbie at the genre. The...