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  1. The 22nd Battalion

    Just kidding, good luck! (You'll need it.)
  2. Gibby's Video Thread

    Doesn't necessarily make for a good game experience if you're on the losing side, but isn't that the way an anarchistic world of might makes right should work? People form societies, and societies that are larger with shared goals between members are able to call upon more people to fight for...
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  4. M and OGL's list thread

    I am deeply affronted at Sotamursu being the dream team commander for Finland. That place should go to Cavetroll and me commanding at the same time and constantly over-ruling each other. Ends up being sheer tactical genius.
  5. [Weekly Event] IG Sundays - NEXT WEEKEND 07/07 - 14:00 BST

    So is this UTC or BST 14:00? Countdown timer is according to BST 14:00, post says UTC.
  6. [NC2018] League Stage Week 3

    Finland 8 - Russia 8
  7. Mount and Blade Warband dedicated server hosting US | UK | EU

    Very unlikely, the site has been down for quite a while now and they reportedly haven't responded to any emails.
  8. [NC2018] League Stage Week 1

    What is dead may never die.
  9. [NC2018] League Stage Week 1

    Good game, probably would've lost had it been home and away.
  10. A keyboard replacement for Warband and Bannerlord

    Idea is kind of neat. I'd be concerned what the exact spacing of the three controllers is ergonomics wise, as efficient use would be much more dependant on hand size than a normal keyboad. Seems like it'd be liable to cause repetitive stress injuries to your joints and tendons if it doesn't fit...
  11. nations cup taas

    Ei näytä olevan kovin huimaava kiinnostus. :(
  12. nations cup taas

    Why the **** not? PS. Treenaamaan ei ole aikaa.
  13. IG_Battlegrounds is up again!

    I have some ideas for maps:
  14. [IG] Guard of Istiniar - A clan for Mount&Blade Warband {Closed}

    IG versus Deutschritter (DR) - Sun 4th November 2012
  15. [Na5aSide] Team Rosters & Substitutions

    Player Name Change Team name: PERKELE Name of player(s): P.s. FFS