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  1. The many issues i see with cavalry in MP

    I can deal with cav. its just the amount of spam that comes with fighting cav. going up against a whole team of cav is boring and that should be limited.
  2. The many issues i see with cavalry in MP

    I do that from time to time,But Thats when im facing cav without shield or ones not couch lancing as when they are couch lancing it magically tracks my movement and hits me. Its not a bad strategy but it will only work on Cav without shields Mostly.
  3. The many issues i see with cavalry in MP

    I agree the knockdown for infantry is too long i had cases where cav charged me and enemy infantry was able to get 2 hits in on me. i think cav horses hp should be reduced for example the camel on aserai has 280hp yet it has no armor. the purpose of spears should be to prevent cav charges by...
  4. Packet Loss Help

    its due to bad servers
  5. The many issues i see with cavalry in MP

    he respawned and first that to happen is cav rush him. he not a noob player but just think how often that happens to new players also most of his team were new players so that must of been a terrible experience for them being zerged by cav for 3 rounds straight.
  6. Packet Loss Help

    it happens to about 90% of playerbase i get 15ping and experience it all the time.
  7. The many issues i see with cavalry in MP

    I personally think cav should be limited to 2 per team as that prevents cav spam. its easy for an experienced player to handle 1-2 cav. but when you have 6 of them rushing you at once thats a big problem. for example. its no way to prevent this from occuring at the moment.
  8. Change NA server location

    Just a suggestion for devs/staff. NA players will benefit more from servers in chicago or texas. and it will reduce desync/lag issue some players are plagued with. For example i have 15ping but still get desync/lag symbol only on bannerlord and i asked others and they have the same issue. i...
  9. Performance issues on older rigs + Win10

    windows game mode actually helps your performance after an update microsoft put out awhile back. if you have an older cpu open up run type in msconfig<boot<processors(set to highest number you have then restart your computer.
  10. Milites Fortunae [Undisputed champions of Club Penguin]

    We need bearforce not the deluge :)
  11. Unsolved Hit Registration Still Having Massive Issues

    I can second that. i had similar issue pertaining to weapon hits not registering
  12. Black Horde

  13. Milites Fortunae [Undisputed champions of Club Penguin]

    Bring back bearforce so i can take your trophies. 🙂
  14. [PETITION] Rollback/Disable Quit Penalty Indefinitely

    yea i noticed that yesterday after getting the map several times.
  15. Cant play multiplayer

    Dont use the beta version. they just updated the game yesterday taking over all the fixes from beta.
  16. Black Horde-Competitive [NA] Clan Recruiting

    come join us and obtain 750win badge it will be a fun and easy challenge.
  17. Black Horde

    im interested go on. what are u proposing
  18. Clan Application

    Application for clan Steam Name: Discord Name: New player: Old player: