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  1. Jackuuy Gaming

    Siege Battle Screenshots/Videos

    Im not really sure if I have spoiled my men or they just always been ***** I got so many arrows in my back, im not sure they all where Sturgian arrows.. they look suspiciously Vlandian

    .them ladders are dirty!
    We ain't touching no dirty ladders
    You went and got us cheap dirty ladders, you climb them!
    We are top tier man, we want Siege Towers!
    haha nothing like some friendly fire, i had a siege were my own fire catapult yeeted me when i charged the breech lol
  2. Jackuuy Gaming

    Field Battle Screenshots/Videos

    Once i saw the river i knew this is where im going, to lure the enemy into the water and drown them with my arrows
    Would of been cool if the bodies floated on the water and the blood of my enemies changes the water to red haha

    This one i had a hill with loads of archers and it was pretty much a slaughter , the sea of green was satisfying
  3. Jackuuy Gaming

    Field Battle Screenshots/Videos

    Haha i love how his blinded by his enemies blood and got a spear straight through the chest, what a awesome day he had lol
  4. Jackuuy Gaming

    melee skills will not help u in this game

    In tournaments you circle around the ai while you are fighting him in melee and its easier to kill him
    with javelins , there are op asf lol i cant kill as many soldiers compared to someone using the bow however 90 percent of the time i can kill anyone while throwing them from horse back
    in sieges its not as effective if they are at the top of the castle walls howerver in the small windows and gaps i hit them in the face and its satisfying lol
    downside with javelins on foot is that they are heavy as **** making you run heaps slow lol
    Harpoons do like 120+base dmg if i remember correctly the most dmg javelins in the game
    I made this the other week and you can see how good the javelins are minus the low ammo lol

    Melee in general is difficult in a battle because i generally get swamed if im not sticking with my infantry while they take the intial clash and i come in from the side with my berserkers going ape **** lol
    Apologies if the video concerns anyone i can remove it straight away
  5. Jackuuy Gaming

    Only way to play the game?

    In my new playthrough i dont execute the lords anymore, i enjoy smashing them over and over again
    Just fight the battles you can win and if they siege you and you cant win just pay them off for peace,
    during peace always replenish your men and level them up fighting bandits and once you are ready go to war and fight small stacks
  6. Jackuuy Gaming

    Siege Battle Screenshots/Videos

    haha i had that happen alot too and the soldier loading the fire pots just dropping it next to the siege and not putting on the catapult , triggered me when he done it 4 times i just one shotted him in the chest with a harpon
    I think he was an apprentice or something lol
  7. Jackuuy Gaming


    I play on realistic and you gotta remember you will suffer casualties no matter what
    with cavalry when riding full speed at archers they get headshotted even if you got the best helment you dead lol

    I send my cavalry in right before enemy infantry engages mine and how i do it is
    F1 and place them behind the enemy archers which means
    my horseman will go through enemy infantry disorientating them then forward ontowards the enemy archers by that time the enemy archers will be already firing at my infantry then my cavalry goes behind them i just f1+f3 and they charge the closes troops to them which is the enemy archers and i only lose 2 or 3 guys depending on how big the battles are
  8. Jackuuy Gaming

    Saving lives

    For castles i get all my troops to stand at the back and once the gate goes down charge in and kill everyone(the quickest option)
    for towns i siege it till all the walls are broken to rush in through the broken walls as the enemy's are split up between two broken always it is easir however time consuming waiting for the siege weapons to be built

    I actually welcome enemy armies to come attack as so i can whoop their ass and level up my troops lol , i can always coem back and siege again
  9. Jackuuy Gaming

    Field Battle Screenshots/Videos

    Awesome battle, the way you commanded from up high makes it feel like a TW game :smile:
    Cheers i dont even have a reason to play a total war game anymore, Bannerlord combines both of best worlds and overtime when its more polished it will be even better and love all the bodies littered across the battlefield after a big battle makes it realistic
  10. Jackuuy Gaming

    Field Battle Screenshots/Videos

    Had a Massive battle with the Aseri army ambushing me but i knew i would be okay because i had my berserkers to come save the day very reliable troops but i had to use my calvary and archers to support them or else to be dead before the battle even starts
  11. Jackuuy Gaming

    Poll: create a complaint channel for all these whiners

    I agree to much whining about the bugs but its in alpha its suppose to have bugs and follow with constructive feedback but its so negative its cringing
  12. Jackuuy Gaming

    Siege Battle Screenshots/Videos

    hahaha looks like you made a bridge out of bodies lol such a good photo
  13. Jackuuy Gaming

    Throwing Weapon Montage/Memes Jackuuy gaming Video Thread

    Satisfaction Baby Bannerlord Edition
  14. Jackuuy Gaming

    silah atma montaj

    İzlediğiniz için teşekkürler güvende kal
  15. Jackuuy Gaming

    lancement arme vidéo

    Merci d'avoir regardé ma vidéo
  16. Jackuuy Gaming

    YouTubers: Post your channel here so we can meet you, view, subscribe!

    I made a bannerlord throwing montage I hope you all enjoy it
  17. Jackuuy Gaming

    Speer werfen Video

    Danke fürs Zuschauen (y)(y) ich liebe dich???
  18. Jackuuy Gaming

    Throwing Weapon Montage/Memes Jackuuy gaming Video Thread

    Enjoy the montage guys more to come , let me know what you think
  19. Jackuuy Gaming

    Satisfying Throwing Weapons Montage in Bannerlord, Should boost dmg for throwing axes they need love too

    Do you feel satisfied as well with throwing weapons i just cant get enough, Throwing axes need a boost in dmg to match the harpoons in my opinion
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