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  1. Cheat menu for console edition

    You could try this workaround: "I found that the save games are transferable from xbox to PC game pass and you can enable the cheats on game pass and you can give your self 10 billion and then save and go back to xbox and load it and there you go"
  2. Patch Notes v1.1.3

    When is the next big patch?
    I mean, some scenes missing, and they had plans for claimants. So I expect there will be another "big" (but not so big) patch. However I don't see much else they'd add except that, and a few fixes.
  3. Patch Notes v1.1.2

    right take a look at Civ 6, constant videos, Project Zomboid regular updated and 7 days to die, multiple dev streams for a new patch. All games 5-10 years old and from TW, virtually nothing. I am still shocked no one runs great PR like they did with the 1.7 future plans post, best PR they ever did and Steam numbers showed it, but now nothing. I have no clue how a company runs like this and refuses to engage with your community and won't promote upcoming things to get people hyped and please stop with the oh they criticized me to they just clam up. Every company goes through it and if I was that way I would have shut my Youtube channel over 2 years ago as I get negatives comments all the time. Get some thick skin TW and don't let bad comments effect people that love the game and just want the best and a little effort from you in communication and PR. I offered free PR with a NDA and I bet I could increase your sales? why pass it up? You dont want more $$$$$??????
    hah great example taking Paradox game as example , constantly milking with unlimited dlc's on a game that's basically the same as the last one. (or civ for that matter, seems the same)

    bannerlord is complete. tw is probably working on a dlc.

    nobody is forcing you to spend 10 hours on it everyday
  4. SP MP Campaign Co-Op

    Can I have this mod
    not done or avaliable yet. can join discord for info
  5. This is what Bannerlord is about. [****post]

    watch full video for the full experience
  6. Any way to name ironman saves?

    bugged me too. at least in warband it was just character name

    i mean for differentiating it's pretty easy with all the info shown (gear, flag, fiefs, troops etc.)

    but should just add an "edit" button for savefile names on the menu
  7. Patch Notes v1.1.2

    Part of what is missing for me is a reason to go to villages. I basically only go there in Bannerlord if there is a quest offered whereas in Warband there were many reasons to go there - trading, recruiting, donating money to a poor peasant family, looking for bandit fights and assassination attempts are the ones I remember off the top of my head.

    While the town based economy in Bannerlord is a very much better system I don't get how the villages fit into the gameplay loop of the player. Sure they drive the economy but not in a way I have meaningful interaction with. They are pretty useless interactively for me since I don't raid and the quests, although good in theory, are very hit and miss. I get sick of the notables telling me "you don't have enough troops for this" (brigands/deserters) when I could crush them singlehandedly, for example.

    If I don't have a reason to interact economically with villages (which is what I would prefer) then I need other reasons to interact with them. Dropping in to see what the blue exclamation mark is about is fine but there needs to be 'so much' more to them than that, imo.
    Can't relate. In warband 99% of going to village was to recruit, same in Bannerlord. Only difference being: more villages in BL and no need to visit all of them to get full army.
    Trading is more in there in Bannerlord than Warband imo (it's really the same), but in Warband there was little to nothing to gain from it, in BL because of the economy you can find some great priced products in some villages, and sometimes villages are even necessary to get something like Cows/livestock.
    Donating money? haha what?
    There also was no "looking for bandit fights" or "assassination attempts", there was just a small possibility of getting ambushed by bandits when recruiting although no that's not a reason to go visit the villages, rather a rare consequence (I do however think that BL should have similar random events).
    And thinking about quests, at least there are a few more and varied quests involving villages in BL.

    They recently updated raiding in Bannerlord, I think it was fine even before but now it's a lot profitable as well.

    One exception being village upgrades, but due to the amount I think it's much better to have them tied to castle/town, heck even in Warband I'd never manage more than 1 village or 2.

    I'm not sure other than more quests what you would like to see in villages. If you don't want to do quests or raid that's on you.
  8. Patch Notes v1.1.2

    1.0.3 was really good. I have all the data from every test ive done back to 1.5.10. In 1.0.3 most shops were 200-250 which is what I think very reasonable, except for the raising of prices to buy shops. Obviously some shops make too much and some not enough and need adjusting but 1.0.3 was really good. I can guarantee something changed in 1.1.0 and continues in 1.1.1. As it's just my opinion, a shop making 200-250 a day at 15k buying price I think it pretty good. It's enough profit but nothing to get rich on. but making 100 day on a 30k investment makes no sense.
    If that's the case (that it was fine in 1.0.3, but much worse in 1.1) then okay.

    I haven't tried in 1.1 really no.
    But it just seems like every patch this gets complained about however I haven't experienced it (even when there were complains).

    I don't know the reason(s) for the changes between versions and I won't bother speculate.

    As for some shops making much others less, I don't think that's bad, on the contrary I think it's how it should be. Some workshop where there isn't demand for the product (or too much supply), alternatively where there isn't enough or cheap raw materials, shouldn't give much if any income.

    feelotraveller said:

    "Somewhat off-topic: I have great nostalgia for the kind of trading/producing gameplay loop I used to use in Warband - visting villages to get cheap goods to sell in towns/put in my workshops. I really feel that Bannerlord misses this."

    Yes definitely. Not off topic at all. More interaction is welcome, rather than simply buy/invest and print money.

    However in Bannerlord since it's actually economy based, you can influence it via the towns market. Buying/selling relevant goods in it affects the profitability of the workshop
  9. Patch Notes v1.1.2

    In 1.0.3 shops were making 200-300 a day easily and cost around 30k. That means it can take 100-150 just to get your investment back. In 1.1.0 most shops don't even make 100 without micro management. I have have been doing this testing and videos since 1.5.8 and i wouldn't be posting if I didn't know for sure there was a problem. The millionaire comment is off as you will never become a millionaire with shops even before 1.0. My whole point is you need to make them worth investing into. if it takes 40-80 days to get your investment maybe its ok but what fool would invest 30k to get it back in over 2 years just to make around 100-200 a day. That makes no sense. "Not to your liking"? You think I am the only one that hates how they are now? I guess the norm now is just to smith and make 1 million in my first 50 days than make 200-300 a day with a shop now
    it's passive income.

    And no I can't relate to only making 100-200. Last time I tried I made 300-600, and the same people complained as much (or more) then, so can't take this complaint seriously.

    I'd be all for making it a bit more interactive and risky, need of some management and ways to influence it (although even now, you can via the towns market), but simply making them give more income for no work well I don't see the point, as boring as just grinding smithing if not worse.

    Funny that people complain about smithing, yet the only ones doing so are the ones abusing it, and then unlimited smithing stamina mod is also a really popular mod
  10. Let players decide.

    ... That's why we're saying that the consequences of not going through with your pact means Lords won't trust you and you won't be able to do it again.
    fair point I'd be fine with that.

    -honor and, with low honor novody should trust you
  11. Let players decide.

    then there would be no sense to this feature and itd be just a cheesy non balanced way to get out of trouble, and then it would make sense to remove them from letting you go in the first place.
  12. Patch Notes v1.1.2

    Thanks for random unannounced tiny updates that break all of modded multiplayer for no reason.
    Not like the modded scene is the only thing keeping the Multiplayer alive. Great community communication guys.

    ah yes, not like older versions are still possible to select
    or are you new to Bannerlord?

    according to you, smithing is for noobs, workshops are for noobs, companions are for noobs..

    you must be one of the most purist players of bannerlord whos playstyle is likely to be limited to from jumping from one battle to the next and from one siege to the next and ignore anything and everything in between..

    now if you reply with "what else is there", or "everything else is broken or pointless" you would win this argument.
    the only argument is in your mind and you lost to yourself.

    How about 1) low income workshops, 2) no lords defecting, 3) lords cant deposit AI lords into full dungeons, 4) terrible AI pathing is sieges, 5) no battle orders when assisting the AI in battle, 6) parties not taking enough food variety to get steward, 7) certain consumables running low late game since there are a lot more parties running around, 8 ) rebel clans not being destroyed..need I go on? All issues that should get some priority but are months of being left alone @Dejan @MArdA TaleWorlds any word on these? We just want some communication. All these issues hurt the experience of the game

    About workshops that has been adressed as you must be aware of even if not to your liking. People like to complain about workshops, want just to become a millionaire capitalist with no risk from them? Heck I didn't have problem with workshops when they gave half the income. Unless they've made them even worse again that is.
  13. PSA, please stop reporting the following as bugs, they are features (Satire, sorry not sorry)

    For the first 5, damn, that really is a feature, it's one of the things I don't understand at all how TW thinks it's fine, they've said the fief voting system is "work in progress" (over a year ago), yet seem totally fine with 90% of the vote being based on who has most fiefs nearby.

    It just simply doesn't work in practice, not when your kingdom just expands in one way. I get a fief, then have more chance to get next, even more for third and by the fourth I will 99% get all new fiefs unless some new clan joins. Of course, I can choose to give some away, but it makes little sense. I really don't think this is any harder than changing one line of code...

    for 1 though, I don't even know what you mean, haven't experienced that. Skybox hah. Yeah it's definitely a feature, some castles just have high security measures so you can't spy on them after death.
  14. how do i install mod for mount and blade:bannerlord 2 windows store version

    last time i tried vortex it just mess things up.

    You can just download mods individually (both from nexus, Moddb, and other places even here in the forums)
    Then just go to the game files, extract and put the file inside the "modules" folder, then enable them in the laucher.
  15. Patch Notes v1.1.1

    Ah I disagree...

    the fact that TW have a list of 'still to introduce' features and haven't finished the 'Battle Terrain System' (which I see as central + fundamental to gameplay ) .... that says it all. The game was launched incomplete.

    So yes , in all but name, it's E.A. still.

    Apart from that.... some normal bugs? Sure, fine.... but 'load and save' bugs? ... after launch? That's basic.

    Maybe it's because I've been gaming since the early 80s - I remember a time when competence was expected

    (Products which were properly quality tested).

    These days it's more like " Ah well, we did our best. The community will tell us about any serious errors we've made / bugs".
    Hmm, forgot about the scenes, that they arent all added yet. Honestly didn't notice when playing last. Yes I might be inclined to agree with that, all the battle maps should be added and the castle/town scenes as well as TW had planned. I don't know, I've never experienced any load and save bug, would probably be frustrated myself if I did.

    But I definitely can't agree with your later implication. Disregarding the fact that todays games are way more complex and bigger, well any and all older games I've played have had their share of bugs, even game breaking ones.

    The main difference is of course then developers couldn't just update the game continually as today. It's true, total bug disasters were not a thing (as far as I'm aware) and games on general maybe got a more complete game testing, but usually it also meant that was it and no further fixing to be expected unlike today. Of course a problem is that updates (both fixing, but even more when adding content) also means introducing even more bugs usually, on big games such as this and that's definitely a drawback.

    Anyways, I think it's fully playable and a full gameplay experience can be had so then I wouldn't call it early access. In the end it's up to the developers what they deem it as.
  16. Patch Notes v1.1.1

    Did y'all really put this patch out to break all the mods again? WTF
    Yes. Because as we all know every patch is forced on the PC players, the only ones with access to mods.

    Ehehehe Evil😈 Taleworlds
  17. Patch Notes v1.1.1

    This game really is still in 'Early Access' and everyone knows it.

    Save and load crashes post 'launch'. lol
    With 1.1 it really feels as complete as can expect. Not that there aren't things to improve on, there always are, but all essentials are there and no huge bugs.

    I've not experienced any crashes for long. Bugs and crashes still exist for basically every game, especially complex ones, impossible to get rid of completely. Doesn't make it "early access".
  18. Patch Notes v1.1.0

    well i can confirm renown is still BUGGED
    fixed renown bug in path notes is almost a guarantee the bug is still in :p
  19. Save Previous Hideout Party Selection

    Yes. No idea why it defaults to cavalry for me.
    pretty sure its highest tier.
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