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  1. Is having lords worth it?

    Your complaining about an issue ingame and my response to you was that it creates more content. Now your just insulting people. WHATS YOUR PROBLEM BRO
    "mOrE cOnteNt tHe BetTeR!" you are so <moderate in your response to my seething hatred, I appreciate that>... liabilities and wasted money are not content, like adding lense flares as special effects, but <rather than explain my position in detail I'm just going to continue raging at the void>


    its clear you <have handled this situation better than I have, so I'm going to take a 3-day break from this forum and maybe find a healthier outlet for my frustration>
  2. enemy ships land in my port

    You can't use ferry or ship transportation when you're marshal.
    its retarded remarks like this that make me not respect people in forums... this dude is bringing up an issue that is so game breaking that he doesnt want to play anymore and this guy comments to split hairs on **** that doesnt matter, i would swear people on these forums are bots.
  3. Everything in this game is stupid

    Every time I turn around I realize that every aspect of this game is totally imbalanced and just outright cheaty. Lords dont behave the same way, they can just pull men out of their asses without any regard for village recruitment, budget, they just appear even when you have to run all over to...
  4. Is having lords worth it?

    Keep your comments to yourself if you cant be positive.
    you literally have nothing to say <but it's still better than anything I have contributed to the conversation beyond my first post>
  5. Is having lords worth it?

    Ignoring posts you find worthless to your question is much better. Keep your common courtesy-lacking remarks to yourself if you have some.

    P.S. Warband section is barely alive and there are no users to respond to new topics, so you may be better off browsing through existing threads to find answers to your questions.
    right back at you, if you dont like the things i say you <are free to say so in this public space, provided you are more respectful about it than I have been>
  6. Is having lords worth it?

    More content the better
    are you trying on purpose to piss me off? you say virtually nothing, and <what I choose to respond with is pure vitriol, and thus worthless>
  7. Is having lords worth it?

    Welp, I made myself king of norway... I got a crack army of hardened veterans together and took the whole swath of land and managed to button the whole thing down. After a few months of trying I have garrisons in all castles and the only thing I have to worry about is the constant invasions from...
  8. Quality of life features?

    Am I wrong?
  9. Quality of life features?

    Let's form a forum Karen Club and demand to speak to the manager for anything that may be mildly irritating at the moment. We'll have matching haircuts and forum petitions and everything.
    Its amazing to me, that people will join MY THREAD and then complain when I treat their stupid bull**** as stupid bull****...
  10. Quality of life features?

    Thanks for a good laugh, didn't have one in a long time ! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    yup =D

    Laughing at your own stupidity... Just what I would expect from a forum retard... never fails, doesnt matter what forums, or what subjects, lots of retards... It helps just to not see any of you as human...
  11. Quality of life features?

    Why are you even playing games if everything is crap. Don't you have anything else better to do than playing crap games... ?
    Lol, have you looked around in the last year? Nobody can work, nobody can go out in public... Its called a LOCKDOWN!!!!!!!! Jesus, that I would have to justify something to you... Besides, maybe I want to play games because I enjoy.... you know.... playing games.... maybe you should just put some thought into the things you say.

    "Why are you even playing games if everything is crap." Thats like saying 'why are you even eating anything if food is unhealthy' because life goes on retard...

    Forgive me if I think a single rational thought should be put into anything... But this is about what I expect, just another low IQ shellfish snapping claws at me because i dont want to be reduced to the lowest common denominator... Dont you have anything better to do then display how stupid you are?
  12. Quality of life features?

    I'm sorry for your disappointment, but this is a 6 years-old game and as Adrivan says devs don't work anymore on it. If you look to something new and constantly updated you can try Bannerlord.

    In Viking Conquest you can't just "throw money to people" do to things. You have to do it on your own, as this is the one of the main purposes of the Warband series: you have to play by your own. Also, you can tell a lord in your faction to move in a direction or defend a place, if you have enough relations points with him.
    I play warband because i got it for free... I would have to pay for bannerlord, and it would likely have the same catastrophic failures in it as its half baked irrational predecessor... I specifically go out of my way to not pay for anything anymore because nothing is ever made with quality anymore... Why should I pay for cheap crap when I can get cheap crap for free?

    Its as simple as a crisis of faith... I cannot trust any of these people to produce something with substance... Quite seriously, fan fiction productions of Starwars are better quality then the mainstream productions of the last several years... Why is fan fiction better than mainstream? Because fans care more about the IP then the bloated hog corporations that own them...

    'just do something else' isnt an answer... I shouldnt be forced into getting a degree in computer science to produce something myself, when all i want to do is just sit down and enjoy something... I just want some simple leisure that is actually enjoyable... I shouldnt have to develop NASA in my garage in order to get satelite tv to work properly... So again, why the **** should I pay for someones failure?
  13. Productive Enterprises and Material Quality

    Can anyone tell me if the quality of materials is reflected in the profit margins of enterprises? For example. I have a velvet enterprise that requires 1200d worth of silk. I have a few units of fine silk priced at 900d, and an exquisite silk priced at 7200d. If I add the exquisite silk to the...
  14. Quality of life features?

    I just want to hire people. OK? is it too much to have someone run around and recruit for me? Is it so terrible that I should leave home for a day without being attacked and having to run home? Can I just pay someone to idle a patrol outside my port to keep the vermin out? Can I just hire bounty...
  15. Patrols/Sea King

    For real... Why cant the game just give us rational options? If i had to rate the game I would rate it 3/10 for the simple fact that there are ZERO quality of life functions... its stupid...
  16. "how do i make a companion my vassal" is a legitimate question

    Dude, you have responded to a thread that is eleven years old. The game has been through many changes since that post was relevant.
    Ok? So lock the thread? I get threads locked for mildly going off topic, not even a debate about whither it actually is off topic, but the it gets locked... These posts are so old that they dont even matter... But these posts are here when I search for it... Ok....
  17. "how do i make a companion my vassal" is a legitimate question

    To make a companion a vassal break the oath, Capture a castle then talk to your companion and say you would like to discuss something, After that click the option that says "How would you like to receive a Fief" Then he will become a lord, Also use the peasent village that comes with the castle you captured.
    Um, no, that doesnt exist... I have a city, and four castles, and i still cant make a companion a lord... my minister has the option to give fiefs to lords, but the list is empty...
  18. VC Must I do everything myself?

    UHG!!! For real, what is the point of being a king if you have to do every last thing by yourself? I started my game serving Wessex. They gave me **** lands that were directly on the border. So naturally I get attacked constantly. I decided to ignore the marshal summons because 'bruh, i have...
  19. [WB] Warband Script Enhancer v4.9.2 for 1.174

    I want to just be plain, I use a torrent version of warband. 1.174 simply put I have lost faith in game developers... I dont care if this is a no no in some childish code of conduct. I just want to have my fun, if these companies want me to pay for anything anymore then they need to make art not profit generators...

    So, with that out of the way... Why cant WSE just work??? I keep getting the 'unsupported version' crap, I have 1.174, just like the original poster... I why does it make all this noise about version type... Just do it... Why is everything made in the last ten years so totally worthless that it doesnt even work? Thats why I dont pay for anything, they made a trash system that needs WSE just so basic **** can work... Why do you need to apply a hack to the game just to make a mod function? Stupid... The engine is fundamentally broken from release... Thats why WSE is needed...

    So is there a way I can just play the game have some fun for the first time in my life without having to stress myself to death because everything is broken and nothing ever does what its supposed to?

    Edit: Important to note, when I use the .exe above it keeps asking me for activation code, as stated above, not going to happen.
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