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  1. ronfino

    In Progress Threw/shot projectiles sticking on invisible walls

    Summary: I randomly threw an harpoon because no one was in the was server and it just sticked onto an invisible wall. How to Reproduce: Throw/shoot projectile on the walls Scene Name (if related): Harbour of Ovsk Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS...
  2. ronfino

    Jufasto's Bannerlord Multiplayer Videos

    Jufasto you are my favorite Bannerlord content creator. And never forget...

  3. ronfino

    Abuse of the votekicking system needs serious attention

    We were playing as Sturgia versus Empire and i was using cav because i preferred playing that way and we've also won the first round thanks to me distracting the AI. The round later a very nice gentleman asked me with broken english "why picking cav", i ignored him and when he noticed i picked cavalry he immediately votekicked me and the rest of the team voted yes. And then there is people saying "people playing cav make the game unplayable", but i literally cannot play lmao.

    Ah yes, the Bannerlord Multiplayer experience, what fantastic friendships and adventures you can make!
  4. ronfino

    Racism in Multiplayer

    damn dude let me say the n word come on!! stupid snowflake......
  5. ronfino

    Auto-block in singleplayer

    I had a 11v1 and a 9v1....without armor.. you guys aren't even trying to learn this game instead complain you can't block it's sad really.

    Edit: Quality is a bit bad but you see I can still own looters

    You're just trolling at this point.
  6. ronfino

    Add a Blacksmith

    Agreed, the prices must be very high though.
  7. ronfino

    And hear the lamentations of their (wo)men... [FORCED MARRIAGE]

    It sounds so wrong, but good at the same time.
  8. ronfino

    Auto-block in singleplayer

    The people refusing the auto-block are acting as if it will ruin their favorite game, when in reality it could simply be an enable/disable option in the settings like they did in Warband.

    You want immersion? Disable it.

    You're new to hack 'n' slash genre? Enable it.

    BOOM, problem solved and everyone is happy. Is it really that hard to understand?

    All you are doing is insulting people who have valid opinions

    No, they're not and you know it.
  9. ronfino

    nice pfp

    nice pfp
  10. ronfino

    A siege feature I actively don't want to see

    >makes a thread to avoid the creation of a feature
    >the community wants that feature in the game


    btw that's actually a nice idea, it gives me Total War vibes
  11. ronfino

    The Average Archer Experience

    i like the end
  12. ronfino

    SP Native Advanced Custom Battle

    Imported by these madlads.
    dude you just ruined all my hype :sad:
  13. ronfino

    📁 Creative Unit Aesthetics - archive

    Who is this man that has appeared out of nowhere? Surely an angel sent from Taleworlds HQ.
    he's an angel
  14. ronfino

    SP Native Advanced Custom Battle

    there is actually a WWI tank in the game files? wtf bannerlord
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