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  1. Koka_Kohga

    Is there a solution to this error?

    Is Bannerlord installed on Steam? If so, have you been able to verify the integrity of the files? I assume no mods are installed? Have you restarted your computer lately? Have you tried a clean reinstall of the game? Sorry if none of these work, I'm just tryna cover the bases I can think of before someone smarter than me comes round and sees if it's a more advanced issue than turn it off then on again lol.
  2. Koka_Kohga

    I would love the ability to change family members' appearance.

    Personally I am going without mods, since they're still frequently doing small patches + mods break achieves. Not that I care about achievements that much but... I guess I care a little bit even though I don't want to, if you know what I mean.
    You can also install a mod to fix mods disabling achievements... haha. A vicious cycle
  3. Koka_Kohga

    Why cant we Recruit new spawned clans?

    Im told they are Rebel factions that turn into clans. Still doesnt make sence why i cant recruit them but others can
    I'm pretty sure the devs forgot about this possibility, or didn't have time to implement it. If you can access console commands, have you tried "campaign.control_ai_party_by_cheats (0/1) (HeroName)" and then "campaign.join_kingdom help" (then finding your kingdom). It might work, but I haven't tested it yet, just looked over the commands to see if any would force them to join you.
  4. Koka_Kohga

    I would love the ability to change family members' appearance.

    Worst way to find out your character is adopted :sad: haha. If you can access mods, have you tried the Character Reload mod from Nexus to customize how they look after you start the game?
  5. Koka_Kohga

    Eliminate a kingdom?

    so the problem is , you can recruit every non-ruler clan, but how do you get rid of ruler clan?

    execute every one in ruler clan would cause significant relationship loss for lot's of people

    any advice??
    Unfortunately I'm only aware of executing everyone in the ruling clan. It does seem very unbalanced at the moment. Mods can fix this, but aren't available on console.

    This is a real shame, but imo, don't blame the devs. I feel like if the devs were given proper management and the time they needed, they could've made an excellently balanced game. I'm still glad I have this game, even if I have to spend tons of time fiddling with mods and files. The mods make this game totally worth it. Not how it should be, but hey, at least I'm getting my money's worth and having fun, yknow?
  6. Koka_Kohga

    B Native Medieval Mlirka's Total War Music Mod

    I'd also like to know if it replaces vanilla music, or simply adds these tracks on top of them
  7. Koka_Kohga

    Please Add More Diverse Hairstyles, Hair Designs, and Beards Options to choose from

    They totally have time to spare. What else are they doing with their time? Handcrafting more unique village scenes that nobody will ever look at? Designing more pommels? They need to put their efforts into where it really counts: Fashion

    We need lots and lots more hairstyles, war paints,skins and voices. Its so disappointing that they only managed to add 3 new hairstyles to the original paltry collection since EA started.

    Sadly, this seems to be an area where modders can't help us. There are currently only 2 hair mods on the nexus right now. One is a replacer and the other one is hair that you wear like a helmet, because apparently its really hard for modders to add new items to the character creator. The devs ought to look at that too and make it easier to add new stuff.
    I actually wanted to appreciate the village, town and tavern scenes more since I never went into them unless required before, so right now I'm playing a challenge run where one of the rules is I always have to go into the village/town/tavern if I want to do something.
    I've concluded they're beautiful, but the NPCs feel hollow due to lack of routine perhaps? And walk/run speed is wayyyy too slow while you're still trying to level athletics ;_; the scenes by the water they're made are truly, truly gorgeous. I feel like lack of interaction with more objects also makes it feel hollow, compared to say, ES Skyrim.
    Also quick side note, I'd prefer if the screen faded to black before going to a loading screen in these situations. It'd make the transition less jarring
  8. Koka_Kohga

    Eliminate a kingdom?

    In a kingdom? Yes, but would be extremely difficult since there's usually a ton of people. If you kill the last surviving member of a clan, that clan will be destroyed (just tested it on a vanilla Sandbox game). Trouble is all non-independent clans start with babies, children and teenagers who are unable to be killed until age 18. I don't know what happens if the clan only has under 18 members and all the adults are killed. I can go test it real quick.

    Edit: The clan becomes destroyed if only children remain alive, with the children greyed out. It says the children disappeared (on the day the clan was destroyed).
  9. Koka_Kohga

    Resolved Save File size suddenly doubling

    Hello, problem regarding the doubling of save file sizes is fixed internally and will be published in upcoming patches. With that fix, save sizes will increase linearly :smile: Also, we have implemented a series of optimizations that reduces the save file size. For comparison, I re-saved one of the save files you sent (I think it was around 36-39 MBs) and size got reduced to 17.6 MB.
    That's great! Thanks for the update :smile:
  10. Koka_Kohga

    In Progress Why is Sargot in the South in Vlandia and not North?!

    Wowwww the copy-paste response here sucks. And that was two years ago, no further response! Seems like Taleworlds employees are being really overworked. Even something quick like a lore explanation would be better than nothing.
  11. Koka_Kohga

    Need More Info Companions "Lost" (Dying) Following Dismissal

    This happened to me when my companions were older when they were dismissed, around 70s and up. I thought it was a mod causing the issue, but I guess not.
  12. Koka_Kohga

    Resolved Save File size suddenly doubling

    Hello, I'm sorry but can you elaborate a bit on this? Is this fixed in an upcoming patch? What is the expected 'normal' size for these save files at these stages of the game?

    I have gone and redownloaded the saves I reported, immediately re-saved them, and saw no decrease in file size. Is there something else I need to do or wait on to see a change?
    Hey, have they updated you at all on this issue yet?
  13. Koka_Kohga

    Is there a limit on how many children you will attempt to conceive?

    There's not a hard cap, but the way that children reduces your chances (1 child halves the chance, 2 children divides the chance by 9, 3 children divides the chance by 16, and so on) means that it doesn't take having many children before just getting a new wife is easier than getting another pregnancy out of the current one.
    Ah, that makes sense. Thanks for the context!
  14. Koka_Kohga

    Important Improvements for UI !!

    That's already coming, stay tuned. soon ™️
    Oooo now I'm excited. I wonder if we're gonna have to talk to NPCs to get updates on the Encyclopedia? I like the 'Fog of War' Encyclopedia idea much more! I'd also like an excuse for more NPC dialogue and personality :smile:
  15. Koka_Kohga

    Is there a limit on how many children you will attempt to conceive?

    I don't have data to back it up, but I'm pretty sure the absolute max is 6 per female, but is random between 2-6. It seems if you want to maximize your kid output you should play as a male and find a non-combat oriented wife who is young (better fertility compared to older ones) and after she's had ~3 kids, which seems to be the average, have her killed then marry another wife (it's really difficult to kill them for some reason, though, even with chance at 100%). Rinse and repeat. I'm 99% sure male character's age doesn't matter for fertility.

    When I play as a guy I do this, and train one kid and maybe a backup to be my heir while all the others I train in Trade so they can run caravans. It also helps if their wives have some Trade skill, then all of them can run caravans! Be sure not to marry off your daughters so they can stay as caravaneers
  16. Koka_Kohga

    Help your favorite Jew

    Well, for a much better chance of killing your spouse, you should try to get her captured as a prisoner and left at a dungeon (you can accomplish this relatively easily by making her a party leader when you're near an enemy lord).

    Then go to the town she's being held captive in and do a prison break. During prison breaks, NPCs have a much higher chance of dying if they're taken down. A couple of throwing knives will do the trick.
    Genius idea! Thank you!!
  17. Koka_Kohga

    #1 Feature that would substantially improve Bannerlord for you?

    Time goes by faster. I use the LifeIsShort mod, where every 5 days is now 1 year. Makes dynasties actually experiencable in a playthrough. Needs to be paired with an AI marriage mod like Houses of Calradia though, since base game AI don't marry each other and have kids, so by the 3rd gen everyone is over 100 years old and dying off quickly. You should also have a mod to tweak things like XP/skill/Renown/Influence gains too since your character won't be around as long. But basically speeding up time improved the game significantly for me.
  18. Koka_Kohga

    Help your favorite Jew

    1 shoot her in face evey battle, eventually you'll get lucky(1-2% chance) and she's die, re-marry, don't get catfished this time.
    2 Just Win Battles, workshops are garbage, probably always will be.
    3 Put ranged units at the back left of the map up to the red and face them slightly to the left so they all fire on the HA as they come in and they can't circle.
    HA will either get stuck on back and die, stop in front for a shoot out and die or try and pull back and die. Also if you have infantry put it on the back left corner around where the HA will get stuck so you can bum rush them into it. You can charge cav at them once they're close but be careful not to do it till they're in the corner or it makes them pull back. If you have your own Khans guards you can put them on hold fire and charge when the enemy HA gets close/in corner and they just kill them outright.
    4 yeah, don't smith, sorry
    5 beat them up and release them after you leave thier faction and are at war with them. Also vote for them if they're on a ballot for fiefs/war/peace (I bet you want them to vote for you though heh heh heh) or donate influence to them on kingdom. clans menu.
    If you mean your own vassals, I don't think you should need to but gifting them a fief or saving them in battle will do it. To me I get so much relation when I make a wanderer into a clan or after recruiting a lord and gifting them a fief, I just have never had any drop relaitons.
    6 Beat down their armies and don't take their fiefs, check often for a chance at tribute because they VERY EASILY recover their parties. To offer tribute they need Low field power compared to needed garrison power (# of fiefs) so gotta get it before they recover. If they lose more fiefs they rate their field power higher and want more war, so yeah bad mechanic... this is why no-land faction are declaring war on everyone too btw.
    Is killing your spouse really an option?? Such a low chance, but at least there's some way to eventually be able to remarry without mods. Thanks for the tip
  19. Koka_Kohga

    Sister/daughter marriage benefits?

    Question: If I marry a daughter/niece/other family member off, will I be able to select them as an heir to continue playing once I die, or no? If they join their husband's clan, it would be interesting to stay with the husband's clan and hop from clan to clan like that, although not an intended part of the game...
  20. Koka_Kohga

    RNG stuff that should be made more interactive.

    Kind of a small thing, but it would be nice if you could choose the color of the main character's horse. Not sure what the current factors are that determine it it the breed or is it random?
    I'm into this. It doesn't even matter but I want a cute horsey, darn it!
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