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  1. spacecaose

    Resolved Kingdoms without any land

    I'm having this issue on console as well, no idea how to upload my save from that. But its simple to replicate. As soon as I made a kingdom two factions one whom I've had high relations with almost all of their vassals and king, declared war on me and there's nothing I can do about it, I've tried fighting them off with my own vassals, but it's not showing any results. Tried executing and even that hasn't shown favorable results. Now I even have sturgians declared war and Its completely crippling their peace demands would put me in ruins with how high they are! All my villages are or have been raided by them I can hardly keep any military!
    The only thing to do is execute everyone, i mean everyone. To win this save, i had to execute 200+ lords and tank all my rep. Lucky i had enough castles and money not to care. But this strat deffo wouldn't work if you're making your own kingdom tho.
  2. spacecaose

    Resolved Kingdoms without any land

    Summary: Something needs to be done about kingdoms that have no land, they're just nobles running around with small armies which are super annoying since all they do is raid your villages and you can't even peace out with them unless you want to pay huge amounts of money duo to how the peace...
  3. spacecaose

    Need More Info Always at war

    Since I gave up this game in its vanilla form and added in some mods.
    I've still come to the conclusion(I've also cranked up the difficulty alot vs my normal plays).

    Diplomacy mod extends the peace from the vanilla 30 to 100 days - this is actually very good, and can lead to actual downtime with peace.
    However still once you reach a certain amount you still will get attacked by more - however you can achive peace in between due to the "fatigue" system in place.
    Meaning the faction will want peace when it reaches 100 - so that you dont get endless/chain wars that never ends.

    Even with Diplomacy though, I see a fundamental issue with the games mechanics - Merc clans theese actually isnt good for the game is my conclusion.

    The problem being that the rest of the kingdomes stops more or less their infighting, cause they cant hire the merc factions - since the one we are locked to is hogging all of them.

    Start out war - they are to pay us 1500 denars.
    After crushing their 2 siege attempts and getting their lords in dungeons as in vanilla.. they hire 5 mercs.
    Now suddenly the tribute calculation is they want 1500 denars from us.
    This is the same from my experience in vanilla(unmodded if you arent familar with the term).

    As war goes on the more merc clans they hire for their defeats instead of going for peace.

    After we've sieged enough of their lands they are forced to peace.
    Merc disperse and only then do the other kingdomes wage war upon themselves and not the realm I'm in.

    Basically what I'm missing is the mechanics you had in Warband ->
    *Causis belli to be able to declare war.
    *Peace for peaces sake aka no constant warmongering.
    *Merc clans need to bleed the kingdomes dry regardless of their state(being captured etc) - so that the kingdome should consider paying tribute to get peace instead of hireing endless scores of mercs and not get any progress.
    *Quest to end wars or incite them.

    Maybe a "veto" for peace where the player would chip in for tribute for the kingdomes clans.
    Anyways for me some kind of feedaback would be sort of nice, but not needed since mods fixes the issue more or less.
    So if you feel frustratino about aspects of the game - dont be a purist is my advice mod the game already and get the experience you want.
    The thing is the AI has nothing to do outside of war, same as the player. Things to do in peace time, Re-raise the men you lost, afk in your city until the next war starts. That's the cycle we currently have, which make's everything boring. I love the fighting, always have always will, but after like 300+ hours it's gets extremely boring and having to run up and down your whole kingdom every time you're getting attacked is just annoying since the ai doesn't really have the knowledge on what it should be attacking and what needs defending.
  4. spacecaose

    Need More Info Always at war

    I'm all for war and all that, but atm when you have 30 years of constant war and by then you have defeated all the other factions - still at war, but they just raid etc and only have the "kings clan" + merc clans.. it just gets bad in terms of "why even have a legacy in the game".

    Imo the problem seems to go haywire when I join the faction, before then as just a merc war/peace is generally much better.
    Soon as I join then its eternal warfare with maybe some small spots of peace when I just tank my influence proposing peace over and over until thye cant oppose it.

    The game needs to add in like modders have done - a fatigue system so that kingdomes are more prone to wanting war even when they "are winning".

    the problem for me is that the AI never declares war on the enemy I'm fighitng but keep on pushing for war against the kingdome I'm part of.
    Granted a few of them at this point "got no one else to declare war upon".

    I just find the system of needing to have multiple enemies at war with us to get peace with 1 of them to be a very very bad design.
    Most likely its something with my gamestyle that dont fit their design, but judgeing by other threads etc I seem to not be alone on this.

    Like if I wanted constant war I could just go into skirmish mode instead..

    The whole sandbox and legacy system is lost due to endless war.
    While I'm a purist until the game is released and thus dont use mods, I'm kind of sad that the devs seem to be so oblivious to this issue thats pretty much been since it was made available to play back in time.

    Why not give us like it was in Warband when you got tired of wars - a quest to achive it, or inicite war if you arent content with the amount of it.
    Generally speaking I have yet to have had any issues getting a vote for War through whenever I wanted to spice things up, but getting peace its 0%.

    That said thye should let us have an option to disable Merc-clans as those are very much responsible for the issue or overall clans tied to a faction is the thing that breaks the balance from my observations.
    Cap it to max 2 merc clans they can hire and things would be better.

    I notice that my faction stops hireing merc clans, but the others employ all of them.

    Example we are at war with Western Empire, they try to siege 2 of our holdings with their 2 substantial 1,2k armies.
    However we had defenders in castle + fairly big armies on our own.
    This defeat lead to directly after them wanting peace 20% and paying us tribute of 960 denar a day.
    However if I tried to vote that - it was of course me and 1 lord and even if I spend full influence and the other guy its not enough as the others fork out max + alot of medium etc and they are so many more no to peace.
    Few days later Western Empire now have hired 3 merc clans.
    Now the desire for peace is 0% and we're to pay them 2k denars.
    We fight them of more and more and more they hire more mercs, now they demand 6k..
    Even if all the mercs are imprisoned(in total 48 lors are now in our dungeons..)
    This is an issue imo, that the factions dont account for imprisoned lords enough in their desire or lack of it for peace.
    Dont get me wrong I wouldnt want to have peace with them for 6k denar a day tbh myself, the whole tribute system "dont make sense" or not enough.
    The reason it is they demanding is cause they employ merc companies and even if they arent on the field due to being in dungeons they are like 1200-1600 in favor to the other kingdome in terms of the tribute.

    Something is imo really of in this game though for some of us players, but we're pretty much met with a wall of silence.
    Just tanks the fun when your at constant war all the time.
    No time to put in a new thing to build for your fief, or clear out hideouts etc
    Yes we can stay out of the battle, but the AI is so dumb that progress is wiped out too fast, or they win more and keep on wanting war.

    I dont know what specifically but this feels like the issues, and I'm sorry for ranting but this is the basically the only thing that I find utterly frustrating and by the year 10 typically I just give up and start a new game, as I just think the game gets so stale when there is only war (didnt think this was Wh40k :razz:)
    The problem this game has, it's like every other game. It has player bias, so what ever faction you join you're gonna be at war a lot of the time. With the right army i can easy destroy armies way bigger then me. Also it's true every merk will join the apposing faction, i've managed to imprison pretty much most lords and yet they still find armies some how, it isn't fun watching every merk on one team.

    Like you said imprisoning lords doesn't offer a big enough % when fighting for the AI to opt into peace, and executing them isn't really a way forward. Also doesn't the help the new peace system is so abusable and boring. War starts, i take a major city within a the first few days, AI runs over to reclaim it, they get attacked by another faction, forcing them to peace out giving me like 2k in tribute and free city. It needs to be fixed.
  5. spacecaose

    Need More Info Always at war

    Well I've been *****ing about this since plenty of patches ago, and while its gotten bit better - the state of endless wars sadly is how the game is (poor design imo).

    Why Marda if I'm being Blunt and rude is asking you for a gamefile is beyond me, as there is so many topics on this issue already, and if he'd wanted files of this he could have asked us there.
    Basically it seems to be some sort of anti-snowballing mechanics at play, so when your kingdome gets "too strong" more will declare war upon you to wear your faction down.
    The problem is that the one with the player typically can deal with it even with 3v1 enemy.
    And thus you are in endless war, since you may get peace with 1, but then 1 or 2 others declare war.
    Basically a chain-letter of war.
    Typically this will happend if you look at your kingdomes "power" in the kingdome menu when the overall strentgth peaks over 12000-14000,
    Basically you can let all the fiefs warred over fall back, and then the wars will decline and you can have some pockets of peace here and there.

    The most efficent way to deal with it is 2 folded
    1. play with deaths on, so that more lords die in the field.
    2. execute the lords, and you'll be hated, but you will also have less annoying lords harassing/raiding.

    Seems like Taleworlds "just dont get it" that the current way of war/peace is really not fun when you get into this messy situation.
    Been so much feedback on this topic already.
    So yah its not atm a bug unless something in Taleworlds have changed and Marda request the file, this is just bad design choices.
    I'd suggest you find mods on Nexus to help this out, as modders have solved this issue long time ago with adding in "fatigue" towards war, so kingdomes will want peace faster etc and not keep on pursuing it.

    When your kingdome is winning they will not really want peace, so stay out of it and just let the other lords fail, and do your own thing instead basically.
    Also the peace duration of 30 days is a joke, should be 100.
    Example in my current play I'm at war with Vlandia for 60thd day.
    Aserai declare war upon us.
    Battania declare war on us 2 days later.
    Western Empire declare war on Vlandia - > we get peace with Vlandia.
    So now at war with Aseari + Battania.
    Couple of days in - Western Empire siege Sargot, fails it - peace wtih Vlandia.
    Western empire then declares war upon Battania - > we get peace with Battania.

    Aserai still at war this last for 160 more days, in this time we've also been at war with Vlandia 2 more times and 1 ongoing with Battania aswell.

    No one declared war upon Aserai in those 180 days.
    2 days after we get peace with Aserai - Khuzait declares war on Aserai and get stomped on..
    The decision makeing of the AI to declare war or not is really really bad.
    In the 180 days of the war Southern Empire and Khuzait should have declared war on Aserai or even Western Empire.
    I have no problem being at war, i managed to finish warband 3 time's without cheating. But it get's to the point were, i can't even go home to sort out my castle without having to trek back to stop the ai from getting abused. My method as always been trying to get an elite army, but it's never worth since it takes for ever to re-recruit and level up units, esp when you have to travel half the map to do so. I love the fighting but sometimes it' just get super boring, when there is legit nothing to do other then fews days of peace then back to waring.
  6. spacecaose

    Need More Info Always at war

    Summary: Playing as the empire, and we're always at war. With the new system the AI always tries to peace out when it's fighting more then 2 wars at the same time. I'd be at war with brattiana, then a month or so in valanida will attack us, meaning we're forced to pay out because the ai doesn't...
  7. spacecaose

    Resolved Unlimited Influence bug

    Summary: You can take men from your own city garrison, put them into your party, then add them to the garrison again and you can gain unlimited influence for donating troops. How to Reproduce: Put men into army, then put them into garrison. Have you used cheats and if so which: non Scene Name...
  8. spacecaose

    Siege battle's

    Well sieges are designed to be done in relatively big army (500-1K men) which can provide you with lords that have proper skills and men that can do the construction faster than 100-300 defenders that are generally present in castle / town.
    I understand that, but my current guy's role play isn't to be a sieger. Even when i've prioratised the siege trait it's still very slow trying to level it up. It's just easier to form a big army and let the ai take the brunt of the damage. But at least then i can control them, so are losses are minium.
  9. spacecaose

    Siege battle's

    OK it's old but if your army is big enough and cohesion isn't a problem you build 4 trebuchet. After the first one is finished you just click on it and press on the button "hold in reserve" do it also with the second and the third(be fast after the construction of it is finished). When the 4th is nearly finished get the other three out of reserve and place them them immediately. Now it is just a time problem how fast you destroy their walls
    A lot of the time i'm not the one sieging tho, it's mostly the ai army's therfor i don't have much control over what they do.
  10. spacecaose

    Post your best battle picture

    why you have so many banner? is that specific mode you use??

    all my soilders doesn't have banner, they only have spears Might be this one
  11. spacecaose

    Siege battle's

    My approach to sieges is to always destroy the walls, so it's just like a village map
    Problem with that is you need high contrustion and a lot of unit's. Since the ai can build siege equipment faster. then me. I tend to lose more men trying to destroy the wall then just assulting it right out.
  12. spacecaose

    Siege battle's

    Problem is not in buff to defenders during siege. Problem is that you dont get same result in actual battle (attacking castles is super easy in comparison to history and simulation that is actually pretty spot on).
    Yes the simulation may be spot on, but it kinda effect the ai when they've lost a good portion of their army in siege attacks for the defenders to come back destroy their army then retake the castle. I'd wait for the ai to lose a good amout of their troops in siege then just whipe their army just before they win.
  13. spacecaose

    Siege battle's

    Yes, for me what makes the sieges really easy for attackers in this game is the ram. The few times the AI has managed to destroy my ram, I have started getting massive losses for my army (talking about +level 2 walls).

    Hopefully we will see the AI making a smarter use of siege weapons and stones some day.
    It was the same problem warband had, the only way up was ladders which meant unit's got stuck in a choke and the enemy archer's just abused them. Same thing kinda happens now, the ai come's up the ladder and gets abused by the troops at the top. But when they flood the gate, there is nothing there to stop them just cutting their way through.
  14. spacecaose

    Siege battle's

    Just go the cheap approach, no siege towers at all, position your infantry by the gate outside it, put ALL your archers in a row at one set of ladders, climb half way up with shield out to protect from occasional sneaky archers. Let your archers take out the enemies at the top of the ladder till they sound a retreat, get onto wall, run down to gate (its undefended cause you have no ram). Open the gate, let your soldiers in that are waiting just outside.
    When you're in the battle it's not bad, plently of way's to win. It's just the ai when it fight's without you, tend to lose stupid amount of units because of the auto resolve sucking ass. Like how are 150 men keeping at bay an army of 1000? I dunno sometime's they stomp the garrison, sometime's they don't.
  15. spacecaose

    Siege battle's

    At wall lvl 1 the siege towers are ramps. But at wall lvl 2 they will switch to siege towers with ladders because the wall is higher. But I m on your side , it should be just ramps. When I'm on the sieging side and my ram gets destroyed.. I can almost reload because ladders and siege towers mean the deaths of at least half of my men. In this situation I grap my axe and finish the first gate alone, with throwing axes it goes even faster(200 dmg a throw on the front gate.. Problem is that you don't have enough ammunition xD)
    Ye it's a big problem, i've also noticed when i'm defending in a castle, the ai only tends to build Ballistas, doesn't even try for catapults. But when im watching a siege from the side line's the ai will mix it up, maybe i'm just unlucky. But it's still weird. Like i said before, it just stupid how many unit's are lost in siege it's the single most effective way to cripple an enemy army. "Unless you spam Khans gaurds"
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    Post your best battle picture

  17. spacecaose

    Siege battle's

    Today I won a siege defense with 210men against 1200 in a town wall lvl 1. Tactic.. You destroy with the insane mangoel their ram, than wait till their tower reaches the wall and destroy it than also. The will now go to the 2 ladders left. Grab the stones from the gate defense and throw them over the wall by the ladders. Each STONE will kill at least 5 in the herd and 5 others will get injured. Repeat this until the stones are no more. Than use your arrows or balistas.. You have time to test now cause they will never overrun your wall with these ladders and your whole infantry is waiting there. Fill your arrows or bolts and finish this. At the end it is not just the auto calc, the ki isnt smart enough on ladders or siege towers in real battles also.

    The auto calc has an fortification bonus for the defenders. Simply put it makes a tier 1 unit as strong as a tier 3 unit. We don't have to talk about the maxed noble troops. So when the dice roll for sieging, the defenders have, dependend on the unit tier+ fortification bonus, in 50% the upper hand. When you instead join the battleground(no auto calc) , than the fortification bonus is no more, just the stupid ki of the troops.
    They have to change they way ladder work, also not sure why siege towers are not just ramps.
  18. spacecaose

    Post your best battle picture

    what a battle hahaha
    great picture

    I am going to print the picture into canvas and hanging on my wall
    Go for it. I should really take more pictures.
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