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  1. gupolicarpo

    In Progress General [1.8.0] bug - custom race is not respected for dynamically created hero objects when loading a savegame

    I have experienced the same thing since races implementation fortnehme first time. Also I have to add, as I have written Dejan in the mod community, that game loading times raises up to 10 minutes having races enabled, specially with custom skins. Another issue is that updating to new version creates the crash: could not merge xml file correctly, object not found in dictionary. That issue is only fixed after deleting the race string from npcs.
  2. gupolicarpo

    BL Scening Custom Campaign Map pbr_shaders crash not resolving. Please Help

    Hello TW team, I am struggling since the 1.8.0 beta release to have my previosully 100% 1.7.2 working campaign map to be functional in 1.8.0. I cannot resolve the issue with the crash on native pbr shader. I tried everything under my capacities and i am an active memebr of the modding discord...
  3. gupolicarpo

    Model & Animation Viewer Scene Editor moding tools 1.8 "Assertion Failed!" error

    Same for me here. After have crashes due to shader issues, i started a new map that crashes in the interpolation/campaign_map.xml. After starting a map, this time from complete scratch, after a save one waterfall entity desappeared, what led to a crash of not finding instance to object. That was the final hit. It is impossible to mod with 1.8.0.
  4. gupolicarpo

    BL Scening Perfectly functioning Custom Campaign map 1.7.2 keeps crashing after many hours trying to fix it

    Hello TW team, I have passed the last week in painfull hours trying to make my perfectly functioning Custom map at 1.7.2 to lauch at the new update. You can see my threads on modding comunity, i am very active there. I cant simply not make it work even after having all the help of the seniour...
  5. gupolicarpo

    BL Scening Custom campaign map navmesh not appearing when updated to 1.8.0

    Hello TW, unfortunatedly my custom campaign map, when opened in editor 1.8.0 do not show any navmesh when i hit the navmesh button. I already rolled back to 1.7.2, checked it again, played in game, updated again to 1.8.0 but they still do not show up. I revalidated tools files, but also the...
  6. gupolicarpo

    BL Coding New races - giants or oversized characters body not fully seen to equip correctly

    Hallo TW, first o fall thank you for adding the new races possibilities, it is just fantastic to have that option. But i realized in the inventory scene is impossible to see how does the character will look like when equipped due to his size not being readjusted to fit inventory screen. So i...
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