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  1. HyperCharge

    Need More Info Scene Editor Waterbug from far distances.

    Sorry for the late reply. Are you still experiencing this issue on the latest version of that game? (v.1.0.2)
    Yes for me. It still exists.

  2. HyperCharge

    Resolved [1.8.0] Animation errors in the modding tools

    I encounter with this error too.


    The game was giving assert errors for each animation clip that its sound point was -1 -1 -1 -1. So I turned them to 0 0 0 0. There is no sound code assigned to it.


    But yet it gives the rgl warning above for all the animation clips I created until now.

    But thats not the only issue. I cannot create animation clip by right click > create > animation clip.


    I can only create new animation clips by duplicating existing ones. This is a serious problem. Those asserts are very common throughout the editor.
  3. HyperCharge

    Open Letter to Taleworlds - Mod Custom Servers

    I am pretty sure we'll get tons of errors when the servers are released. Even now, the imaginal error sounds of custom servers are starting to drive me crazy. :grin:

    As i hear from other players, the multiplayer is close to dead or something because TW didn't release the servers. If TW should want to gain more players and money from their long-made product, they would do something for it. At least they can try it. I personally just don't want this game die because of some decisions that prevents modders making the game more funnier...

    This, could be a total disaster for people who wants to play this game with their friends and with mods.

    Nevertheless, I am happy that modders' voice were heard once. I hope things will get solved somehow.
  4. HyperCharge

    SP MP Musket Era Sword & Musket [Napoleonic Wars - Bannerlord Mod Project]

    The next blog is very soon...
    Am i wrong?
    Land it on the ground,
    Come on, Lucon.
    You aren't wrong. But, the progress of doing things with this editor is incredibly hard. Adding sound is very restricted, and we don't want you to see our work gets buggy. I know everyone would attack on us with those words: "why the sounds aren't perfect on your mod?!?!?!", "I can hear the weapon sounds from far away!!!", "Why the sounds are getting silent after a few seconds later?!?!?!"

    So we are trying to add sounds properly. We can add from "Resource editor" by overriding animations. But adding the sounds with this way is making the game silent on every manner. I think you wouldn't want to see something like that on the blog :d
  5. HyperCharge

    In Progress Model & Animation Viewer Mod tools crashing while saving animation clip

    i forgot to save the id. i'll check and reproduce the crash when i am available to do.
  6. HyperCharge

    In Progress Model & Animation Viewer Mod tools crashing while saving animation clip

    It seems the hotfix for 1.5.8 has fixed this issue but it continues in a different way. Now, after saving the clip, I wanted to see how the animation is in the model viewer but when i wanted to add a human entity after adding an animation and saving the clip, it crashes the game.
  7. HyperCharge

    In Progress Scene Editor Mouse does not working in certain parts of scene

    I searched a topic about this but couldn't find it. Any operation that needs mouse interaction does not work in that red area. The mouse simply stops on there in any case. When i want to walk around the scene and hit something while in editor, the mouse doesn't work too. For example if i press...
  8. HyperCharge

    Documentation Sound Modding Sound & Music

    In other words, you still need that bulky Modding Tools even for such a simple operation?
    to set up a module, yes you need.

    Yes, I mentioned this in my previous post but the problem was that the game didn't seem to use the XMLs. Debugging showed that it was detecting the documents, yet changes didn't actually show in-game. skins.xml is loaded the same way, and someone whom had successfully loaded a custom skins.xml before suddenly couldn't get it to work anymore, so we figured something was broken. Let me know if you are successfully able to add and play custom sounds like that right now. I just double-checked my files and it's not working for me.

    I'll add a section on loading the files through project.mbproj when I do get it working though.
    Firstly i added this to the module_sounds.xml
    <module_sound name="sam_musket_firing_01" sound_category="mission_foley" path="musket_firing_01.wav"/>
    Then put the sound file to the folder named "ModuleSounds".
    After this, i edited the project.mbproj file the way i showed above.
    Lastly I overrided the release_crossbow animation clip to put sam_musket_firing_01 on sound code. Saved, restarted the game and went to main game to test the musket. It worked. However, you would still have to get proper FMOD tools to make variations for sounds though. You cannot put any other sound name to the sound code section in animation clip. It needs to get only one sound.
  9. HyperCharge

    Documentation Sound Modding Sound & Music

    It is possible to play sound in game. It was hard to find how to do that though. People need to edit project.mbproj file according to the way native project.mbproj file did.

    In the modules you've created all filetypes are loaded as "Module". But the way native do is the only way to add new things. In native, filetypes are loaded as "file".
  10. HyperCharge

    In Progress General Troops cannot be override.

    1) yeni modül oluşturduk ve item ekledik.
    2) Modül oluşturduğumuzda içinde hazır bulunan boş spnpccharacters.xml içine imperial_archer troopunu sadece item setlerini değiştirmiş haliyle yerleştirdik.
    3) Askerlerin itemleri istediğimiz şekilde değişmediler gerek custom battle'da gerekse normal oyunda. Ancak oyunda o itemleri bulup giyebiliyorduk. Yani itemler oyuna eklenmişti ancak askerler o itemleri giymiyorlar onun yerine çıplak görünüyorlardı.
    4) imperial_archer troopunu eğer SandboxCore modülünün içinden değiştirirsek işte o vakit itemini değiştirdiğimiz troop oyunda istediğimiz gibi görünüyordu.
  11. HyperCharge

    Asset Creation - Modder Questions

    Custom Animations
    how to properly add custom animations?
  12. HyperCharge

    Sword & Musket

    yeah i was made it for fun and got a nice slowmotion in the video :D
  13. HyperCharge

    Sword & Musket

    Hello there everyone, I hope you are well! I am here to share our developer blog 1.0.1 video to you. Its very WIP. We have passed from error hells to make this. For example we had serious difficulties on adding sounds to the game, we had issues with particles etc. We solved them all as you can...
  14. HyperCharge

    SP MP Musket Era Sword & Musket [Napoleonic Wars - Bannerlord Mod Project]

    Hello everyone and welcome to the Sword&Musket Developer blog 1.0.1, in this developer blog we wanted to show you 2nd Coldstream Guards. We thank to our uniform modellers for modelling the UK foot regiments! You may see that the animations on the video are from crossbows. As you may have already know, mod tools aren't fully released and we are limited because of it. We are able to make animations and we have some animations from now.

    All you see here is Work in Progress.
  15. HyperCharge

    SP MP Musket Era Sword & Musket [Napoleonic Wars - Bannerlord Mod Project]

    What are your plans for cannons and naval combat? Also do you have a full list of Factions?
    We have some theories about cannons by looking at the catapult system, having 2-4 users depend on its urgency on the battle. Since we don't have the right tools for coding, i can't say any progress has been made for this. Its all theory on our notes. The naval side is same with this situation.

    Primary factions:

    Minor factions:
    Kingdom of Italy(under Napoleon's occupy)
    Kingdom of Napoli(under Napoleon's occupy)
    Ottoman Empire

    This is the up-to-date list for now. Minor factions may be changed further.
  16. HyperCharge

    SP MP Musket Era Sword & Musket [Napoleonic Wars - Bannerlord Mod Project]


    Very much WIP but worth to picture it. :grin:
  17. HyperCharge

    SP MP Musket Era Sword & Musket [Napoleonic Wars - Bannerlord Mod Project]

    Promising mod. Keep up with the good work guys!

    I know you are already checking L'Aigle mod for reference but you might want to use some scene props straight from there to ease your workload for some basic objects. And it also has extremely impressing headgear and uniforms as well - although I'm not sure how rigging for those uniforms would look like in Bannerlord. Get in contact with Jackson if he is willing to give them for this mod.

    I'm also waiting for your in-game screenshots soonTM :smile:

    Thank you. :smile:

    We were checking them for a proper reference look. Rigging is a problem for all of us for now. We are intended to get our models work properly on game(as items, scene props, etc) first.

  18. HyperCharge

    Suggestion General The Community Needs Skeletons For 3D Models

    we can't import our butter lords to the game without skeletons...

    edited: changed dragon to butter lord. It seems i've been misunderstood. I was meaning horse and human skeleton :razz:
  19. HyperCharge

    Official Modding Tools

    so it begins... :ohdear:

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