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  1. gesia

    SP Musket Era GESIA Mod Pack 0.7

    Well, thanks for all the updates and ideas! 

    I would really like to work on this right now, but the office is keeping a pretty busy.  I will have to look into this in a few weeks.  I know the current version is barely useable.  If somebody wants to pick up on that that's OK with me.

    As to updating the war getting worse mod, I used it as a base but since the new troop tree and the item overhauls there is barely anything left that is actually used in the mod.
  2. gesia

    SP Musket Era GESIA Mod Pack 0.7

    @Caba`drin: Thanks for offer. Might just do that - but I think the fault is on my side. Something went wrong when I updated to v0.92...

    @th44: I appreciate the feedback as it is very specific. We should get into that as soon as the new version has been stabilized.

    I've kept you waiting long enough. As I said, I still have some issues that I'm working on but I've decided to upload a release candidate anyway. That gives you the opportunity to start playing and I will probably get some valuable feedback about things that still need fixing. Just bear in mind that this is a release candidate for a beta version - so yes, there are bugs. A lot, probably.

    GESIA Mod Pack 0.8 RC-3
    Direct Download (M&B-R)
    Direct Download (Private)

    Note: The release candidate contains content from mods (especially PBOD) and several features not yet listed on the main page. I'll update the main page when 0.8 is actually released. I hope that's ok with you, Caba`drin?
  3. gesia

    SP Musket Era GESIA Mod Pack 0.7

    Well, I was going to release it today, but I'm still having a small but persistent issue with PBOD. And now I just loaded the wrong backup, I just hope that this isn't from when I think it is...
  4. gesia

    SP Musket Era GESIA Mod Pack 0.7

    I used your code, but for 4 caravans. I actually tried to reduce redundancy, but I didn't come up with anything useful.

    If you're looking for another idea: I've always wanted to track the price for which the player buy items (goods, primarily) to calculate the profit upon sale. That way it would be possible to grant XP for trading, charge taxes and display whether that was profitable or not. But I haven't come up with an idea yet on how to do that. Didn't look into it very much though, I need to get this released before they crucify me. :wink:
  5. gesia

    SP Musket Era GESIA Mod Pack 0.7

    Yeah, the private server was down tuesday night. My mail server as well - first time that happened to me. Should work again now.

    Edit: Following up on bobross419's proposal to allow sending caravans to castles I just completely implemented a "multiple caravan" feature (as described by bobross419 in another thread). WTF? Well, it's a pretty awesome feature, so I'm glad I did. But I really need to stop myself from getting sidetracked like that...
  6. gesia

    SP Musket Era GESIA Mod Pack 0.7

    Ok, THAT I didn't notice so far. How does that show? By the type of recruits, the clothes of the peasants, or something else? Which ones are affected?
  7. gesia

    SP Musket Era GESIA Mod Pack 0.7

    Somewhere around the end of the month, possibly first week of February. Depends on how many issues I run into...
  8. gesia

    SP Musket Era GESIA Mod Pack 0.7

    Yeah, there are some issues for several villages. Should be fixed in 0.8.
  9. gesia

    SP Musket Era GESIA Mod Pack 0.7

    There should be CSV file (parties.csv?) in languages/en. Try that for the # signs (at least for v0.71). But I don't know how to change the initial faction of cities/fortresses. You could probably ask that in Morgh's thread (,183202.0.html).
  10. gesia

    SP Musket Era GESIA Mod Pack 0.7

    Thanks for the credit, but the # sing for fortresses, the city/fortress locations, names and which factions they belong to are all part of the NeoNative mod, so it's the work of Morgh. I didn't change anything about it.
  11. gesia

    SP Musket Era GESIA Mod Pack 0.7

    That's kind of a strange thing, though completely unrelated to the mod pack. There are two main questlines in WFAS, for the Russians and the Polish. However, you can also get a quest to recruit "that guy" for Sweden. However, the story ends there as far as I can tell. 
  12. gesia

    SP Musket Era GESIA Mod Pack 0.7

    Seems easy enough. :smile: I put it on the list.
  13. gesia

    SP Musket Era GESIA Mod Pack 0.7

    Release date update for 0.8
    Since things have been getting out of hand during the development of 0.8 (mainly because this time I'm doing a lot myself) I've made a specific list of things that need to be done before release. So far it consumed about 65 hours of development. I did push some stuff to 0.9 and will cut down on the testing, but I still estimate another 40-45 hours. And since I'm back at the office now things will go a lot slower than last week. So I'm guessing the new version will be available in 2-3 weeks.

    Sorry for getting your hopes up several times and then not delivering. On the other hand, there's currently 19 points done on my list and 23 still in progress, so the next release will be a lot more comprehensive than initially planned and should be worth the waiting...
  14. gesia

    SP Musket Era GESIA Mod Pack 0.7

    Please, do correct me if I got you wrong.
    • If you meant that you want more choice in which faction's units you use (eg. you are a polish lord but want to use russian marksman) that should be possible in 0.8, if you are not at war with them. I've re-enabled the possibility to recruit from towns and then upgrade the units along the faction troop tree as it was in warband.
    • If your meant, that there was setting somewhere in warband that you could change once you had your own player kingdom - that won't exist WFAS, because you cannot really create your own kingdom any more.
  15. gesia

    SP Musket Era GESIA Mod Pack 0.7

    @firstkill: Yeah, several people found that these weapons don't belong there. And I always appreciate input.

    @jackx: Since PBOD introduces bodyguards AND allows you to continue battle after being knocked out this should actually get better already. We'll see whether that suffices or not.
  16. gesia

    SP Musket Era GESIA Mod Pack 0.7

    I agree, there's a lot to rebalance and I'd love to get on it right away. However, I'm back at the office and 0.8 has been delayed enough already. I should try to get the bugs under control (the game is going berserk on me since I added PBOD) and get the release out. I can always adjust quest-specific rewards for 0.9 or put them in a 0.81 patch. (I have some in mind myself, e.g. the "get the debt back" quest which often yields 0 money and very little XP.)

    As for the "invading armies" and "more bandit types": There's already a bunch of bandit types (check the troop tree). The problem is the spawning. I have yet to figure out how that's done and how I can make it spawn more types. As for the invading armies... It would be pointless if they behave like regular bandits. And if they are to be completely different in style and behavior that's a big one. I think this should first be approached in a mod, not a mod pack. The same goes for a larger map. If Neo Native expands the map, I'll gladly try to merge it into the pack, but a project like that should be driven by a mod.

    I might look into the caravan tribute as it would make sense to adjust this the same way as the tribute from the player to bandits.

    It seems inappropriately complicated to make the kidnappers keep the money so you can steal it back, since the loot calculation is completly seperate from the quest scripts and it would probably need a global variable or something for that - I dunno. Simply don't pay them in the first place.

    Firstkill, I think we had a misunderstanding: Hussars have a good horse, strong armor, a special lance, a decent sabre and a pistol. There really isn't much else I can do for them! Also, it's not possible to ensure that they spawn with lance AND sabre. Unlike for ranged weapons, there is no flag that guarantees different types of melee weapons to be assigned.

    The gatling pistol (and some other controversial items) won't be available in 0.8 any more as they don't fit into the original (historical) theme of the game.

    @Kmdr Mumm: Taleworlds didn't do anything wrong, Warband is an awesome game. It's Sich who made this mediocre mod called WFAS. That's also the reason why it's not allowed to port Warband stuff to WFAS - with the obvious exception of mod content which is owned by the modders.
  17. gesia

    SP Musket Era GESIA Mod Pack 0.7

    @bobross419: Afaik no troop except Grenadiers had grenades. So, without the grenadiers, there aren't any grenades in the troop tree any more. But I'm always open for suggestions...

    @firstkill: They had a sword, changed it to a sabre an added a pistol. English isn't my native tongue either, but I think that's what you wanted, right? :wink:

    Edit: Also got some more stuff to work:
    • "traditional recruiting" from villages
    • mercenary contract pay based on your wages (hence, you'll come out with a profit)
    • more realistic calculation for the tribute you can pay to bandits (etc.) to leave you alone
    • and it's now easier to join a faction. For a merc contract you only need 5 renown, 5 relationship (to the lord, not the faction) and a bit of luck. For vassalage you need 50 (instead of 150) renown and 5 relationship. Also, since there are more bandits around it's easier to get some renown as it was in the vanilla game.
  18. gesia

    SP Musket Era GESIA Mod Pack 0.7

    Yes, some entries will be disabled in TweakMB. It supports native M&B, Warband, and WFAS. Hence, not everything listed there applies to your game. Also, it will disable anything that as been changed compared to the base module (e.g. Ogniem).

    And yes, I announced a new version of the mod pack for the first week of January. However, when I said that I assumed that there would only be minor changes. Things have changed, however. I've overhauled the entire troop trees, rebalanced many items, fixed various bugs and managed to implement PBOD. Especially the latter is now giving me some issues. I'm trying to get 0.8 out as soon as possible, but it should at least be stable enough to be playable. :smile:

    The new version probably won't be savegame-compatible. The changes simply are to comprehensive for that.

  19. gesia

    SP Musket Era GESIA Mod Pack 0.7

    Thanks, I actually think this release will be the best yet.
    1) Because I finally reworked the troop trees as I always wanted
    2) Because Naresh is helping me with bug search (a luxury I didn't have for the previous releases)
    3) Because it looks like I might get PBOD to work after all, which would just be amazing

    Concerning the grenadiers: You may have noticed that every faction tree has one (and only one) tier 7 troop. For Sweden, I had to choose between the Grenadiers and the Swedish Reiters. As the Reiters are present in vanilla whereas the Grenadiers come from the WGW mod, I chose the Reiters. This also fulfilled a user request asking me to remove grenades from the troop trees due to the lack of realism.

    Edit: I should have mentioned that in my opinion, a mod pack should aim to improve gameplay while somehow sticking to the theme of the original game. Otherwise it would be a conversion mod and should be labeled as such. Hence, I'll generally keep to the vanilla version even if that means that some mods are only partially included.
  20. gesia

    SP Musket Era GESIA Mod Pack 0.7

    ILoveJack said:
    Unable to find mesh arena_arrow.

    This red error popped up when I entered the arms market in Bethanitsy.

    I think it is caused by the empty picture of "Practice Arrows" which have no damage numbers.

    Just looked into it, should be fixed in the next release. Somebody but the item name in the mesh field...

    Edit: Fixed the same problem for the "Blunt Arrows"...
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