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  1. Bug reporting site

    ETA is around 6 hours.
  2. Bug reporting site

    the problem was deeper than i thought. you'll be able to change the project name as long as you are not logging in for the first time to newcomers will also be fixed soon.
  3. Bug reporting site

    original said:
    Ok will do.

    By the way Daegoth, who is in charge of fixing bugs? Taleworlds developers, or that company that you sub-contracted this game to?

    both developers will take care of the bugs.
  4. Bug reporting site

    oops, i guess it is editable now. first bug is fixed :smile:
  5. Bug reporting site

    Hello everyone, Please report your bugs to, the BugTracker You can choose the game as M&B With Fire and Sword while reporting the bug.
  6. Steam 5x5 Keys solution

    updated the first post, please check it for the correction.
  7. Steam 5x5 Keys solution

    Hello everyone, As some of you know, during a certain period of time, Steam provided you 5x5 keys instead of 4x4 keys. People who bought their game during that time, received those 5x5 keys. The disadvantage of those keys is that with those, you won't be able to install and play the game...
  8. Warband post-release beta test (new version on June 9)

    we have reuploaded the zip file after fixing the bug that caused problems while transferring captured soldiers. if you could re-download it and play using that exe, that would be great
  9. Warband post-release beta test (new version on June 9)

    you don't have to overwrite it, but if you want your shortcuts to work with the new exe, you should overwrite it.
  10. Warband post-release beta test (new version on June 9)

    Could you please try using the executable on this link?

    After downloading the zip file, you should extract it to the game folder (C:\Program Files\Mount&Blade Warband\) and overwrite mb_warband.exe with the new one.

    This will hopefully help us find the reason for crashes. After testing it, please post your comments here or
  11. Warband post-release beta test (new version on June 9)

    please use address for the bug reports.
  12. Warband post-release beta test (new version on June 9)

    let's make it non-sticky to see if it works :smile:
  13. Querying warband servers with an external program

    we will add a TCP query port for servers in the future. it will only return string results, so it will be easy for you to understand the meaning of the data.
  14. Default server settings

    Hello everyone, We need your thoughts about the settings that our EU and US servers should have as a default. Right now, I heard that you were constantly changing the time for respawning in sieges etc. If you could provide us a command line list for 7 servers in US and 8 servers in EU, we can...
  15. M&B Warband Beta version 0.860 is released

    Just a reminder: don't delete your old and incompatible savegames, they will become compatible with the next release.
  16. Changing password regularly

    Hello all, Since the game is going to be public soon, I ask you to pm me a new password for the servers once in every month. Password should be memorable, and should contain at least 1 digit number. Please choose a person to manage the password changes.  That person should manage the...
  17. Incorrect or No Serial Key problems!

    Yes the offered solution is correct. We will fix the registry problem with version 0.701. If you are not sure if you can fix it manually by editing your registry, please wait for the new patch.
  18. My Serial Isn't Accepted When Trying to Join the Server

    please pm me your serial number and I'll correct the issue. we've allowed all Mount&Blade serial owners to be able to test Warband Beta. That's why there might be some problems during the validation.
  19. 0.670 [Suggestion] Ragdoll, Havok :(

    Ragdolls aren't adjusted yet. No need for a poll or discussion yet.
  20. [BUG] .660 Cant join Servers

    For people who are still experiencing connection problems while validating their serial number, please switch "use_secure_connection" option to 0 in rgl_config.txt file. For Windows XP it is located under C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Application Data\Mount&Blade Warband and for Vista and 7, it should be under C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\Mount&Blade Warband

    This option will be available for versions later than 0.660.
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