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  1. OSP Code Combat Spear Bracing Kit (Updated)

    question about spear bracing:

    how can I make them REMAIN in spear bracing after the first few riders?

    how it works fore me is rather irritating, since the cavalry charge is always spread out, which makes the first few attackers impaled immediately after which my spearmen just stop bracing and get trashed by the few dozen other riders which mince them and stomp them into the ground

    very nice feature but broken! :sad:
  2. Item Editor - Warband compatible version -

    Interesting - how do I go about adding a throwing functionality to a weapon? Looks like each throwing weapon has its non-throwing clone (jarid and jarids for example). Can I take any one-handed axe from the game and just make a throwing clone of it? Will that be enough for it to work or not?


    after a bit of tweaking it looks like you can very simply introduce thrown clones of existing axes, very useful tool!
  3. Footman / throwing build for SP advice

    Thanks for quality replies! Much appreciated!

    I'm early on but I absolutely love it. Harder, much more defensive, involves more strategy and you progress slower (which is actually a good thing). However, makes the game much more interesting if you're bored with the typical mounted gameplay.

    From roleplay perspective I go for a viking type build around the use of axes - thrown, long war axe or pole axe. I fully agree that axes are not the best thrown weapons, however they are the only thrown weapons that can swing with a shield in melee mode making them a bit better if you don't take typical one hander (I sometimes go for 3x thrown axes + shield - had some absolutely epic moments using them both as range or melee weapons or just fighting with whatever I picked up).

    I decided to go for the native with some armors and weapon addons with orders and deployment mod and the features included are absolutely great for a footman army (spear bracing, splitting units, formations). I also went for the option of switching off companion complains to have a bigger party of companions.

    I've never done that before, but I guess it makes perfect sense here because a) I need to prepare for heavier losses than I'm used to so having stronger non-killable units will help balance out lack of proper calvary (personal thing, but I hate having too many losses, very often I reply fights if too many elite units drop dead...) and b) more companions equals to more 'training' skill stacking which in turn allows for quicker troop advancement. Feels a bit like cheating, but on the other hand fighting on foot is a much harder endeavour.

    Also, from role-play perspective having so many companions is a blast - I want to give them all different armours and weapons to make them stand out from the crowd (you tend to fight much more arm in arm with your companions as a footman). I've divided them roughly into three divisions which correlate with my current troop set up (a small team of 40 for now):

    - 2-handers + shield/throwing
    They tend to be the frontline of my shieldwalls with the huscarls defending the back lines from missiles and killing off the approaching footman with their thrown weapons.

    The added benefit of it is that they pepper the battlefield with throw weapons. Since I'm going for a throw build I very often refill my supplies of throwing weapons in-between kills which make for some absolutely epic moments. When the enemy is close enough they break the formation and charge with they 2-handers.

    - polearms + shield/1-hander
    For now they support the 2-handed team, but later on and when I go on fighting lords and their calvary they will be part of my rhodock sergeants division. For now they use glaives and such but latter on I want them to go for poleaxes (role play reasons :wink: ) Given that they will end up with a very long polearm I will also train them with shields and 1-handers so they can defend themselves when surrounded and when attacking a stronghold. 

    - archers + 2-handers
    For now they are part of my rhodock sharpshooter division, but later on I want to put them on horses together with a few khergit horse archers. I don't want to have calvary in a normal sense, but I'll experiment with having a mobile group of 5-10 riders half-way between my and the enemy armies who will skirmish/harass the approaching calvary and disrupt their charge  I played a lot as a khergit horse archer and I find that to be a very successful way of breaking up an enemy charge and messing up with enemy formations. I can always order them to come back if I want to shift the fight back to my infantry divisions.

    Also, it's good to have some calvary to finish off the fleeing types and for support. I currently have a few mounted slavers that I use temporarily while my khergit plan is in the works.

    In general - fully recommend that sort of game play! Will see where it takes me. Once again thanks for good advice.
  4. More thrown weapon types?

    Hi there. I've looked everywhere but I can't seem to find any new thrown weapons, especially axes and the like (just models, textures and item_kinds1 text lines) that I could throw into my current game. Could anybody recommend any item packs etc. that might contain those? Many thanks!
  5. SP Native [WB] Decapitate and Dismember

    Is this hard to merge with other mods (as a non-modder)? I know that just merging things together is a bad idea generally but I only use battle-deployment and orders and a few items, nothing that drastically changes the content and this looks like it wouldn't crossover with the other mods I've got...

    Anybody tried just throwing it into a different module?
  6. LSP 3D Art SacredStoneHead's Nord Armor Set (Released!)

    My bad! It did finally appear. All the hassle because I assumed that if I use the 'find item' cheat I will be able to quickly check if it installed correctly or not. For some reason it didn't appear, but that might be a problem on the orders and deployment mod side of things.

    My apologies. The armor you did is absolutely fantastic, especially that I just had an idea of playing nord-style footman only and it makes the experience so much better.

    Fully recommend the armor, one of the best visual mods out there!
  7. LSP 3D Art SacredStoneHead's Nord Armor Set (Released!)

    thanks for replying!

    no errors and such, I will give it a go for longer maybe it will appear - I just assumed that if I use the cheat to look up all items available (came together with the orders and deployment mod) they would include your creations (I can get stuff like the black or samurai armour), I might be of course wrong I'm quite new to mods :smile:
  8. LSP 3D Art SacredStoneHead's Nord Armor Set (Released!)

    Looks amazing, especially I went for a footman army this time, but I can't get it work :sad:

    I followed the instructions, put the resources and textures where they belong and modified the text files (i put them here in case you can spot a mistake, the original number of items under version was 607).

    I'm using PreBattle OD mod (deployment and orders) which uses the WSEloader, maybe that's the problem? Also, the file is called item_kinds1.txt instead of item_kinds.txt, but I guess that's not a problem?


    I've checked all items available in the game with the cheat mode that comes with the PreBattle OD mod, that's why I claim it somehow doesn't work for me. Do i need to start a new game for it to work?


    tried to start a new game and look for them through cheats but still nothing, I need to be missing something here..
  9. Footman / throwing build for SP advice

    Hi! There's a lot of discussion about the fact that non-calvary armies are much harder in MBW and there are many valid reasons for it. But I think it still might be possible (and fun!) to go on like that with superior tactics and choosing the right troops and equipment. So I think about going...
  10. SP Native Pre-Battle Orders & Deployment (v0.96.3 for Warband 1143+WSE)-patch for 115x

    Caba`drin said:
    IMPROVED 'Patch' now available for use with installations of Warband v1.15x

    Run the mod installer as normal first (OKing it when it tells you it is the wrong version of Warband), then run the 'patch' installer, and finally run the game from the shortcut the installers created.

    If you've installed the prior version of this patch, install this one. It works without the copy-paste hacking I was doing.

    M&B Nexus Download

    Sounds like an amazing mod. Anybody got a working link for the patch or could upload it somewhere please?

  11. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    Hi there.

    Just want to let the devs know that I was extremely happy to hear about the bannerlord sequel up until I heard there's no co-op planned.

    Seriously? You say 'no' to the most anticipated feature since the beginning of (calradia's) time?

    Sandbox gameplay was made for co-op! I'm not sure who is in charge of the business-side of things over at tale worlds but you ought to sack whoever that is - people would buy a few original copies of the game to co-op with buddies if that was introduced, instead of torrenting a single one!

    I'm extremely disappointed about not pre-planning co-op into the engine before the game is done i.e. co-op in the sense that
    - the host controls where to go on the map, the inventory and the politics
    - the joining player(s) act as a companion or an mercenary (imported online character) that helps in fights, can help the team with skills, order a portion of the army, can see what the host is doing, who he's talking to, could draw/highlight stuff on the map
    - the economy could be still enclosed within the singleplayer campaign (i.e. the joining player can be imported with skills, but not items, which need to be supplied by the host)
    - it could be even hop-off / hop-on for buddies, the moment the extra player leaves or can't be bothered playing anymore the character is taken over by AI or leaves the party (allowing for item recovery when that happens)
    - the joining player's character is remembered for the next time (s)he comes to play

    Surely the fun factor would be incredible, even if the joining player(s) couldn't walk, talk and buy stuff as the host would. Why would someone want to go to the other part of the map if (s)he joined a co-op game? There's the single player portion for that!

    But yea, I guess this will not change anyone's minds, but that doesn't change the take home message: you really shot yourself in the foot with not listening to your playerbase.

  12. M&B: Ogniem i Mieczem CD-Keys and Warband

    JoG said:
    What version of OiM are you playing? I can't say anything about the Polish version, but I guess it's impossible to play Warband using the key from the Russian version of the game. That's the issue that all Russian players had with both M&B localization and OiM (I know, they complained about it a lot :smile:)
    I'm using Polish 1.014 version. I tried all my codes (Game Key and something that appears to be publisher's key - CD-Projekt in Poland) but they don't fit into the box in the d/l website.

    JabdiMelborn said:
    ..."Ogniem i Mieczem/With Fire and Sword" is a Expansion of M&B Native or is a Stand Alone...?

    SanDiego said:
    It's a different game, has nothing to do with M&B.

    M&B is a standalone game, yes. However, I'm sure that a lot of new players were introduced to the M&B via the OiM mod/total conversion. It would be a loss on the TW side, a loss of potential customers of Warband expansion AND the Native, so please consider allowing this part of the community to have a go of the Beta too!

    MaHuD said:
    "Thank you for your interest in With Fire&Sword! However the game is not released yet. "

    How come you bought it already?
    It was released in Poland (Polish version) on 4th of December '09 ( unfortunately the published doesn't have an English translation for this page).

    Yours truly,

    EDIT: typos
  13. M&B: Ogniem i Mieczem CD-Keys and Warband

    Hi, Just a quick question: it it possible for people with M&B: Ogniem i Mieczem (With fire and steal) to play the Warband beta (not the full and final release, just the open beta)? Personally, I only played the Demo of the Native (Clardia) and bought full Ogniem i Mieczem few months ago, with...
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