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  1. Why not toggle oob in settings the formation systems in menu?

    I've been thinking about this but is it possible to have the oob system and the older party system be capable of being selected in the menu? This way the guys who like the older system can just switch back to the older system and those who want the newer system can select it and use it...
  2. OoB Suggestion maybe question.


    How about troop tiers? I did hear talks about a filter for unit tiers. Is it possible to create more than the base amount of tiers for troops and use the higher tiers with some type of filter? I think the highest tier ingame is 6 for noble troops. So is creating tiers 7+ and up and creating a filter to sort them into formations feasible?
  3. OoB Suggestion maybe question.

    Is it possible to filter units for Oob based on the pictures for units in the encyclopedia? I think this would be the best solution so that everyone is happy. What I mean is that instead of using the buttons to filter different types of units like shields, polearms, etc. instead you use the way...
  4. Pre battle unit selection for field and sieges.

    I just thought of something. I think it would be cool if you can select what troops you want to start out with in sieges and battles. Kinda like the hideout menu to select troops. I thought of this since before big sieges I like to max out my army with recruit conscripts but since they are kinda...
  5. Why Die For Danzig? Bannerlord Edition

    I'm fairly certain that people simping for TW haven't played Warband.
    I have and I like it. Along with Viking conquest and the original mount and blade.

    I agree with maelstrom, it has its faults and you need mods to fix current problems. But my first actual battle watching hundreds of npcs slugging it out against one another for the control of the field while me a struggling fighter just trying to survive the fight, and with pretty decent models and graphics against the setting sun was all I needed to be hooked. I like warband, but having to fight wave after wave after wave in battles or sieges while trying to survive and direct fights gets boring, and the older models and clunky ui and menus don't do it for me no more. Plus I never understood how pre battle parts worked. The mods were fun but I taken a fancy to eagle rising with some rome total war music myself. Or a full late medieval run with Swabian Armory. But when 1.6 comes out stable I do want to do another modless run.

    Mind you this isn't my first ea game, star citizen, factorio, satisfactory, etc so I do know what the process is like.
  6. e1.6.0-v1.1.0 Modding Adjustments & Access Modifiers Changes

    I mean I *want* people to actually read what I said instead of look for a dunk but that's clearly too much to ask.
    Comment #7 bro, someone already counted for you.
  7. e1.6.0-v1.1.0 Modding Adjustments & Access Modifiers Changes

    It would have been so easy for them to say "Over 100 removed and about half a dozen added" but they instead chose to be vague as all hell. An absolutely avoidable own goal in terms of communication.
    You want them to highlight and bold the changes for you too?
  8. An open letter from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the total-conversion mod community

    Intentional or not, this can easily be interoperated as defending Taleworlds since you are trying to disenfranchise our side of this debate.
    It wasn't meant to be for either side, that was my intention. I'm just watching from the sidelines. But if you see it from my perspective as someone new to the forum and seeing all the back and forth, you kinda get why I want to stay neutral. I'm not into fighting, but just watching what the eventual outcome is.
    I think you are misunderstanding. The answers they are giving can be trusted, but they are intentionally obscure because they can't (and definitely shouldn't) make promises they can't keep. That's why until we get a solid answer saying "we will remove all the usages of the internal keyword" we're not really going to be satisfied.
    Gotcha ya, I'm not into modding other than messing with xmls and stuff so if thats what it means than I differ to your judgment.
  9. An open letter from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the total-conversion mod community

    Exactly, but someone is not reading while making excuses for TW.
    Dude, already going at me? I'm not speaking for them. I'm just saying its not out yet. That's it. Clear as crystal. They have a track record of being slow and not adding things we would like to see. That's clear to everyone. A statement someone says doesn't say much. If I remember correctly even you guys have said that their statements suck and can't be trusted, so why now start believing? But if its not out yet why not wait to confirm its really a bad change. That's it dude.
  10. An open letter from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the total-conversion mod community

    While I definitely think this thread should be more civil, we aren't asking for anything unreasonable. We don't know how long it will take for 1.6 to come out, but we're basically stuck not being able to work on major parts of our mods until this issue is resolved.

    Not to mention Dejan has already confirmed the problem won't be fixed if taleworlds has it their way.
    Nahh dude, I get that. The only answer is to wait till then unfortunately.
  11. An open letter from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the total-conversion mod community

    If you have been reading the forum as I have been to get caught up since Warband, it is not premature. This is just one long running problem of endless lies, back stabbing and well... Go read the forums, its all out there, no one is acting prematurely in any regards on this matter considering the track record TW has been developing the past few years, this is just one more lead log on the camels back in a long line of lead logs.
    I'm a lurker dude, I do try to keep up. But again, its not out yet. We can't just judge and execute someone without seeing the evidence first hand. Otherwise you are killing a innocent man. When 1.6 drops and its bad, yeah, it can get ragged on. But we don't know. It could bring good tidings or like yall say, a flop.
  12. An open letter from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the total-conversion mod community

    Aren't you guys kinda overreacting? Its still 2 big patches away and yet everyone is acting like its ww3. Plus we don't know exactly what was added or taken away, could be minor things or could be big things. Or things could change over time. At least wait for the actual bonefide patch than start to make big assumptions about things that aren't even happening now.

    Its like watching people jump ship without waiting to see if the ship was actually hit badly from the rocks. It could be a mild scrape with only paint being scratched, or a hole in the side causing flooding.

    Wait for the patch to drop, and if its bad, then yeah its justified. But if it drops and its more accessible to modders what then? Until then we don't know. And again, the patch in question isn't live, not yet.
  13. Gate attack

    I just thought of an idea after remembering a mission from kingdom come. It would be cool if during a siege and at night, you can assemble a small team to infiltrate the castle and open the gate for the coming attack. It would negate the battering ram and siege equipment but it would be a...
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