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  1. Back in Business...

    Welcome back!  :party: :party: :party: :party: :party:
  2. Main Topic

    Just returned today after a few months of not playing the mod and I must say this mod has really improved. It is a blast to play! Great job Quintillius!
  3. MP Native Calradia Adventures - Invasion RPG| VOTE FOR REVIVAL!

    Plenty of fun so far only thing is site needs a little polishing, but other than that great mod!
  4. MP Native Fantasy [WB] Invasion of Avalon

    Xaphan said:
    I realize the time was not the best for most, Arthur Pendragon joined the team today, i am getting him refreshed reguarding modding. 

    He was one of the devs of 27 days which is the inspiration of this mod. 

    Give us a little bit to come up with ways to revamp the project. 

    Today I took a rest and slept, I want to take a break from all projects and chill, i will be designing a more solid scheme with arthur and we will begin redesigning the game to make it friendlier and more casual for new joins.

    I'll keeps everyone posted who is interested.
    Sounds good! Best of luck.
  5. MP Native Fantasy [WB] Invasion of Avalon

    Xaphan said:
    No one really showed up to beta test, and tricklers that came in were confused.  I will finish the mod with what little knowledge i got from the beta. 

    I will now respawn everyone for every round, since people got impatient with waiting 20 minutes for two players to kill 50 bots, for 3 consecutive rounds.

    finish a line up of maps.  I need to work on my AI mesh skills, the bots were too dumb to climb the ladder to roofs.

    I will add timed messages with instructions reminding them to configure their characters on the website.

    I need to make the pin a little more clear and noticeable, with clear instructions that are unmistakeable when a player joins.  I will really have to make the instructional messages spammy.

    Waves will have to be rebalanced to make it possible to play as infantry, at the moment it seems you need to be a super heavy cav to win.

    We will release the final version around next weekend, it will take time for people to know the mod exists, since spreading the word did not go well.

    Thanks to those who did show up,  I will get the mod finished and balanced, and work harder on the scenes.
    sorry i couldnt show my internet decided to **** itself right when the event started  :cry:
  6. MP Native Fantasy [WB] Invasion of Avalon

    Another addition that would be good on the site is pictures for the items. No rush for it, but it would be helpful.
  7. MP Native Calradia Adventures - Invasion RPG| VOTE FOR REVIVAL!

    Is there a way to apply for the beta or is it just for your group of testers?
  8. MP Native Fantasy [WB] Invasion of Avalon

    Sounds good! Good luck making it and no rush for the event if you cant do it.
  9. MP Native Fantasy [WB] Invasion of Avalon

    1) What would you like to see in invasion scenes, we would like to meet the requirements for all scenes to be cav friendly, give us a detailed answer of what you would like to see personally: I would like to see a half and half. Such as some city scenes favoring infantry and some open fields favoring cav.

    2) What sort of waves would you like, how would you prefer difficulty, mass fodder bots, smaller waves of heavy armored units, a mix? Give us your thoughts we expect to release with 50 waves: With 50 waves I would expect lots of fodder but the boss waves to increase in difficulty. Though the fodder should increase in difficulty as the waves progress.

    3) How have you always wanted to fight? What would make you extremely happy as a player, your thoughts?: Honestly I would love to be that stupid plated archer that can outrun people still.  :twisted:

    4) Version one is server sided and limited to native items and server sided functions, What features would you like to see or modified?: Nothing much aside from what you have planned as it sounds good so far.

    5) Is there anything else you would like to add?  Any thoughts or opinions you would like to express? We want to create a very fun experience: As said above nothing really aside from good luck as this looks to be very promising!
  10. MP Native Fantasy [WB] Invasion of Avalon

    I would love to help test if you still need some! If not good luck anyways!
  11. SP Native KAOS Political Wars 1.0

    Sorry for double post but in my game for some reason in tournaments the body armor is invisible
  12. Official Bug Report Thread. Post all problems here!

    generalred256 said:
    Ran into this bug asking this British vassal if he had any tasks for me. I could not click out of this and had to restart my game.


    "Warning: This line should never display"
    I got the same bug and was able to repeat it multiple times with the same person
  13. L'Aigle Alpha Patch 1.1 --- ESSENTIAL TO DOWNLOAD

    Docm thanks for the quick patch! Keep up the good work and dont forget to sleep :razz:
  14. The Original L'Aigle Thread, for the sake of history. Be ye warned.

    Happy New Year Docm! Congrats on the mod!
  15. The Original L'Aigle Thread, for the sake of history. Be ye warned.

    Reus said:
    I don't think there's any need to tell us whether it's out or not; I'm pretty certain everyone is constantly refreshing the ModDB Downloads page.
    i saw a couple people say it is out so i just wanted to inform people  :cool:
  16. The Original L'Aigle Thread, for the sake of history. Be ye warned.

    It isnt out yet i am on download page
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