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  1. Two Wives Haven't Gotten Pregnant - 1.5.6

    Clan tier has nothing to do with it. I’ve gotten wife pregnant before clan tier 2.

    Try just leaving your wife in the town and then waiting (little + button to the right of town notables). I think it may get bugged sometimes when they are in your party.
    In the latest patch? If so, that's interesting. In my last playthrough, was clan tier 2, no babies, literally 2 days after tier 3 she got pregnant and stayed pregnant for the next few years with brief breaks between lasting only a few days. Perhaps it was just luck, but it seemed pretty clear that as of 1.56, if you are not high enough tier to go to the keep (where noble ladies stay) you won't knock her up or so I thought.
  2. Two Wives Haven't Gotten Pregnant - 1.5.6

    1, death/birth must be enabled. 2, you must be clan tier 3. 3, it's all based on chance, it's not automatic that it will happen on any given day, but over a lot of days it would be more likely than not.
  3. Resolved Picked Empire culture for Kingdom, still get -3 culture loyalty malus in Empire held fiefs, clan is Aserai.

    Ok, can you guys explain someplace what picking the culture of your Kingdom does if it's your clan culture that determines the loyalty modifiers? Too many things that are not really explained so people don't know what's a bug and what's working as intended.
  4. A couple ideas for things I would like to see in Bannerlord

    An option to pay bards to sing about you to boost your renown. For 1k, the bard will sing about you for X number of days, after which your renown will increase by 10 points. (example idea) A mission reward from lords that offers some type of combat training, reward is xp, sparring partner...
  5. how do you balance cheating and gaming experience?

    I don't understand why you'd need to cheat. I start soloing groups of bandits day 1, usually by the end of an in-game month I can take 30ish steppe bandits solo with no cheating, no exploits, still having mostly crap gear, so there is simply no reason at all to cheat. I won't be that guy who stupidly tells you to 'get gud' but I think you're not really trying hard to overcome problems if you turn to cheating instead of properly thinking about how to deal with something hard.
  6. Leadership - Veterans Respect - no one reason for 150 points

    150 leadership is not hard to get imo. You have left out how many points you have put into leadership and social, as this might be the cause of your problem. If not that, just lead armies. You can Take one of your companions and make a party with them, fill them up with troops from your own party, create an army with just you and them that you maintain indefinitely, and your' Army' will just be comprised of and function the same as your previous party except now you're slowly gaining leadership. Or you have 3 companions/relatives form full parties, invite them, move slow but level up leadership faster.
  7. Seasons, Famine, and Attrition

    The score doesn't effect anything though. It's rather pointless and serves little purpose. The nation's can lose by a landslide and lose thousands of soldiers and then declare a war on another nation and have thousands more soldiers. It doesn't make sense and that makes progression feel nonexistent.
    Prosperity impacts loyalty, tax and tariff income, ultimately the value of a city is determined by the prosperity.
  8. started new game after 7 months

    they STILL didn't fix lords escaping? Should I come back in 7 years? Did the developers have to go back to college and learn how to program from scratch or something?
    They will still escape in 7 years because that is by design.
  9. Seasons, Famine, and Attrition

    It is reflected in the abstract value called 'prosperity'. When a city gets sieged and starts starving, security drops, etc, it can take economic damage that lowers it's prosperity that takes years to come back from in bad cases. It's not a central focus of the game to look in depth at the devastation caused by war, but it is represented in the stats and values of cities and castles. At the end of the day, the central focus of the game is running around stabbing ppl and having troops you can command to run around and stab people.
  10. Varcheg - Food consumations - very fast consumption

    That's very normal seems to me, you garrison is very large so eating a lot of food is just going to be a thing for you.
  11. Dedicate Tournament Win to a Noble/Notable in Town

    This is already possible, tho not exactly like this. The 'Ladies Knight out' quest given by noble women is basically this, except you agree before the tournament, fight for them, get a really nice relations bonus. If you fail, the opposite. How far you need to make it seems to depend on clan tier.
  12. Dead Companions should appear in the Clan encyclopedia entry

    I like this suggestion.
  13. Rebel Nobles

    Rebels will join other Kingdoms eventually. In my game, It's an opportunity to nick a new fief, but if I don't, they will join someone, sometimes s kingdom at war with the one they quit, other times their original Kingdom or in the case of Empire cities, it might be a different Empire faction.
  14. Gang Leader Needs Weapons Quest still bugged even after Taleworlds said it was fixed

    Yea, it will take all kinds of stuff from your inventory. Throwing daggers, knives, swords, etc so I don't do these missions unless I have previously tucked everything else into a stash or sold it first.
  15. In Progress very low performance and So many small freezes

    thank you mi'lady/lord you are our saviour!
    Unfortunately, this must be done periodically, but it's still very playable, and you are welcome. I learned this method from someone else and am happy to pass it along to others seeking to alleviate the same frustration I had.
  16. Resolved Herd Penalty When Escaping Captivity

    This is how herd works. To have no penalty, You can have 1 animal + 1 riding horse per party member. The other animal can also be a horse, but it can't be 2 cows. You had 4 which is double the safe amount and just enough to get the maximum malus. 1 horse +1 cow, no penalty. 2 horse, no penalty. 2 cows, 50% penalty. 3 horses or 1 horse and 2 cows, etc, 50% penalty. 3 cows, 100% penalty. 4 anything, 100% penalty, even if 1 or all are horses. Each animal counts as 1 herd and only 1 horse can be a freebie, so at 4 horses, you get the 100% penalty of 3 animals or more per party member.
  17. Resolved Auto resolve still picks the highest tier unit to sacrifice

    If you were in a fight and just hit f1 f3, your Fian champs would run way faster than anyone else and find themselves fighting 20 looters alone. :razz:
  18. In Progress very low performance and So many small freezes

    1.56 has a mem-leak. exit to the loading screen then reload and it fixes the problem.
  19. Resolved 1.5.6 Unable to retreive companions from castles when left there

    I had this problem in another thread and sent a save file, it happened to me because when breaking groups or caravans they can go to castles and only way I could get them was by kicking from clan and they went to a town then since there were geared good it cost me 30k to get them back
    Found it sry didn't send save file but marked in progress so I assume same issue
    Yup, exactly how it happened to me. I shut down all my caravans and they went to the closest fiefs, which in the case of 2 were castles. My method of resolving however was to make them governors of a city which teleports them to that city, then change back to the original governor, but it's also possible if you have an open party slot to tell them to make a party and they will leave the castle to do so.
  20. Resolved Picked Empire culture for Kingdom, still get -3 culture loyalty malus in Empire held fiefs, clan is Aserai.

    Upload sent

    Edit: Oh crap, I didn't write my name or this thread's URL, will do it again, sorry.
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