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  1. Improve Sieging Army

    That is how feasts were organised in Calradia until Harlaus suggested to move them indoors.
    true! That is the Ceremonial Feast Ride!
  2. What would you describe as "eyesores" in the current state of the game?

    Battanian Volunteers look like they just turned up for a friendly game of croquet. Why do so many of them use these two-handed mallets? What sort of semi-barbarian society needs large amounts of whack-a-mole, Looney Tunes, comically giant wooden hammers?
  3. Improve Sieging Army

    How about when war is called against a faction and the AI starts assembling a huge army really far away from that enemy faction and then proceeds to do nothing but roam around the map aimlessly not attacking not doing anything at all just having a nice ride with their noble friends.
  4. AI, Wars, Armies and a few other suggestions...

    1. Why don't I get attacked by criminals in cities any more? What changed from Bannerlord to Warband that the criminal factions stop trying to kill you or rob you?
    plz yesss! why have they taken out sooo many of the fun lil things from warband. it would also be cool that you can sneak into bandit hideouts and take them in a very stealthy mode. Like you have to crouch and hide till you have the chance to take them, out. hhehehehhehe
    9. Character Creation : Why can't I have scars or warpaint but not both?
    they really need to work on that and make an option for your character to get scars when he gets knocked out in battles. like theres a percentage that you might get them scars. that would be a nice feature.
    7. If I marry the daughter of Monchug, why would he turn right around and declare war against me? Did me marrying his daughter not make him more inclined to think or me now as an ally or bloodkin? I mean, that just doesn't feel right to me. You would think marrying his direct kin would add a modifier or a check to the AI saying - Hey this guy married into my family, I probably shouldn't ruin that.
    diplomacy needs a makeover, a complete makeover. right now its all over the place.

    4. Why can't I marry companions? I have asked this before and it makes very little sense to me. I have fought with this man / woman for countless battles. We have shed blood together and fought side by side throughout this long campaign and yet I can't show my affection for them or have feelings for them? What?
    Why cant you marry anyone! anybody that you want. I mean cmon!
    8. Why does the AI leave castles with absolutely no garrison after they take it? I've literally seen them take a keep with 1400 troops only to sack it and then leave without establishing a garrison of more then 10 - 20 troops. The enemy just turns right around and retakes it and guess what? They don't leave a garrison either!
    late game becomes a back and forth over the same towns/castles or quick declare war declare peace because of these types of things.
    2. One of the options I enjoyed in Warband was kings seeking you out and saying - "Hey you're a strong clan. You should join me!" Maybe bring that back and in Bannerlord have the King say - "Hey you're a strong clan. I have (insert keep name) available, I will give it to you if you support my cause." It would make sense because most kings in this game have 3 - 4 fiefs so they could afford to lose one.
    right now NPCs are just there. They really dont offer anything at all other than the fetch me this or collect me that type of quests. you cant even have a simple scripted conversation with them. They are extremely shallow, empty.

    also a nice lil thing that they can add is the chance to decorate your keep. there is really no reason for me to visit my keep. none! plus they are really dark. like way to dark.
    6. Why are player caravans limited to 30 troops and AI caravans range from 30 - 50?
    my caravans keep getting destroyed because of this.
  5. The unit grouping is not very nice, bring back the old roman numeral system :(

    I cant understand why they want me to mix units! Its mandatory now! If i want to have a group made up of spears only i cant because the option will put in some shielded units in that group by default!! I mean who is coming up with these features? How is this a better experience for the player?

    I dont know if this is happening to anybody else but when defending in a siege, i divide units into separate range and melee groups so that i can cover all the different spots around the castle/town, give them their own commander and as soon as i start all of these groups merge into one huge melee group and one huge ranged group.. WTF!
  6. Do you play M&B vanilla or with Mods

    I have done both. But since i came back to the game i havent used any mods.
  7. AI, Wars, Armies and a few other suggestions...

    So i came back to bannerlord a few weeks ago because i wanted to see how different things were after a few updates. I must say that i enjoy the game specially that early to mid game. its really cool to just work your way up in the ladders of whichever kingdom you choose to be part of or just...
  8. Broken "declaring war" diplomacy AI

    Been having the same problem. In my playthrough kingdoms declare war on me and a few days later they just quit and propose a truce and they pay me for it. it happens all the time. They dont even try to take a castle or a town, they just drop it right there and then. it makes no sense at all. Wars should have a clear objective. Lets say we want to take Danustica and all the war efforts should be targeted towards that goal. Its crazy how the AI makes armies just because roaming aimlessly all over the map, dropping objectives and going back and forth between cities and enemy cities without doing anything. Late game is the worst part of the game. ive put almost a 1k hours in and late game keeps disappointing.
  9. Big sheet about problems of the game!!!

    the first problem - I can't choose where to fight, there is no map selection in the game when the battle starts
    the second problem - the villages have a large area on the global map, that is, even if you think that you will not fight in the village, the game decides for you differently
    then you and i have a very different game because ive fought pretty close to villages and the village map wont show and yeah you cant choose where will you fight on a map. as of right now there are very few battle maps it would be great that they add this but apparently thats what they are working on at the moment. anyways stay away from densely tree populated areas and away from villages and you should get those plains you want.
  10. Big sheet about problems of the game!!!

    in the game I am a commander, and it is I who must choose the place of the battle if I attack - it is MY privilege as a commander
    I would not write about this if the village or canyon zone was not so large, I always try to bypass villages and canyons, but the developers gave them a large radius on the global map - they deprived me of the choice
    i dont know if im understanding you well, but in the game YOU ARE THE COMMANDER. if you are attacking you can choose where to fight, not the specific part of a map but you can choose if you want to fight in a village, in a forest and on the plains. i have used villages to my advantage when being pursued by a far larger force and those are the only times ive had to fight in a village, is because im on a village and that makes sense. When ive fought in forests is because im in a heavily tree populated area. i mean the map selection is very small but ive never been on an open field and gotten a village type map.
  11. What is the understandable criterion for the distribution of cities and castles?

    The game is entering a phase of profound frustration, I have conquered Myzeia twice and it has already been lost twice, it seems that I am not doing anything, despite having a huge income and fortune, the game seems to be over with no more city or castle has been assigned to me, there's nothing else to do but walk around there, I can't ask for independence either, because there I can't even form armies with my nobles,I try it once but can't ask for my army companions help, so I think I'll wait for patch 1.5.5 to start again.
    Late game is really ****ty! there isnt much to do. lords are all a copy paste, tehy behave the same the say teh same the almost look the same. there are barely any activities to do in teh game, or ways to spend your money and influence on. i have stopped playing because of this, the game becomes reall bland!
  12. MAGA!

    i reallly dont understand what is going on! but this is my theory. the game was in development for almost ten years, ive heard that they had to make and remake the game twice, they were running out of money and decided to put the game in EA so that they could get some more money to keep working on the game. may of the mistakes and bugs in this game should not have been there since the beggining. it felt like it wasnt really tested before launching it to EA. i love mount and blade, warband was a game i spent so many years on i i really see this game beig really good in the future i just hoped that TW would be more clear as to what is going on and where they are heading.
  13. The Nerfs on Armors

    Why does anyone bother couching now? Its way harder to actually hit your target and you lose a ton of reach meaning the target will possibly kill you before your lance can even make contact.
    in warband i would couch my lance all the time, put the camera in first person and get the unluky bastard with it, it was fun it felt powerful. In bnnerlord ive only done it once there was no need because without couching i still kill the enemy with almost any lace or spear. i really dont undestand what is going on in TW but a lot of things in warband felt better than in Bannerlor and i mean a LOT!
  14. i don't change my wife gears...

    The lovely Svana is just too pretty to hide all that loveliness under a helmet.
    Svana is teh best man! Too beautiful!
  15. Fief and Lords Issues

    i would also add the posibility to give villages away! therea are too many lords for the amount of towns and castles that there are in the game. being able to give villages to lords would help out those lords not run out of money like it always happen. love your idea!
  16. MAGA!

    im using realistic battle mod and with it armor is super important, makes battles last longer and missile damage isnt that effective against armor. but the base game suck with armor. it feels like you have a shirt on when yyou go in to battle. they really need to fix that!
  17. When will content be added to the game?

    Yeah, I quit playing until mods are out, just nothing to do in the game.
    i feel you bro! i got bored because there are no way to build relationships. there is nothing to do in late game. i love the game dont get me wrong but it needs to put a lot of effort in creating a world that feels alive. it got to the point were i didnt even wanted to go in to cities. in warband you would go in to a atvern a you could find that beligerent drunk who challenged you to a fight, or that farmer that needed help with the bandits in a neerby town. now you go in a tevern and all you get is a bunch of npcs that say nothing other than my relative sold something for cestain amount of gold at a certain place. you cant even get a drink in a tavern for christ sakes and thats jsut the least of its problems. Lords with no personality, lack of diplomacy options, lackluster war mechanics, i mean the list is a very long one. i hope, and i really do, that they will add all of these missing features. we can only wait
  18. My list of suggestions

    this character can then ask me for money or troops to create a caravan himself, without having to micromanage him myself (go to a town, find merchant, select caravan, select companion for the caravan)
    adding to this depending on their skill lvl on that specific skill you would get buff or penalties. for example if you give a companion the task to get better at trade but he has very low trade, some events could spawn making his decisions to have low mild or heavy penalties on your treasury.

    clan leader can choose for each party in his clan which unit upgrade paths can be used (eg upgrade basic archer to horse archer instead of foot archer)
    to add to this it would also be nice to be able to control how big that party can be as long as it doenst surpass the capacity given the stewarship and leadership of the companion. like maybe i just want my companion that can muster 100 men to just have a party of 50 men.

    clan leader can marry a wandering companion with a clan member and so the wandering companion becomes part of clan (counted as family instead of companion, a companion slot is freed) => this kind of marriage costs influence
    this could also cause a relationship bonus or penalty, dependeing on the targeted npcs traits.

    Relationship (friendliness score)
    • should slowly increase with members in the same party/army over time
    • implement possibility to become companion of other nobles and other nobles become companions (thus increasing the friendliness score)
    this is where npcs traits and pesonalities would really have an impact. if you are a generous character you will have a harder time to create a relationship with an greedy one. its not impossible its just harder.on the other hand a generous character will have a relationship buff with other generous characters. something like that.

    • when capturing a noble, force him to give settlement in exchange for life
    • if he accepts, then you get the settlement but relation gets worse with this noble's clan
    this is the only thing i do not agree with. capturing comanders is really easy right now, its actually a given with that kind of power you would get the whole map in just a few wars.

    overall i really like these ideas!
  19. Sturgia!

    Yeah sturgia is sooo broken! plus the geography doesnt help at all, sturgias has the most pread out layout of all and is really hard to defend when you have the khuzaits the northern empire valndia and battania all over your ass. this faction needs help prontoooo!
  20. Statement regarding Plans for Singleplayer and Engine II

    NPC marriage will happen. That is more of a bug fix though.
    pay no attention to teh dumbass that you are responding to. we all know you guys are working hard on this game. i doint always agree with your decisions sometimes i dont like the priorities you work with but i know this is hard work and i know that you guys have been really responsive and working really hard to give us a great M&B experience! thanks! simple question will you guys implement borders between countries and between fiefs?
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