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  1. SP Native Ed Troop Overhaul Complete

    1.2.0 version release

    230 units reviewed, fixed and improved
    70 new units, fully integrated with the vanilla ones
    No obsolete units, no OP units, enjoy!
  2. BL Coding How to set custom mercenaries to appear in taverns?

    I have custom merc units in my mod, but they do not appear in Taverns for recruiting, which file do I modify to change that?
  3. Caravan Masters?

    Elite caravans spawn some of those dudes, but they seem to be normal trader npcs, since they don't have any good combat gear and they don't even have horses making caravans slower. Is there any point to the Caravan Master Troop? I am making a troop overhaul mod and I am thinking of giving those...
  4. "Arrow deflection" for two-handers in 1.4.1e

    250+ in any skill is superhuman, normal people only get up to ~130
    I see no problem with a super hightier perk to be a bit silly, also this is only for hero units.
  5. SP Native Ed Troop Overhaul Complete

    Nexus download link This is a troop complete overhaul that uses Custom Troop Upgrade And Replacer Mod to reform all major and minor faction troops, mercs, bandits and caravans in hopes of balancing, fixing and improving all troop tress, the mod is mostly function over form, but I do try to make...
  6. How do minor factions replenish their special troops?

    I am making a mod to balance out the minor factions, started making some tests with them, it was then that i noticed that minor faction leaders respawn with about 10 of their special troops when defeated, but all other troops they got afterwards were local major faction recruits, do they convert...
  7. A.I. ignores castles and citys under siege (doesn't defend) and goes for enemy castles

    Your English is fine don't worry.

    I haven't played the 1.4 yet, but I thought those issues were fixed already...
  8. All the tier lists are wrong, and here's why

    Hah hah armor!
    Best archers are the ones that are staying still and shooting, worst are the ones trickling towards the enemy and getting slaughtered.
    In a duel of archers the winner is not usually the one with best bow or more arrows, but the one with more armor. (unless one seriously out-ranges the other)
  9. Wife keeps auto creating a new party after I disband hers.

    This is of one of the devs in his free time
  10. Everything Has A Price

    You can make 1 mil in a single war just selling gear
  11. Mods

    Ed Troop Overhaul is very good!
    I am totally not the creator btw!
  12. What's the point of beating the sh*te of gangs in towns?

    Not fully implemented i would guess
  13. Caravan Troops are not linked to each other via a troop tree, intentional?

    Seriously a AI caravan is tougher then most lord parties of equal size.
    Vlandian, Aserai and Battanian caravan guards have same stats and gear as normal T5 units, now the other factions, specially Sturgia do have some beastly caravan guards

    I believe is that way because there is no upgrade tree. They are created by and for caravans, and even though you can take them into your army / convert or receive via defeating someone who attached a caravan, you can't upgrade them.
    I will probably change that in a mod... but again i dread the long hours it will take...
  14. Caravan Troops are not linked to each other via a troop tree, intentional?

    If you check armed traders and the many types of caravan guard you will notice they are not linked in any way to each other, was this a deliberate choice made to ensure Caravan parties will never upgrade their soldiers to higher tiers? If so I wonder what would happen if one modded them into a...
  15. Can we do something about the khuzaits?

    Instead of nerfing Cav multiplier they should instead make a more detailed autobattle system
    Cav vs infantry = +20%
    Cav vs spear infantry = -20%
    Cav vs pikes = -40%
  16. e1.3.1 broke my game

    You can revert to a previous version through your Steam library -> properties -> beta -> choose the previous version.
    It could also be a broken mod.
  17. Cavalry advantage in simulations is reduced to 20% from 30% - Shouldn't these calculations be more complex?

    Shouldn't these values be more complex?
    Its very disappointing indeed, modders are starting to fix it, but so far I haven't seen any mod that makes all the checks on troop type.

    Why should they be? Real battles aren't.
    What? Is your game modded so every terrain is 100% plain with no features?
  18. Another quick patch has been pushed to Beta branch

    I know, but they could leave the militia part at least...
  19. Another quick patch has been pushed to Beta branch

    "Council of Commons policy effect was 1 influence per notable in the settlement, it is now 0.1 influence per notable. Also, +1 militia effect per notable is removed. "
    Ouch, it was a very strong policy, but now it is basically useless...
  20. I suck at commanding troops

    My strategy that works in 99% of the time is pressing F6 :smile:
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