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  1. NEW Kabuto and Armor For Gekokujo (Final version released)

    Hey there, so I followed the instructions as listed on page 1. It seems that when I get to the part where it says "processing INI" file it crashes, and then it says "unable to load Module/gekokujo/Resources/diversearmorandkabuto.brf". I double checked my module.ini, and at the bottom of the "load_mod_resources" list, I copy and pasted as written. I also followed the instruction for adding the items, into the item_kinds1 and then adding 46 to whatever number I had at the top. Has anyone encountered this issue before and knows how to possibly solve ? Perhaps where I went wrong?

    I am currently running the latest version of M&B:Warband which is 1.172


    UPDATE: I seemed to of fixed it. In the download, the module.ini file says this

    load_mod_resource = diversarmorandkabuto <--- add this the bottom of the "load_mod_resource" list

    issue is, the file in question is spelt diversearmorandkabuto, so fixing this typo in my module.ini file to say "load_mod_resource = diversearmorandkabuto" seems to of fixed it.
  2. 12eme Regiment d'infanterie de ligne - "First Into the Fray"

    Updated the original post with correct steam urls and Teamspeak 3 address
  3. 12eme Regiment d'infanterie de ligne - "First Into the Fray"

    Added server to the original post
  4. 12eme Regiment d'infanterie de ligne - "First Into the Fray"

    First Into The Frey. About the 12e The 12ème Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne is an active, fun, large, North American regiment that has regular events for members of our community to enjoy.  The 12e fields players mainly from the United States but men from Canada, Portugal, UK, Brazil...
  5. Official Bug Report Thread. Post all problems here!

    Greetings! I noticed I have received script error spams when going into large battles, in this case in particular france had 1500 men vs Prussia's ~500 men. I am using warband battlesizer to fit 250 total men on the screen so I am not sure if that's what causing the opcode spam but eventually this will flood my messages to where no messages of any kind will show for a few minutes. If battlesizer is causing this, then no worries I just did not know if maybe it's having too many men on a battle at one time was causing some script warnings or if it is something else. It is similar to what this user is experiencing
    khanraider said:
    When facing enemy's cavalry charge I got whole bunch of script errors - something about tactics and after that I don't see any logs - damage\killed\wounded etc.

    OPCODE 1770-1773 melee tactics

    Images are in the spoiler




  6. • 12ème Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne • (Recruiting North Americans and others)

    Just would like to bump this thread to simply have a link to the updated information about the regiment, the original poster contains a series of inactive links.
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