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  1. Money

    On public servers I believe you get 1 gold per minute played unless they changed it. The more cosmetics someone has, the longer they've played.

    Skirmish and captain used to give a lot of gold + bonuses for winning/MVP, but no one plays official servers for those modes anymore
  2. 1.1.4 multiplayer fixes

    Would you have any balancing suggestions?
    TDM servers with team damage on would be a great start IMO; maybe in addition to the current ones we have so new players still have a place to learn
  3. Reintroducing bastard weapons into MP

    There is no such thing as a “power blow” unless you mean an overhead with a crush trough weapon. I think there are 3(?) options there - battanian+sturgian mauls and the heavy menavlion.
  4. Unable to login since yesterday

    Verified game files (all validated successfully) and restarted+updated Steam and I'm able to log in again. Not sure if anything I did fixed it lol
  5. Unable to login since yesterday

    I’m using steam, not on a shared account. Seems like a lot of people are unable to login
  6. Is there a list of all the old weapons that were removed from multiplayer at one point or another?

    Archers are still very strong - especially khan's guard and palatine guard due to their polearms
  7. Unable to login since yesterday

    "Could not get access from your platform service." Login server down again?
  8. Unacceptable multiplayer server performance

    Nice one Sherlock
    A little misdirected frustration there bud?
  9. Unacceptable multiplayer server performance

    I have a friend that went to gamescom and asked about this and the answer he was given was "Servers have been vastly improved so if you see new issue you can report it on forum".

    They’re either delusional or intentionally dodging the question lol
  10. Performance... FPS

    More likely a computer and/or settings issue than a game issue. I have a weaker PC than you and get much better performance
  11. TW servers STILL crashing---

    Wouldn’t be surprised if server instability is the #1 reason MP has so few players
  12. the grund grind: a salty mutliplayer suggestion+complainment "thread"

    Agreed, and I think I made a post about this a while back too. The amount of cheesery attackers can do on siege makes a lot of maps unfun to defend. Seems like a lot of maps are designed to allow attackers to back cap with 0 consequences. Of course you could counter it with an organized defending team, but given the nature of public (or publicly accessible) servers it's almost impossible to coordinate people.
  13. After the game crashes while playing on a custom server, it becomes impossible to join it again.

    Yes, this seems to be an issue with custom servers. If you get this error message you have to wait till the server crashes or restarts to join it again. Thankfully since the servers crash a lot, you usually won't have to wait long xD

    edit: or restarts
  14. Can't connect to lobby

    Login servers appear to be down, I don't think it's a bug so much as no one will be able to log in until TW restarts them/fixes them. This seems to happen pretty frequently over the weekend, is there no one on call over the weekend to reboot the server?
    this is the answer
  15. Could not connect to server

    Login server appears to be down again. We'll have to wait for working hours in Turkey before they fix it, just like last time and the time before that lol
  16. Are the cRPG devs lying or TW really this bad?

    Correct. Native mutliplayer servers have been a disaster since launch and constant crashes are a primary reason for low player count IMO.
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