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  1. Unresolved Problem with serial key / purchase

    The bug has been redirected to the website team and should be changed promptly. In regards to your purchasing Issue, please fill out and submit the support form below:

    If you're still having issues after contacting support, please reply here; If the issue is solved, please remember to change the 'status' on the thread title to solved.
    I tried to send the form but it said "Couldn't post your support request!"
    Okay yeah just checked and now i can buy NW and will, but cant fill out the form here on this link so i can get a refund for With Fire & Sword
  2. Unresolved Problem with serial key / purchase

    I bought NW directly from Taleworlds today but got the With Fire & Sword serial key, can i somehow change it for NW or get a refund so I can buy the NW one? Tried to buy NW again but every time I get sent to With Fire & Sword billing info
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