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  1. New Siege change is not Good!

    After playing in the new 1.1.3 Sieges are not the same, The garrisons are basically useless as im seeing the best of cities from the Start get taken out, Within the first 4 days Vlandia takes out Maranauth with 500 defenders vs 700 man army, Today i seen the north with 1100 troops start sieging...
  2. Need More Info Player Expel/ Defection

    Do you have a save file of the session that you experienced this issue? With your save file, we can reproduce the issue much easier and faster. You can find your save file here: "C:\Users\username\Documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Game Saves"
    To send us a ticket, please visit the site and login to your forum account from the top right. Click on "My Account" and then click on "My Open Tickets". You can create a ticket there and include the save file as well as the forum link of this thread. You can find more info about how to upload files to us with the new ticketing system here. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!
    This isnt in my playthrough right now as im currently getting my PC repaired, But in general i am saying that there is a Clan expel option in the Kingdom tab and its always at 0%, I had a idea to where if clans have no influence or always low they are not contributing to the kingdom and that should up the % of clan expel, its just a idea since theres really no way for clans to peave kingdoms since the defection rate was lowered by almost impossible to leave kingdoms, back in 1.7 the weaker the kingdom got, the more clans left overtime, and it was nice so you wouldnt need to pay 2-5k gold to the dying kingdoms when they would raid everything you own in there spawn location, IMO i liked when they left weaker kingdoms and made others stronger.
  3. Need More Info Player Expel/ Defection

    Hello everyone reading this, first hope everyone is doing well, I wanted to say in my many playthroughs over 800 hours been playing since beta launch, I believe taleworld has forgotten that they have a Clan expell option in kingdom discisions, its never been used by AI and Takes a lot on...
  4. What are the current conditions needed for pregnancy ?

    The AI does indeed cheat for this, When the game checks to see if a couple is together, if they're not part of the player's clan, they have a 20% chance to skip the check and just be considered in the same spot.
    I personally play long playthroughs, i can get maybe 20 kids and marry the boys keep the girls, get 20 more. they get kids bla bla bla, if you can get 2-3 its solid, and later on keep them all in your party wait from time to time, thats my method, if its really not working for you its unfortunate as its usually consistant for me
  5. What are the current conditions needed for pregnancy ?

    It helps getting You and your spouse the first perk of charm, 30% more likely to get pregnant. Having a positive relation. Waiting in settlements. You should be able to get around 2-3 kids pretty fast. After some time If you want more or just unlucky of not having, You can use commands using Campaign.concieve child
  6. Modded Bug found recruiting minor clans

    If you don't have the Allegiance Overhaul mod, they will most likely leave and take their fiefs with them, because they have still mercenary logic and this is the real bug here.

    There should be always a way to convert a mercenary clan into a real vassal clan.
    Yes a player also told me after a year or so they still end up leaving, i didnt test it that long as it seemed too cheesy but thought was interesting
  7. Modded Bug found recruiting minor clans

    I found a cool bug last night recruiting a minor clan as a vassal of my kingdom. Basically I dont know how this worked or if its a rare situation, I dont know if it will work for everyone everytime or not, anyways i own a kingdom. Most powerful and we are fighting the south that are destroyed, I...
  8. Resolved Towns missing Militia

    Forwarded to the QA team for further investigation. We will reach out again if we need more information. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!
    Its seems to happen at all fiefs with really low loyalty, people have videos of it happening since 2021, when loyalty is low the militia does not help, But if they are nlt going to help in sims then take it out of loaded in battles as well? Thank you for the response
  9. Militia wont help in a siege

    It does sound kind of weird and inconsistent that they only bow out of simulated sieges and not the actual battles. You'd think that they'd refuse to help in both.
    thats why im thinking its a bug, i get why they wont fight but if its like that than take them out of non simulated battles as well
  10. Militia wont help in a siege

    It's always been like that, militia at low loyalty won't help.

    edit: from last year
    Has it wow! The thing is im having the same problem But if you go to the siege the militia is there, But not in simulations
  11. Militia wont help in a siege

    Loyalty is at 9. If i load into the siege map the militia appears, But if im simulating its only the garrison

  12. Resolved Clans are unrealistically expensive

    We are marking this thread as resolved as the requested information has not been provided. Please feel free to reach us again if you experience any issues.
    Bro this is 2021 lmao
  13. Resolved Towns missing Militia

    In my sandbox i am around 60 years in and I notice some towns that say they have 700 defenders but than a army takes them almost insantly. I was wondering how i noticed when the army was sieging the militia that had around 300 none were being wounded and after the garrison was at 0 with 300...
  14. Why cant we Recruit new spawned clans?

    Because the AI gets to cheat for everything and the player has to waste campaign time for everything so the AI can re-build all it's armies because there's nothing else in the game! You can recruit them AFTER they join a normal faction, isn't that useless?
    Im told they are Rebel factions that turn into clans. Still doesnt make sence why i cant recruit them but others can
  15. Why cant we Recruit new spawned clans?

    During the Mid-late game i see many new clans spawn on the world, some declare war on you, I notice overtime factions will recruit these clans for example Volgs Clan. I can peace out with them but theres no dialogue to offer them to join the faction. But other clans can and I just want to know...
  16. Easier way to hire mercenaries

    I was trying to recruit some mercenaries at a desperate time for my kingdom but i usually never stumble apon the clan leader, and i dont want to hunt them down when sometimes they leave in 20 seconds after hiring, if we could somehow toggle like Auto hire or be able to send messenger’s or...
  17. Need More Info Bannerlord killing GPU??

    I have a 3080 with a water cooler and the game still runs decently hot. Im told its a maintenance problem
  18. A question about city/castle management

    They have policies in the kingdom to have more loyalty in settlements, i believe up to +4-5, plus perks. You would need to level up a engineer that is the same culture as the city/castle to avoid the culture governor effect. Changing to festival takes immediate effrct but depending on the castles state is why its loyalty might be dropping. You can hover over the loyalty and see why its so low. Most times its a new conquered city or castle and they have low food.
  19. Marriage Proposals

    I want to suggest for marriage proposals if we can have it made to have the name of the future wife/husband to be able to click their name once you open up the proposal message, so than we can look at their stats and see if they have any value
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