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  1. Patch Notes v1.1.0

    I used bata 1.1.0. Should I change to normal 1.1.0 or remain beta 1.1.0?
  2. I think defender's advantage on siege battle got deleted.

    During the 1k hour playtime, I have watched the siege between many AIs and participated in many siege battles. What I learned from that is that there is an advantage on the defense side in the siege when auto resolving. The offense needed about three times the number of defensive forces to win...
  3. Resolved [beta 1.1.0]ALL crafted weapons have double and triple weight upon savegame reload

    oh.. it is why my one handed 5 tier axe deals 400 ~ 500 damage.. right? (crafted one)
    it originally was 1.1,, now 7.5.
  4. Resolved [1.1.0 beta] influence and relation bug

    Summary: 1. battle influence not received when other nobles engaged. 2. relation with 'some' nobles set to -100 problem 1 is well known. problem 2 is that I noticed now. I am a mercenary right now. I never did hostile act with 'ergeon', 'rhagaea' and 'serandon'. when I noticed that I had -100...
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