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  1. Questions and Answers (Q&A)

    Thank you for your reply, now I will upgrade to a fort. Really enjoying your mod.
  2. Questions and Answers (Q&A)

    HI, regarding the outposts,
    . will the next patch allow the player to stay @ the outpost.?
    . At the moment during the walk around there is no structures visible, will this be enabled in next patch.
    Really enjoying your mod . Cheers
  3. Bug Reporting HQ

    Hi, having problem with colonists/ slaves disappearing, all resources are ok, garrisoned high grade fort established too. Also when will production start in colony?
    thanks for assist. cheers
  4. Bugs reporting thread

    Hi, built outpost as per instructions , options walk around etc shown but no structure evident. trained up to necessary skill levels in mining and lumberjack, hired miners and lumber jacks, bought necessary tools but after building lumber mill and mine site could not mine ore or cut lumber. Appreciate this mod and thanks heaps for sharing it, still problem leaving Sargoth after buying a business.
  5. Official Suggestions Thread

    Great mod mate, please can you make a screen shot of the game map? cheers
  6. Whats not done and known issues

    Hi mate, having problem with establishment of mine and timber mill, have trained to novice levels through guilds in fishing, mining and lumber cutting. Gathered all  material and tools  but unable to construct structures, have hired novices in fishing, mining and lumber too . Bought sickles etc .
    Knowing your mod is still work in progress, got to say really enjoying the great stuff you have done.
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