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  1. Patch Notes v1.1.2

    to all DEVS, can we please have more then 3 maps in TDM

    have optional head armor

    have optional shoulder armor

    (no the factions hats don't look good)

    you can have the option be client side if it is too difficult to develop

    fix the current animations

    fix the worn shields

    post a roadmap for multiplayer

    program XP and Loot events for mp

  2. Add Practical Emotes

    yes and make them simple to access

    just like the SP game

    or with CTRL + numpad
  3. bug and glitch fixes version 1.1

    hello Devs 1. please fix the hair clipping in all helmets and hats. furthermore, make the Head Armor optional, with a checkbox, maybe even make it a hide option, client-side if too difficult and shoulder armor too. 2.animations, the female stances look kind of sissy and maybe you're right...
  4. add more maps for TDM mode in customs

    I don't like random spawns in TDM, id very diffucult to join forces with clan mates or friends

    but If they fix the spawn points, all the combat will be in the middle of the map, impacting the server and taxing some low-end clients
  5. Greedalicious's Competitive Commentating topic

    I salute you, thanks for the effort

    Bannerlord is sometimes buggy, but it its a marvel of a game

    During these steam spring sales the other "similar" game is only 8usd. but is not even close in terms of immersion and quality to bannerlord that is still 36usd

    we need to to bring people to Mutliplayer.
  6. Game at x2 speed, bugs, packet loss and more..

    Yeah I made a post about the animations (females), also noticed the worn textures on shields, I kind of hate it

    The devs are pulling a COD Warzone, killing the game so they can move on.

    They need to revert the animations, patch the game so it becomes more stable.

    Improve loot, release more items

    Make sure the login engine works even if they're gone, so we don't lose all our cosmetics.

  7. Female animations

    Hello guys, did the devs changed female running and stance animations? regards
  8. We were wrong about the class system...

    Ironic that now CRPG is losing steam for the complete opposite reasons. Instead of everything being so broken good that nothing is fun to play because the whole game is just cheese city, theyve crafted a new combat where everything is so weak that its equally unfun, but at least now the servers are almost stable and we can look the way we want.
    +1 being enjoying the game since release, bugs and all.

    but oh god how I wanted to see the cRPG version, I tried it, and like it, but it didn't take, lost steam, got old.

    crpg developers went the above and beyond with the mod but ultimatly it caters to only them and a few selected members

    so I still play bannerlord vanilla multiplayer, got lots of items unlocked, and I'm going to continue to play from time to time until the login servers close

    classes were fine, it was just the crashes that upset everyone.
  9. Player Banner String (200) chars

    dear TaleWorlds Developers: Please increase the size of the chain of characters for the player banner on multiplayer. I hear is currently capped at 100, please increase it to 200 at least. kind regards
  10. Lack of customisation in Bannerlord MP

    they need to sale loot packs

    and make optional helmets and shouder armor, those "cultural" hats are awful
  11. Why would you "release" the game with broken servers?

    yes you said it, MONEY, they care little for MP, all streamers are playing campaign
  12. Post-Release Plans for Multiplayer?

    plans for MP?

    fix the crashes
    loot/XP events
    loot sales
    Spectator mode with streaming tools please.

    and REPLAY RECORDINGS make this, flood youtub with videos and more players could return, and even more could buy the game
  13. well well well, you just murdered the last straw for mp

    Mechanics: still awful
    Servers: still crashing literally every map
    Suggestions: ignored completely
    Community: Dead on arrival
    Everything the closed beta testers predicted: coming to pass.
    and still the BEST medieval sim/combat out there.

    so much that haters and fanbois of other titles come here to recruit.

    believe you me, I'm a medieval junkie I have them all.
  14. Servers Downtime

    Which is shame, as it's the better part of the game.
    sadly no, most players just play and replay the campaign, their cav going thru looters, recreating helms deep battle and use Game of thrones mods.

    which is perfectly fine but I wish the developers finally fix the constant crashes.

    and while they're at it, take a look to cRPG mod, they should try to figure it out why no one plays vanilla mp anymore.
  15. Listen to this voice. Everything is in a very bad state!

    1 god's day servers did not work properly and it will never work properly i note it here (they couldn't, There's a problem they can't get over)
    that is TRUE and others may not believe it but that IS the only issue on this multiplayer game. SAD taleworlds don't get their act together.

    SAD they release on 25th and consoles wont be crossplay with pc, we needed more players bad.

    I think i recall saying that some people refuse to give money to Epic Games, but they're a small minority compared to people who'd pony up if it means playing a better medieval multiplayer game.

    I don't mind the platform, being steam, or epic IF the game is worth it. heck I have epic games titles that require OTHER launchers.

    And to what other title you refer? mordhau? chiva2? that's hilarious its like comparing "war thunder" to "Il-2 Sturmovik", call of duty to ArmA series.

    I have them in my library, didn't refund them, don't play them anymore, the better medieval multiplayer game is bannerlord.

    cRPG being a work in progress constantly tweaking mechanics, already killed the vanilla servers, its full or with enough players 24/7 at least in my time zone. still we are few players, but Bannerlord as Warband is a niche game not a medieval cod and will never be an e-sport.
  16. Friendly Fire

    -1 to the friendly fire in tdm, siege, skirmish, and cRPG!

    "oh we have FF on so watch out how you play! but it is REDUCED damage"

    why reduced damage? make it full! face the consequences

    having FF on is dumb imho
  17. Fix these servers

    so, taleworlds care very little about multiplayer.

    I care very little for their lore.

    1. FIX the servers
    2. Release elf, orc, giant, halfling morphs and races (you already have support for mods)
    3. Multiple Multiplayer profiles or characters.
    4. Have all the gear optional in loadout.

  18. Item customization when

    You can also make multiple chars already but the process is a bit convoluted.
    I'm playing it most of the time, It is very good, but like we said it's getting there to cRPG 1 standards.

    can you direct me or elaborate how to make another char?

    I mean without having another steam account and BL copy?
  19. Item customization when

    cRPG is not quite there yet, people running naked with 4 stacks of jarids are plain retarded, tin cans with 2 xbows, etc.

    vanilla NEEDS to allow removing or changing armour.

    cRPG NEEDS to:

    slot limit, i.e: jarids take 2 slots, xbow takes two slots

    skill and attribute requirements

    multiple chars

    just like original cRPG
  20. Getting disconnected from the lobby, cannot join any server

    launcher has 2 options single and multi.

    if I press multiplayer, we're asked to log in, OF COURSE I want to login that's why I chose multiplayer.

    If I press exit, I want to exit the game, not log out.

    FIX that ****

    Taleworlds I always speak good of you and recommend your games but since you killed multiplayer and the console version won't have crossplay, I don't know anymore.

    to all the community server hosts, you insist in battle mode, please consider reducing drastically the round time to 3 minutes or so, only the prima donnas delay the game, or host TDM and siege that goes to GK and cRPG
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