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  1. TheBard ✂

    BEAST - Bannerlord Early Access Skirmish Tournament

    Any word when by now? Kinda wanna know too so I see if I have time for the tourney.
  2. TheBard ✂

    Player introductions

    Ressurecting this topic because now I'm actually able to commentate matches. Please submit the info asked, and provide a picture and it'll be shown in the pre-game for matches you're taking part in.
    Updated mine, even though I dont expect to be in a preview :'D You should cover thge Draft Cup on the 11th. x)
  3. TheBard ✂

    BEAST - Bannerlord Early Access Skirmish Tournament

    Any info on the proper starting date yet? If not, fine, I'm just curious.
  4. TheBard ✂

    Servers Downtime

    Also devs i have an idea for you, get a group of modders and server hosts (That actually care about the game) they will fix your server problems in a day.
    Instead of that garbage like knockdown on lances gets pushed into live release despite the feature being gamey, shoddy designed, unreliable and an RNG ****fest. "It could make a good thing with adjustment". No, not even with adjustments, but devs didn't even bother to adjust it for months now, another "Cru$hthrough story". Can't even say I'm sad, surprised or anything, I'm used to it now. 🤡
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    Servers Downtime

    Are they coming back online today or should we rather wait one week?
  6. TheBard ✂


    Big surprise. There are no clan tournaments from prominent Warbands community leaders. Enjoy the dead game. I bet on the wrong stock, oh well. Not directed at you by the way.
    Tournaments were there for some time and of decent quality, BEAST had 8 iterations. It's basically what kept the game alive so far.
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    Cavalry Needs a Nerf

    Non-Cavalry classes are fast enough as of now.
  8. TheBard ✂

    Why is cav Knockdown in Multi ???

    Hey! As far as i understood these were added some months ago and never became active until this patch. I personally think this could be a nice feature for the MP but not at this current state, because obviously it is not balanced at all.
    Good thing is it only effects some lances for now, will talk with some people and decide what to do - technically - asap.

    Thanks for the feedbacks!
    We've been already there with Crushthrough, let's please for the love of god don't repeat this. It wont be possible to balance, same as with the "nice feature" crushthrough.
    remove and done. cya in 17 weeks.
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    Cavalry Needs a Nerf

    As to cav and why they topscore:
    Cavalry are the damage dealers of your team, while the task of infantry, much like in warfare it always was, is to take in the damage if necessary and hold areas.
    You can't win a flag fight just by cav and cav alone can often do nothing if their inf is not enabling them so each of both do their job.
    As for public: they're way too uncoordinated, so cav goes rampage there, because people are not aware of their location or have neither the knowledge nor means of skill to stop a good player.

    We can talk about balance to many lengths, but it's the usual sorting of the table that cavs on top and stems from the nature of the class.
  10. TheBard ✂

    Why is cav Knockdown in Multi ???

    I have to add that the Lance in itself as a piece of equipment has now a very high value.
    It's very important to deny the enemy team the usage. You also want it for yourself.
  11. TheBard ✂

    Why is RM still unbanned?

    I'll give you credits for the attempt of making drama and going even this low as to bring out non-profable arguments from beast 1 which happened almost 2 years ago + random mumbling coming out of your ass, however I haven't seen what exactly RM break in terms of rules as a team, if you have any ideas, please share, preferable with proofs.
    There is proof. And they later on admitted that it "was necessary to get to the finals".
    I was even accused of fixing the ladder by Jufasto because he's literally to stupid to read a tournament tree. So... idk.
  12. TheBard ✂

    Why is RM still unbanned?

    I mean regarding the dot they hit a nerve here, Koso bragged about it in pickup games, shema uploaded a video with it. Yes, that's not the proof that they use it in official - your call to judge, not mine, but considering the fact that a player from RM brought this up to the admins and in private conversations with me it was claimed by both Jufasto and Koso that the dot gives an advantage and they brought in a couple of instances of where and how... i just don't know...

    Then there is the fact of fixing in BEAST 1 - again, RM admitted to it later to be true in Discord chats, in private convos etc etc etc when they thought noone would care or when the proof is too late too poor etc...

    Then there is the instance of the cavalry bug which was discovered and then abused relentlessly by RM. DM followed suite there quite quickly, but hey - just another incident, right?

    The audacity to say that "Neto has to pay", teasering and/or admitting to infringements of the rules with the notion of "what can you do there is no proof" is beyond me as well.

    You can't bring in the argument of "DM is equal/worse" either since they dont play and RM still felt the audacity and the need to break the rules and get back at people when it is clear that they are winning without DM being around to try to stop them.

    I will not count the endless arguments, insults, calls of bias etc dished out by Jufasto and the general poor conduct, but c'est la vie. And that's just what my brain cooked up in the first 10 minutes when I think about this.

    Edit: It's just sad that there is no fairplay.
  13. TheBard ✂

    MEET THE TEAM - Deutschritter Avaritia

    Hello everyone! I’m back at the interviews and the first one has been just done. Less talking, more reading, I guess, I’ll go straight to the point... I spoke this time with Deutschritter Avaritia, which is, by chance, the team I play in this season, so this is a break of tradition, I did not...
  14. TheBard ✂

    [Beast 8] Suggestions

    The problem which is displayed when someone disconnects is that the reconnect feature by TaleWorlds is not reliable. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not.
  15. TheBard ✂

    dr(german) servers do not crash, taleworlds please use their code

    EU gets all the fancy toys while NA is on life support :\
    @Gotha created these little tools himself. Find yourself a host to create them.
  16. TheBard ✂

    EU Skirmish Completed Beast 8 Sign ups

    I mean for me it just sounds like u've got a personal vendetta with div A teams, cuz they critisized u for being biased.
    If I'd go on my vendetta, it would be a bloody one and justice to be served! ?
  17. TheBard ✂

    EU Skirmish Completed Beast 8 Sign ups

    It's not about WANTING to be harassed or taking harassment as granted, but realistically, what are u gonna do about it? If u ban everyone who is toxic to you as an admin, then ur not gonna have a tournament. If I look at Division A right now, if everyone who has ever been toxic would be banned (and yeah, that's me included), there would maybe be like 15 players left.

    Also, while I get u, hosting a tournament doesn't grant you immunitiy from criticism. And while some people are actually blatantly insulting admins etc, others are criticizing them fairly, which for some reason is also taken as "insults". I think that's the major issue here. People take criticism as insults, because everyone reacts differently to words said.
    I mean, what can you do, you can ban them? You just pointed it out yourself what could be done. Where is the issue with banning half of Div A for being absolute baboons when it comes to interaction with the admins and generally the people in this community? The rest of the tournament teams is not doing anything like the clown show in Div A, so yeah, I gotta say, krex pointed it quite well with:
    feeling more and more like removing div A might actually be a good idea lol
    Meant it actually half serious as a troll, but gotta back you up there buddy, it might actually be a good idea.

    To be fair, BEAST#7 was quite the ****show, with rules being changed mid-tournament etc. So I do understand people wanting a change in host & administration
    Well, four months (!) of time and noone wanted to host their own thing. Just asking for BEAST to be handed over after saying the entire thing is garbage is kinda a non-starter either. In the end, I think more than 10 people approached me and asked if I'd be up for hosting BEAST because there are not enough capable souls of hosting themselves. Very sad, but that's the way it is.
  18. TheBard ✂

    EU Skirmish Completed Beast 8 Sign ups

    I mean Bard ngl.. but if u actually get tilted over insults from a gaming community that's known for excessive toxicity, then u shouldn't be hosting a tournament in the first place. And u can't rly say "many in Div A".. it was like maybe 10 ppl that insulted the admin team.
    Or, you know, Admins can go and remove people from the competition who act too dumb or insult too much. Also works.
    In the end, the only thing I did here, is arguing your bull****. Because certainly, you are oversimplifying stuff to an extend it just serves your argumentation while absolutely ignoring the rest.
  19. TheBard ✂

    EU Skirmish Completed Beast 8 Sign ups

    Div A? U mean war, right? Cuz u cant rly force ppl, who's houses are bombed, to play a final. And even without playing the final. Who gives a ****.. just call it a draw and thats that.

    ??? Popowicz asked Aeronwen to host one, after she looked for hosts and she didn't respond to him (twice). Maybe simp less for her and actually check what ppl plan to do?
    I mean, you're simplifying this a lot, while I do not intend to back up the Admins on everything, maybe the poor human conduct displayed by many in Div A is one of the reasons that admins just are not as interested to host? Ever conceived the idea that you dont wanna get insulted 24/7?
  20. TheBard ✂

    EU Skirmish Completed Beast 8 Sign ups

    So, we've waited for 4 months now, 4 months in which a new tournament could have been hosted.. and now u announce it for July, where like 80% of the playerbase will go on vacation. Great planning there, ngl. @Ikea Knight
    Div A is the reason for the 4 months of waiting, dont blame it on admins lol.
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