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  1. Sanctumm

    In Progress I've been 6 1/2 weeks in and out of prison. With nothing to stop it. 'Immersive gameplay'.

    you can drop some items and kill some horses :razz: then you get 6.0 travel speed or something - so you can escape
  2. Sanctumm

    Need More Info Sanala - Spawn bugged in siege

    Summary: SO at the front gate there is some wagons inside the town - 3 wagons - At these 3 wagons there is always some stuck at those wagons - when i am defending i get stuck at the 3 wagons while i am mounted - i can sometimes move out.. How to Reproduce: Siege at Sanala Have you used cheats...
  3. Sanctumm

    Need More Info Follower not escaping Sea raider Hideout

    Finally got him out - he was in a hideout WAY OFF "Show hero location on map"
    For some reason this tool does not work for this situation
  4. Sanctumm

    Need More Info Follower not escaping Sea raider Hideout

    Summary: I lost a battle to a bunch of sea Raiders. I escaped so did 2 of my followers but the last follower is still in capture for 50 days now. I tried to clear all the hideouts near "Show hero´s location on map" and kill all sea raiders nearby but he is not escaped yet - i cant kick him from...
  5. Sanctumm

    Resolved 1.80 beta - Men stuck in towers in siege scenery

    Summary: i layed siege to seanon and to marunath both seems to have some bugs. Some men get spawned inside towers which have no exists How to Reproduce: Try to lay siege to these and see if some men bug Have you used cheats and if so which: none Scene Name (if related): seanon and marunath
  6. Sanctumm

    Play as companion/random unit when main is dead in combat

    As the title says After 1400 hours of playtime this is a feature i really miss In combat when main dies you get an option to play either as one of your companions or when they are dead as a regular unit - dont have to get commander ability just the option to be able to keep being engaged in the game
  7. Sanctumm

    Which Series of Old Games Have You Replayed During Bannerlord EA?

    World of warcraft, Enlisted and oxygen not included :smile: only games i find some fun in
  8. Sanctumm

    Smithing is so broken

    Beta mate :grin:
    This is not a stable release and go to technical and report issues :smile: thats what we do on beta releases
  9. Sanctumm

    In Progress 1.8.0 Smithing has reset

    playing Ironman mode if thats makes it any different
  10. Sanctumm

    In Progress 1.8.0 Smithing has reset

    Summary: Ive Been leveling up smithing (capping 2H swords to 254 parts) - But today when i load the save game its gone back to 4 parts unlocked - same goes for every other weapon recipies How to Reproduce: Havent tried to reproduce it Have you used cheats and if so which: NO cheats Scene Name...
  11. Sanctumm

    Anyone else noticed an increase of crashes in 1.7 while loading sieges

    As the title says anyone else had more crashes then usual or is it just me
    ive had 1 crash :smile: aroun 30+ hours in - So not anything that is eye catching
  12. Sanctumm


    Can only agree - mb2 is imo a masterpiece of a game that just keep getting polished and shine Even more - good job :grin: love the game 1100+ hours so far
  13. Sanctumm

    Resolved 1.6.5 - Clan button to make a Kingdom is not showing

    Ive just left Vlandia and kept 2 castles (small castles) I am currently Tier 4 But i cannot make my own Kingdom - The Icon itself is not showing - tried to reload the game but still not there
  14. Sanctumm

    Understanding trade penalty

    Those bonuses is for blacksmithed weapons? I noticed i can sell crafted stuff for more with less penalty on trade items/equipment
  15. Sanctumm

    1.6 beta companions in castles doesnt join

    For whatever reason only 1 of my 4 Companions can join me when entering a Castle I use these companions to take backstreet, waterfront etc I had it working 2 times where 3 companions joined me when i was a tier 1 clan but didnt work most of the time
  16. Sanctumm

    Custom Troops

    One of the most loved features in the mods of Warband was the posiblity of making your own Troop trees, giving them the armor and weapons you wanted to enhance your play style, i was really sad to found that this feature was not included in the base game since in medieval armies nobles always equiped their armies at their will
    I mean, i love what you did with the vanilla troops trees, but sometimes i want to expand my gameplay and this is one of the best ways to do it

    Oh ya would be so sweet
  17. Sanctumm

    Custom troop tree

    This has probarly been suggested before:) Would love to see a system where you can manage your own troop tree Choosing equipment from a large pool for each tier
  18. Sanctumm

    1.6 - dropping items rewards way less experienc3

    Ya but its not scaling right aswell :grin: tried to drop a 250k bow but would only get 300 exp for my army...
  19. Sanctumm

    1.6 - dropping items rewards way less experienc3

    I like the system where you can unlock army upgrade from discarded weapons/armor in the steward perks But when playing today it has been nerfed to the ground Discarding item worth 40k+ only gives the army 300 Exp where as before the army got around 32k Experience Please fix it ❤
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