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  1. OctaviusBigboi

    BL Coding One Mesh, Multiple Textures

    Warband and Bannerlord are ages apart in video games history. The former runs on an engine released in 2005 and the latter runs on an engine released in 2020. I cannot tell for sure, but I am confident none of the options above applies to Bannerlord; logic tells me so even though I have not ever touched Bannerlord.

    Yea I thought so, hopefully someone may know a work around for this, however I fear that the mechanic may not actually be in within the games current capabilities.

    Little annoying as it'd really help with optimization.

    Thank you very much for your input.
  2. OctaviusBigboi

    BL Coding One Mesh, Multiple Textures

    1. Is this thread about Bannerlord or Warband? I know it is tagged 'WB', although the mesh in question looks very 'BL'-ish (I assume it is about the former game),
    2. always ask a question and end it with a question mark to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings on readers' part,
    3. if I have understood your topic's main point correctly, Warband engine is very straightforward and it allows one material to be bound to a mesh. To bypass it and allow new things, you may want to:
      • create new meshes with new materials assigned by duplication and replace them on an agent in a mission through scripting (the most cumbersome method; proceed to it only if you need these new meshes anyway for different purposes),
      • change materials of the mesh with HLSL shader scripts (very advanced),
      • use cur_item_set_material operation to render the mesh with a new material,
      • maybe try out WSE scripting to explore new possibilities.

    Thank you for your response.

    Apologies it was for Bannerlord, I wasn't thinking when I tagged it all up. Tags have now been updated.

    I assume this method doesn't apply for BL?
  3. OctaviusBigboi

    BL Coding One Mesh, Multiple Textures

    Hello everyone, I am currently getting to the end of a custom armour project I have been working on. I have a question I have been unable to find the answer for, having one mesh yet multiple textures tied onto that mesh. I can obviously make separate copies of the mesh and change the material...
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