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  1. Constant disconnecting for skirmish clan matches

    I'm jealous you can play skirmish. Maybe I should join a clan.
  2. cRPG has only a week and already killed Vanilla

    Hey here's an idea to pay for the servers. Add a max 5% character death for the highest level characters and then charge a dollar for resurrections.
  3. cRPG has only a week and already killed Vanilla

    Another solution, since "the grind is fun" and I agree to an extent that the experience of being a peasant can be fun, is that they max the normal level at 20 or something, and then give people the option to "become elite" which allows them to continue leveling but creates a small risk of character death when downed in fights. If the grind is fun and the game needs new peasants it seems like a way to solve some issues.
  4. cRPG has only a week and already killed Vanilla

    I have to say after playing crpg and going back to vanilla battle, crpg has to do something about underpowered spears.
  5. cRPG has only a week and already killed Vanilla

    My suggestion for crpg or any leveling game like it it is to make progression an unlock system like rogue-like games have, but make sure that the things you unlock (with the exception of higher tier equipment) be optional perks that change your play style but aren't better than any other perk.
    For example: all new characters can allocate all of their stats points as if they were max level, but everyone has 3 perk slots, and level 1 characters only have access to three perks. One perk might be that the player has +5% hp. No other perk is better at giving you hp than this perk. As you level, you can unlock different perks. One might give you long reach and let you pick up throwables off horseback. Maybe one gives you armor pen on arrows.
    The point is, that you can design a system that allows players to want to progress and play with more interesting combos (and get more pricey gear), but also have a system that allows new players to still play around with combinations (though stat selection and basic gear loadouts) and still be effective in the game.
  6. Will players return to the Captain game mode, on full release date?

    I can't even get a captain or skirmish map. Estimated time is unreliable. If TW implements a background queue while I play custom games, I would queue, but waiting x minutes with no guarantee of a game is a pointless waste of time (as if there are pointed wastes of time?)
  7. cRPG has only a week and already killed Vanilla

    CRPG is fun, and I loved the gear customization and skill point allocation, but "play to win" mechanics can become tedious if not managed correctly. Vanilla MP has a point with class selection and perk selection: There's going to be a meta and there's going to be crappy configurations that don't work, so let's just not have them.
    CRPG has a point: customizing gear is super fun, looks cool, and sometimes running around without clothes and a crossbow is hilarious.
  8. I hate combat

    That would just lead to people block-spamming in response. And while it would be pretty funny to watch, trying to manipulate erratic animation positions isn't what this game is about. The clipping is essentially random.

    I don't agree that the clipping is essentially random. I think it can be purposeful and highly effective at causing confusion (though I will admit that it is a failure on my part to not wait for the block sound cue)
    As far as I can tell, the method is to prep a swing in a left or right direction, let's use left for this example, then turn quickly to the right and just as the weapon model nears the enemy (you need to stay close to make it convincing) you then feint to the opposite side (right in this example) which will likely cause the weapon to clip through the guard of the defender.
    What makes this especially ridiculous is that the feinter can now prep their right side attack and land it before the defender can drop their guard and swing. I understand why this is to make feints work at all, but the visual confusion caused by weapons clipping through other weapons and shield when in feint mode and not when in swing mode is very frustrating.
  9. I hate combat

    My biggest complaint about the combat in this game is the feints that clip through your block. If your block connects with a feint it should count as a block and you should get "priority" That would fix so much that's wrong with feinting.
    As for people on auto swing, you need to either block and then go in or you need to out footwork and time a swing after their swing as you step in.
  10. Defending against Vlandians feels like defending against Nazi Blitzkrieg

    I was going to talk about choosing mobility to outplay the sergeant, but then I realized you were talking about siege. Sorry, don't know what to say, serg is good at taking and holding points.
  11. *Eight simple ways to improve Banner lord multiplayer and a poll to see the priority.

    I just want to point out that the round shield thing ends up being super useful when defending against arrows while climbing ladders in several situations.
  12. Why is the word Blade censored?

    Yeah please drop the censorship or give players the option. fyi the "meth" in "something" gets filtered.
  13. Official battle mode server fix when?

    I wouldn't expect them to fix the official battle servers until the next patch since the community battle servers are up.
  14. Multiplayer campaign (Co-op)

    I agree, simply participating in battles as a captain would be enough for me. Remember Battle Time for Warband? That was awesome!
  15. can custom servers have their own matchmaking?

    Yes someone could rollout their own match making, but that's putting the cart before the horse. You would need a lot of players cycling through games in order to justify separating them by any sort of rank. Battle Royale tends to do that anyway by the nature of the format of the game. If someone were to build a battle royale game mode and 500+ people were queuing at any given time, it might make sense to start separating them.
  16. This is why cavalry in captains mode is trash.

    That's super weird. I don't play captain but that's not how the horse collision looks in TDM or battle or siege. When you get hit by a horse if it isn't reared by an attack it doesn't stop, you get pushed aside or knocked down
  17. Meme Perk Suggestion Thread

    Empire -> Menavlion -> Tornado
    Removes turning speed cap and adjusts mouse sensitivity and dpi settings to maximum, which cannot be changed while this perk is active.
  18. Why can't i use bastard sword 1h without shield now?

    You're not wrong, though I'm still salty about how they removed the Falx's bastard sword status.
    Yeah I'm not sure I understand why so many bastard sword options were removed. There are plenty of good cases where a 2hander might want to pick up a shield to get cover from arrow fire and still use their prime weapon. Almost all spears are like this.
  19. Why can't i use bastard sword 1h without shield now?

    Old thread is old, since bastard weapons are all but gone save for the Khuzait Glaive and Heavy Glaive.
    I believe the sturgian heavy cav still has a bastard axe.
  20. Meme Perk Suggestion Thread

    Give a totally reasonable and easy to implement perk that will help balance the game. I'll start: Vlandia -> Knight -> Raise the Levy (Battle Mode Only): When an ally within 15 meters is killed, they respawn nearby as a peasant with a random perk loadout and 25 hit points.
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