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  1. deuxhero

    Save Previous Hideout Party Selection

    Yes. No idea why it defaults to cavalry for me.
  2. deuxhero

    New sandbox option: "Custom Start"

    To avoid every play starting with the same early game, I present an idea shamelessly based on an option from X4. What?: Custom Start would be an alternative option to the vanilla basic start that starts the player off with nothing but some tier 2 equipment and small amount of money. Upon...
  3. deuxhero

    Slings for Sturgia

    Sturgia's ranged infantry AND horsemen are bad, which makes the faction rather meh since other factions are at least mediocre in areas outside of their expertise. To address this, I propose giving Sturgia slings. Slings would work with Sturgia's established favoring of throwing weapons (slings...
  4. deuxhero

    Rename/Nickname Companions in Singleplayer

    Agree. Mods already let you do this and I've used it a few time. The one I remember most is turned "the Alone" into "Among-Friends" since it didn't make sense for them to keep that title once part of my party.
  5. deuxhero

    More bolts per quarrel

    Currently all elite crossbow men have only one quarrel to hold a shield, making them worse ranged units than bowmen due to their highly limited ammo supply. Bolts and arrows are also very samey in item properties. I think one way to fix both of these would be to make bolts have more bolts...
  6. deuxhero

    Even Cheaper Crossbow: Crude Crossbow

    The new 1.8 Crossbows are great, but they have one problem: Even the cheapest crossbow is still way out of reach of a new character. To fix this, I propose adding yet another light crossbow: The "Crude Crossbow". It would be based on the Skåne and Colletière à Charavines crossbows, combining...
  7. deuxhero

    The Grand Name Generating Thread

    Another suggestion for random names: I'd like certain prominent names (like Ira) to be blocked from the random selection until the original dies.
  8. deuxhero

    Make tournament bet odds consider the opposition

    If they don't, they should. They increase the prize value.
  9. deuxhero

    Make tournament bet odds consider the opposition

    Tournament odds don't seem to consider your opponents: You get the same bet outcomes regardless of if you're in a tournament full of nobles, or with no nobles. Make the odds consider this instead of just the player's win rate.
  10. deuxhero

    Quests give skill XP

    Is it actually the quest that gives the charm XP or merely the relationship boost?
  11. deuxhero

    Problems with Bannerlord's Troop Trees... and Solutions

    I like the troop tree change ideas.
  12. deuxhero

    Higher tier units should die less in Autocalc Simulated Battles

    Yes. This is particularly frustrating as most of the time I use auto-calc when I have masses of expendable troops I want to train against bandits (etc.) and wouldn't even commit my experienced ones to the fight if I could avoid it.
  13. deuxhero

    Make selling loot give trade skill

    Yes, it's easy if you know how to exploit it, but otherwise doesn't raise at all. It doesn't need to raise quickly from selling loot, just give any XP.
  14. deuxhero

    Unique banner frame for clan heads.

    Something like this would be helpful. Maybe an even fancier border for kingdom head. Of course, this applying to the player's banner should be optional.
  15. deuxhero


    There's already a leather tabard item.
  16. deuxhero

    Buff Watchman troop tree

    Currently Watchman and their higher rank counterparts are just worse than their counterparts and absurdly expensive so there's no real reason to use them unless you've stacked perks that make them pay you or you're in utterly desperate need of troops, AND have money to burn AND find a large...
  17. deuxhero

    Make selling loot give trade skill

    Trade is a skill that impacts basic game functions (sell price) but 1: Does not raise from that basic function, only increasing from one very specific gameplay act 2: Requires level 50 perks to even use effectively, making starting annoying. The easy fix is just to give a small amount of XP...
  18. deuxhero

    Game Mode Suggestion: Noble Breakout

    Noble Breakout would be a new game mode that combines Captain with the common multiplayer game modes of Man with the Golden Gun (and its many successors), and Escape modes. Noble Breakout would have two types of player: The noble and the attackers. At the start of each match one player is...
  19. deuxhero

    Beta Patch Notes e1.7.2

    Keep in mind the world being relatively static is based on the PC not getting involved. That's always been the point of M&B: Despite their constant warfare between themselves, factions rarely make any permanent gains of note and mostly just throw away lives and ruin infrastructure with their wars. NPCs in Warband (possibly original too) would explicitly tell you this. It's supposed to be up to the PC to swing the balance of power in Calradia.
  20. deuxhero

    Ability to write numbers in slider-based UI elements

    Currently sliders are very precise (chargen even goes into decimals!) which can be annoying when you're trying to get an exact number. Current standouts for this are character generation, unit percentage in order of battle, companion party's wage maximum, money/bulk goods in bartering with...
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