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  1. GameDrifter

    Warband in Linux

    Maybe this will help someone maybe not. But I recently dropped windows 7 from my main desktop do to Java 8 security issues. It was my main gamming system which included warband and several mods and DLC via steam. That said I discovered the lack of a proper game interface lunch window for the 64 bit linux version. You click the game it just loads, no game setting tweaks like "Enable Cheats" nor the load mods screen even thought I got all my DLC mods from steam installed there was no way to load them.  I have managed to get into the config file directly there housed in the Home/.mbwarband folder and the file dealing with game settings like "Enable cheats" is rgl_config.txt any old text file editor should do the trick for tweaking those settings. Now as for accessing the mods and DLC's I haven't tried it yet but I will probably just do a copy of Native mob and rename that original as a backup folder then merger the mods folder into the native so it loads. I figure that way I have least amount of texture errors and isses.
  2. GameDrifter

    Possible to turn off teamchat?

    Gunnar11 said:
    There is a mute button. Under options, you can select "mute everybody".

    EDIT: or perhaps it is "everyone"?

    Ahh good stuff.. Just me some classical music and good rifle (If I'm lucky) is all I need.. :smile:
  3. GameDrifter

    Possible to turn off teamchat?

    Hi love the game, But sometimes usely late at nite some the people playing just annoy the piss out of me with there constant whining to CHARGE and whatnot.. Anyway to toggle off team-chat in-game?
  4. GameDrifter

    250 Players?

    Game Hosting site price a 200 player server around $200ish a month.. My home net could probly handle 25ish players at one time if I was lucky  :neutral:
  5. GameDrifter

    Any guide how to aim at greater distances?

    Well can't give you the math behind the bullet flight in this game but can give you a pointer. Whenever I play a siege mode (mostly on offense) I grab myself a nice rock or something to hide behind. Then I draw aim somewhere along the enemy fort wall. Wait for a head to popup to shot and jump up while still aiming and take a shot. If you focus on a spot your sure someone is constantly shooting from your going to nail them sooner or later. Just a matter of per-aiming on a target you know is there. And exposing yourself to counter fire for a shortest time possible. Sure a cannon ball could still land on your head but all is fair in war and war..  :mrgreen:
  6. GameDrifter

    Freelancer - With Fire & Sword

    Your mod is deftly the one thing missing from wf&s since that one isn't really designed for the player to become a king/queen as such.
  7. GameDrifter


    First off forgive my sloppy post I just got off 20 hour shift and kinda tired grammar/spelling errors abound.  :mrgreen:
    My ideals are intended to make the life of a grunt in this wonderful mod more meaningful and to give the player some grander sense of direction once they have hit the highest tier in the army. So here goes...

    1) Actively build support for player with current army's troops via nightly campsite sessions, tournament winning, possible mini-mods, high charisma stats and or leadership/persuasion skills add additional modifiers to these activities.

    2a) Commander Mode* (Battlefield mode) Player gradually gains a following of loyal troops among the army's that he servers in during battles troops might stay near the player during the fighting and even listen to orders from the player. The second type of troop the player would encounter are the troops placed directly under the players control and a higher rank tier via there commanders or lords. Some sort of color coding text for the troops would help the player figure out the loyal followers in the army and another color for the troops in there direct command. Limits would probably need to be set on how many of the loyal troops actually followed player commands in battle since to many of the followers listen to the player over there lord it might get messy. A handful would definitely give the player the feel that they have buddies watching there back in battle.

    2b) Captain Mode* (Map mode) At high nuff rank and having served with an army long nuff for a lord to trust a player and there fighting skills a lord might offer a Captain commission in the army. This would allow a player to form a smaller picking/scout/patrolling force separate from the main force. Main goal would be to take the smaller faster force and scout around the main force seeking out enemy's to engage and to keep pinned down till main force can catch up to fight. A number of side quests can probably be given to the player from this mode. This mode would limit access to the main army's troops for the player but increase the odds that the player would gain the loyalty of nearly all troops assigned to him for the duration of the Captain assignment. Having the player break away from auto movement mode that the current mod has would probably help the play shoot out ahead of main army to engage enemy army's or run off to do the lords quests.

    3) Random player events. Lord sees you as a son he never had and offers to adopt you. (Total War inspired) Sponsorship to join a Elite knight order while still serving with current lord. (Get a set of knightly gear you can use at whatever current standing is in army, I would figure this to be a high rank type event)

    4) Player missions in lords name.
    " Raid Enemy Fort to rescue family member with handful of troops in aid"
    " Patrol Lords lands in Captain mode"
    " Raid enemy villages for your Evil lord"
    " Stand in as Lords Champion at tournament/duel session"
    " Escort Lords trade merchants as part of the merchants group"
    " Defend lords villages/fort/towns when enemy's near by"
    " Train local village/town/fort militia forces for your lord with some sort of final test battle"

    5) Allow player to earn lords trust to become a personal adviser. Should be allowed to do this only with one lord one time.

    6) Lord Sponsors player for lordship and offers small retainer of troops from personal army to get started.

    7) Option to betray lord by defecting after a defeat to join winning sides army instead of become prisoner. Probably be a major blow to lords rep and/or faction player is leaving behind. Given title by faction defected from "So-N-So the betrayer" and so forth refereed to in conversations with that factions lords then on. Never again trusted by that faction etc...

    :cool: Build rep with different lords by serving in there army's once player reaches a top rank.

    9) Lords keep track of who you served with. And may turn down your offer of service if you happened to served with a Lord they happen to hate. Fearing your there to spies on them and/or cause trouble among the troops. You'll be forced to pick who to server more carefully.

    10) Army's player served in will have a following of troops that would join the player once they rebel or become a lord of the realm. Longer the player served in each army more troops that they would have influence over.

    11) Rebelling players might even be able to topple a lord from his army if that player served with that lords army long nuff to effective convince most of that lords army to over throw there lord and join forces with player as some sort of rogue army.

    12) A player who became a lord might receive a influx of troops from a lord who left the faction that the player had server under at an earlier time.

    13) A player who has server with several army's might randomly open an event to form some sort of elite knight order or fighting force that will from then on join the player whenever they join a new army and have that force controlled Solly by the player during battles

    I think these ideals not only would breath more life into the daily grind of being a solider, but add dimension to the later game when the player is attempting set themselves up as a lord and/or king. Building a following while serving many different lords could be a very good option to kingship using this wonderful mod as the foundation.
  8. GameDrifter

    Swadian Knighthood?

    Does this mod allow me to make rank of knight in Swadian army? I join the kings own army and have managed to work my way up to Man At Arms, yet viewing the Commander Report window it shows Experience to next promotion at N/A.. Does that mean no more ranks even thought there is a knight rank...
  9. GameDrifter

    OSP Code Campaign Disable Merchant Quest & Remove Merchant from Inn

    Simple Fix to disable the Starting Merchant quest yet still be asked which Town to be started near. This example deals with disabling the quest for Praven.. in   ("start_phase_2",mnf_disable_all_keys,     "You hear about Calradia, a land torn between rival kingdoms...
  10. GameDrifter

    Reverting back to Default Arrow Animations

    Any pointers how to do it with this mod? I luv the mod just not a fan of the custom arrows in mods they always seem to mess with my aim. And since I luv to play the game as horse archer its a big deal to have things just right :)
  11. GameDrifter

    I've played myself into corner!

    Hadn't gotten a chance to play this mod long nuff to test if it hold true or not. I find with most mods you bring an all horse army with you to battle you going to come out on top even 5 to 1 odds unless of course you facing a mostly horse army in battle to. Also depends on game settings..  :mrgreen:

    Could always try suckering enemy's into attacking you via leaving empty castles near there borders see if they take the bait.  :twisted:
  12. GameDrifter

    Bug Reports and known issues v2.3

    File issue.. Game crashed during the start quest at the city fight portion. was missing according to the error window after the crash. I just wrote the file name down but double checked before posting here. The file is there in the texture folder, but I did notice that in the error window  "modfolder/textures//filename" missing.. Think the mod probity just error on the // part not the file itself..  :mrgreen:

    Bug squashing is fun isn't it?  :lol:
  13. GameDrifter

    Spawn Refugee's when village raided.

    I've seen this done on other mods. I'd like to add a feature like this to my own personal mod.. Did the forum search for code just hadn't tracked it down yet.. Any help on the code or a link to similar code would be of help. :) Ideally I'd like to as a rebel noblemen take advantage of other...
  14. GameDrifter

    Bug Reports and known issues v2.2 and earlier cannot be found in the Expanded version of your mod.. Gave me a game crash first time I went armor shopping intown.  :mrgreen:
  15. GameDrifter

    More Coding help (Game locks when loading)

    Yeah checked over my menu.txt in my mod vs one in native mine is a tad smaller.. Guess I'll backup my work and recopy a fresh example of the file. I do hate when I reach points in tweaking the code where I am forced to do a lot of editing at once in order to even hope to re-compile/run the mod.. It's always when the problems come up.. :roll:
  16. GameDrifter

    More Coding help (Game locks when loading)

    GetAssista said:
    have you compared actual menu.txt before and after your changes? Does end of file is actually the same? It should be, unless you changed other things too

    Also, I'm not sure that meny labels work when spaced and Capitalized.
     ("House Hillgath",[ ...

    Yeah that past the compiler test but at the time I saw no other examples of the original code needing the label so figured it was mainly for the coders use.
  17. GameDrifter

    More Coding help (Game locks when loading)

    Ok so here is what I have.. Compiles code fine. But get a Unexpected End of File while reading file: Modules\test\menus.txt error when attempting to load game. I'm in the process of editing my file. Goal: Change the way player makes a character, moving them into different...
  18. GameDrifter

    Faction Limited Banners

    SPD_Phoenix said:
    Another idea (the one I used in M&B): you can hide the kings and lords banners and only present the selectable ones for player to choose. You can do this by changing the offset to start from the first selectable instead of the first banner. Adjust the page number and the page count code. From that range break them up into group for each faction. Some conditions to present the correct group (using offset).

    Edit: you may need to rearrange banners into proper group first.

    Yeah that sounds like a reasonable way to do the same thing I want to do.. Welp today's Mod ToDo List,
    1. Setup the different starting options.
    2. Adjust Banner system per faction selection.
    3. Add a few new faces to the game. (Thank lord for some facegen programs my art skills are limited)  :mrgreen:
  19. GameDrifter

    Faction Limited Banners

    Wow thanks for quick reply  :mrgreen:
    I did forget to mention my mod is for M&B version but the coding between both versions module systems doesn't seem to farth apart really.. I'll look the code over more in the morning when I am more awake and have the energy to get it tried out. But again thank you for fast reply  :grin:
  20. GameDrifter

    Faction Limited Banners

    Hi, I've seen the few banner tut's out there on the forums, the 1 banner per faction, and making adding banners to the game etc.. But I'd like to know how to possibly code it so when a player choices to join a faction (Starting game option I intend to use in my mod) They can pick from the...
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