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  1. lukethisup

    What new features will be added in the future?

    Don’t worry, the modders will fulfill these plans like the rest of the broken promises theyve already proof of concepted for taleworlds. We are all sacrificial lambs for the console money
  2. lukethisup

    I have concerns over the Mid and Late Game in v1.1.0 Beta and feel the gameplay has been degraded from previous versions.

    The bad news about this is that nothing will get better, it will just continue to be optimized. Hopefully taleworlds made their grift money off the game considering it only cost them a huge swathe of their loyal fanbase. I just stop in every few months now to see what else is broken instead of wasting my time playing looter AI killing simulator
  3. lukethisup

    Future of RPG Games - Bannerlord and ChatGPT

    Logged back in just to acknowledge yet another massive Bloc win.

    He cannot keep getting away with this, he is an absolute madman and if we do not stop him now we will forever see better versions of bannerlord than we could hope to have
  4. lukethisup

    Why would you "release" the game with broken servers?

    They do not care and have not for a long time. Nothing we could've ever done about it as management apparently is just absolutely blind to the insane amounts of posts regarding mp issues since the first day the game hit EA
  5. lukethisup

    Are players going to return to multiplayer at launch??

    My group and I will not be returning to play an official server while the loadout system stays as it currently is (which is more than likely). We've found little joy in the restrictions the bannerlord system put in place of choosing the equipment you like. I can understand why they did this (we players are all very bad at thinking and cannot be trusted to buy gear like we did in 2010) but I'd still rather see 2 separate gamemodes for the new style and the old style. I'll preemptively say that that won't happen cus it will split the dying base further.

    Short of a complete overhaul of that system, we will potentially return to a custom server that does have the original loadout mechanics or an invasion gamemode. But like many others who have already given up on the game, they probably have one more redownload before they never even consider the game playable again. If that is a painless experience for them then they could give the game another chance but in the game's current state I wouldn't let them return to either MP or SP, and that's not even on the basis of anything other than bugs and crashes.

    (P.S. Banners for MP & full banner creator for SP please (Thanks TW 💯))
  6. lukethisup

    Patch Notes e1.8.1

    Each patch we are not given the Banner creator that this game deserves is an objective failure of a patch. The only hope we have for this game to ever be playable for long term is a completely comprehensive banner utility. It fixes every single issue for late game such as a lack of content and reasons to do anything other than paint the map my color. Uh, hello? let me paint my banner whatever colors i want instead?? Forcing me to fight does not give credit to the title Bannerlord. If I cannot truly be the lord and creator of my own banner, what purpose would I play "Bannerlord"??

    This needs to be first on the dev list of priorities, far above silly things like making the game feel alive or being able to tighten/loosen & target focus your formations! Things like making armor not useless and figuring out how to avoid lords respawning 10 seconds after a battle with enough troops to contest you immediately should continue to be ignored in lieu of important things like Banners and new horse armors.
  7. lukethisup

    How long should I expect to wait for my ticket to get attention?

    Depending on the issue, you very likely will never see a true resolution. The best they will do is attempt to patch out the issue 4 months later and break sieges worse again somehow
  8. lukethisup

    Bloc's warband missing features mod list (No Download/Showcase)

  9. lukethisup

    Can we get more banner colors and symbols?

    The only reason i am on these forums at this point is to forever make jokes at taleworlds since they are unable to make something that someone created in web html in 2020 and bring it into their game in 2022. The best we can hope for is someone to make a mod that fully implements the bannerlord banner thing ( if anyone doesn't didn't know of it) in a way that uses the game UI so no flag codes have to be copy and pasted. But this would mean taleworlds would have to admit someone did something better than them, which they aren't keen on (see all of Bloc's mods)
  10. lukethisup

    Will FailWorlds ever apologize and explain what happened?

    No, Taleworlds will never apologize for naming their game "Bannerlord" and subsequently creating the most barebones banner creator they could. We will forever wonder what happened to the promise of a true banner creating simulator, where you could place 2 whole icons and change their size, color, location, and rotation even. A true pipedream of personal creativity where you could choose between patterns and use the brand new feature which dropped this year that makes color selection a breeze, the RGB Color Wheel! We will never hear an apology for this (or all the pages of issues that still persist in the talewatered down game)
  11. lukethisup

    What does clan system serve in gameplay?

    "Wide as an ocean, deep as a puddle" - A Taleworlds Proverb
  12. lukethisup

    There should be so many more banners per unit on the battlefield compared to what can be seen in Gamescom gameplay footages

    I believe that banner carriers should be a unit you can purchase from new towns called "Bannlets". They should require linen and hardwood instead of denars to upgrade, and have a buff that removes all mounts within a 10m radius. They should have almost no armor but be completely immune to arrow and other missile fire. If one dies it should inspire every unit within 20m to instantly kill anything they touch
    (obviously restricted to 2 colors and a single icon for banner for bearers, for realism)
  13. lukethisup

    Can You atleast FIX the annoying WAR/Peace thing?

    Just spoke to Armagen on the phone, he says "no".

    Sorry boys, we best pack it up. Maybe next Christmas :sad:
  14. lukethisup

    AI Lords literally never surrender. Why?

    Lord AI has virtually non-existent survival instincts. A man surrenders in hopes of avoiding dying that day in battle, but there's no desire to stay alive with any NPC outside of retreat orders (which is also extremely basic and just turns all fleeing enemies into non reactive, linear runners).

    This is by design though, and nothing will ever change it within the scope of this game before we see it released. It's all part of the Vision™
  15. lukethisup

    Lords defections

    What is crazy to me is that they release a hotfix that didnt actually fix the bug that has hard stopped a large number of the most dedicated players from playing. This defection bug makes the already significant task of starting your own kingdom so much more frustrating
  16. lukethisup

    If TW releases features such as: criminal empire & naval system as DLC's will you purchase them?

    Mount & Blade: Bannerlord Banner Lord DLC pack coming Q4 22! Includes 3 new colors, 4 new icons, and a flag pole posted at the main reinforcement point in each fight (cavalry somehow get stuck on this pole and we cannot fix this)

    Only $20 (on sale 50% off for a limited time only)
  17. lukethisup

    QOL - Party management - add this mod to vanilla - Much wow, much value!

    BTW, if the rumor isn´t true, why no denial from TW? :unsure:
    I'm also running with that same theory until they strictly deny it
  18. lukethisup

    What is annoying in Bannerlord in july 2022?

    * not knowing where people are or being able to send a messenger to them
    * Clan members and companions take a stupidly long time to train skills
    * If RNG makes you fail sneaking into a town, you don't get the chance to fight your way out like in Warband, the game just instantly throws you in the dungeon
    * You can absolutely thrash an enemy in war, take all their fiefs, have all their lords prisoner, kill thousands of their troops, but they will still demand you pay them tribute, and despite having no income they will attack you forever with armies and mercenaries they don't have to pay for
    * losing random high tier units in autoresolve who never would have died in the real battle
    * My fief sitting at extremely low loyalty and thus construction projects stalled at "completion date: NEVER", despite me having the correct governor culture, completing quests for notables frequently and killing all bandits in the vicinity, having a good size garrison, and pumping thousands of Denars into construction
    * Voting being worthless because lords usually all vote the same way and you can't change it even if you have a billion influence
    * Vassals spamming votes that you already said no to, burning your ruler influence
    * Having to set up an entire siege camp and do the whole siege battle because the 1 man garrison won't just surrender to your huge army
    * Siege camps taking ages to set up even when you have like 200 engineering skill, and you have to do 100 sieges to win the game
    * Grinding 900 renown to Clan Rank 4 when you get like 1-4 renown per battle won or quest done
    * Having 100 relation with a lord barely makes them more likely to join you, and won't make them let you go free from a battle if you surrender
    * Losing relation with 70 different nobles internationally when you kill 1 guy
    * Buying the best suit of armour in the game but still dying in like 5 arrows
    * Hearing the same 2 songs a hundred times in sieges, and the same 1 song a billion times in bandit hideouts, tournaments, and looter fights
    Out here nailin it
  19. lukethisup

    To the developers about NFT usage

    Let's not forget that crypto in its current form just burns through endless resources to solve an issue that nobody has and was made an issue by absolutely nobody but people looking to sell their weird crypto backed art or looking for value for the crypto backed art they got scammed into buying.

    "Put my name on this list so everyone knows I own this specific asset" - something already solved with a 2 step verification email attached to an account, but thanks to Crypto requires an insane amount of energy that a simple list on a database does not. Just a weirdly useless practice that should've stayed mostly for silk road drug purchases and never been lauded as the next perfectly un-regulated market for a handful of people to get extremely rich.

    Games don't need NFTs. We have dedicated communities of modders which love the games they mod for and want to see their dreams come true. Modding is hardly ever a cash grab like NFT implementation is, but if a game puts in NFTs then you know they do not care about players only about money. The devs create tools in order to make their own assets and go to school for years for this, they have no need for crowdsourced assets like a team of 3 devs on unreal engine would.

    If you want to have your NFT asset used in a game you can pay a modder to implement it, if you want to use game assets to sell as NFTs then you should go learn how to create game assets and sell them as your own NFTs inspired by bannerlord. Both of these options keep arguably the worst idea to ever grace the forums from hopefully being mentioned ever again.

    Adding NFTs would be less useful to the overall state of the game than adding a new pair of gloves and boots (I've got mods to do that though).
  20. lukethisup

    How banners should be implemented in Bannerlord?

    Banner carrying update will be underwhelming without actual banner update, and by that I mean sigils. We need to have banners that looked like those custom battle banners in earlier versions, with multiple colours, shield divisions etc

    but I think we won't get all that good stuff, just banner carrying with light skill/morale buffs
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